Dodgy pommy ratbags just love their nepotism

It seems dodgy pommy MPs just love their nepotism with increasing numbers of them employing family members.

I wonder how many NZ politicians do the same.

One in five of the MPs elected in May?s general election employs their wives, husbands, children, brothers, sisters and even in one case his father, a new register shows.

The decision to offer work to family members in their private offices offers a way for MPs to top up their pay, as the expenses watchdog considers giving them a 11 per cent rise.

The new register of MPs? interests lays bare the financial interests of the 650 MPs were elected parliament in May. ? Read more »

The little lolly stealers are out of a job anyway

Turns out the Speaker is clamping down on nepotism around the country’s electorates

Politicians could find it harder to hire relatives in taxpayer-funded jobs after changes to the way support staff are recruited.

After the General Election, Parliamentary Services will require job applicants to register on an electronic recruitment system that will favour candidates with experience.

The majority of the 730 staff have to reapply for jobs at the end of each three-year parliamentary term.

Under new guidelines issued by the Speaker, Parliamentary Services can block an MP from hiring staff if they are “clearly lacking the skills to meet the requirements of the role”.

MPs are not allowed to employ their spouse or partner, in or outside Parliament, or any dependents. But many MPs filled their offices with immediate family members.

NZ First MP Asenati Lole-Taylor employs two of her daughters, Fleur and Amy, in her Papatoetoe office.

Lole-Taylor appeared unaware of the rules around hiring family members as staff. “Is that a rule that they’re not allowed to be employed?”

I wonder if she’s got her?daughters chasing after prostitutes when she’s too busy? ? Read more »

The rich get richer and the poor get the picture

Rents shoot up 7% as landlords feel the pinch – 26 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

That is exactly what happens when times get tough. It has little or no effect on the wealthy meanwhile the poor, the ones that Labour most ike to help are getting slammed. With interest rates now the highest in the OECD and likely to go higher, with a Finance Minister who doesn’t know his arse from his elbow the poor are likely to get the picture a hell of a lot more.

Of course with interest rates rising the bills need to get paid and so it is the tenants that pay through increased rents leaving less and less in their pockets.


That's another 2% off Labour

Consumer confidence at 10-year low – 26 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Consumer confidence has plummeted to its lowest in 10 years.

The Westpac McDermott Miller quarterly survey recorded its steepest decline in eight years in March.

The index dropped from 110 in December to 96.5.

Any level below 100 indicates more pessimists than optimists.

The figure dropped from 102.9 in March 1998 to 94.2 in June of that year. It has been above 100 for eight years.

“My jaw dropped when I saw the results,” said Westpac economist Donna Purdue.

“But you don’t have to look very far to find reasons for the dramatic fall – rising food and petrol prices, high mortgage interest rates, drought, falling house prices and turmoil in global financial markets.”

That has got to be worth at least two points off Labour in the next poll. Worse the respondents had the biggest drop when asked if they were better off financially than they were a year ago. A net 19 per cent said No. Labour are now electoral rat poison.

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Riddle me this?

Who is right?

Clark who says the economy is holding up pretty well? or;
Cullen who says a recession can’t be ruled out?

Can’t be both, which is it? Cullen or Clark?

I pick Cullen, he knows what is happening on the ground and it ain’t pretty, he already knows we are in looking at negative growth figures from the last quarter and this quarters figures are worse. Cullen will use this to increase the tension between him and Clark as he bides his time for her to go overseas. Then the knives will come out.

Riddle me this?

How is that Fijian Scouts, Netballers and other sports people have sanctions against them by New Zealand and Clark? and;
We are allowing athletes to travel to one of the worst countries in the world in respect to human rights for the Olympics?

How can that be? No one died in the Fiji coup, the guns weren’t even loaded, the populace are still walking around un-molested and some corrupt politicians got turfed out on their arse, meanwhile in the “Chinese Province of Tibet” hundreds, but probably thousands of Tibets who were forcibly annexed in 1951 have been killed and the Army is pouring in to seal off the cities and hamlets to stop the strife spreading.

How come we have sanctions in a heartbeat on Fiji and we are only deeply concerned about the murder in Tibet?

Lastly, Riddle me this?

If the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board holds fresh elections and all of the sacked board are re-elected, what then?

How did Cunliffe read the 80,000 word, 109 page report that he had never seen, so fast that he was able to comment on its contents?

No way the financial crisis in the US will hurt us?

Stock watch: Spectacular drop on NZ sharemarket – 17 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand Business, Markets, Currency and Personal Finance News

Cullen said that thee sub-prime implosion and the resulting credit squeeze wouldn’t hurt us here in NZ. Yet we have had plenty of our own sub-prime lenders tank and today the NZX has taken a big hit.

In the first two hours after opening this morning, the key NZX-50 index has bled 1.4 per cent of its total value to 3452. That’s almost 50 points down from Friday’s close.

The benchmark index closed down 73 points, or 2 per cent, on Friday to end the week at 3500 – its lowest mark since 2006.

Friday’s events happened amid a widespread sell off, despite a positive session on Wall Street and elsewhere in the region.

Won’t hurt us my ass!

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No amount of spin can hide a hole that big

$4.2b surplus gone – Govt in the red – 06 Mar 2008 – Politics: New Zealand Political News, Analysis and Comment including 2008 election coverage – NZ Herald

No wonder the Labour client-blog sites have been spinning furiously about a mis-quote which has now been retracted. They needed some distraction from the impending hole profligate government spending has created in our country’s accounts.

Labour essentially have stolen from us the ability to pay our own debt off faster and added to the country’s debt. The vaunted Kiwislaver and Cullen Fund have taken massive hits as the American Sub Prime Crisis that would never affect us actually does.

The main reason the accounts have dropped into deficit – and come in so far away from forecast – is that the financial portfolios of the New Zealand Superannuation Fund, Accident Compensation Corporation and Earthquake Commission have been hurt by falling world markets in January.

The super fund’s returns on its assets, which include international shares, were $1.5 billion lower than forecast over the seven month period, ACC’s were $700 million short and the Earthquake Commission’s were $300 million below.

Got that billions burned off the value of assets from a crisis that would never affect us. Add to that the destruction of private wealth of Telecom and AIAL through meddling. Yes, noth of those companies were targets for Cullen Fund investment.


How about get f&*ked

Cullen challenges employers to push up wages – 08 Feb 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Cullen as usual has laid the blame for poor wage performance at the door of employers.
[quote]”New Zealand business has got a responsibility for investing more in productivity.”[/quote]

Yes, but the employees aren’t that interested in increased productivity especially if they are unionised. So the way employers will increase productivity is by automation and less employees.

Cullen again reiterated his four conditions which virtually guarantee a Labour flip flop on tax cuts. If you want a meaningful tax cut this year then the only way to get it will be to vote National.

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The Questions that Labour needs to answer

Every time you meet a Clarkist or Labour supporter you need to ask them these questions. Don't let them get away with soft soaping. Make them answer the questions. Try this old salesman's trick, Keep asking at least seven times….when you don't get a sensible answer after seven times you know for sure that they have no answers. Then send them on the way with the ears ringing as to why you won't be voting Labour.

  1. Why, after eight years of Labour, are we paying the second-highest interest rates in the developed world?
  2. Why, under Labour, is the gap between our wages, and wages in Australia and other parts of the world, getting bigger and bigger?
  3. Why, under Labour, do we only get a tax cut in election year, when we really needed it years ago?
  4. Why are grocery and petrol prices going through the roof?
  5. Why can't our hardworking kids afford to buy their own house?
  6. Why is one in five Kiwi kids leaving school with grossly inadequate literacy and numeracy skills?
  7. Why, when Labour claims it aspires to be carbon-neutral, do our greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise at an alarming rate?
  8. Why hasn't the health system improved when billions of extra dollars have been poured into it?
  9. Why is violent crime against innocent New Zealanders continuing to soar and why is Labour unable to do anything about it?

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"Right Wing Blogger" coins new term

Fran O’Sullivan: Sandwich is the operative word – 30 Jan 2008 – Opinion, Editorial and reader comments from New Zealand and around the World – nzherald

Fran O’Sullivan coins a new term that she believes John Key should start using. “The Sandwich Economy”
[quote]But the National leader should coin the term next time he paints the picture of a New Zealand “sandwiched between low growth and high inflation” where finance company collapses have robbed thousands of their savings, mortgage rates are sky-rocketing, retirement savings are being eroded by falling share prices and inflation is eating away at spending power and living standards.

He could also expand the analogy further and question whether this situation is not in part because Finance Minister Michael Cullen has been “eating tax-payers’ lunches” by expropriating their incomes through excess taxes.

Right now “sandwich economy” is apt enough for the situation that New Zealanders, from policy-makers through to business and householders, are facing.[quote]

What a great description. Pretty hard to argue against as well.

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