New Plymouth District Council

New Plymouth District Council clipboard killjoys mocked & ridiculed

You have to laugh.

The New Plymouth District Council is being mocked and ridiculed after destroying Fort Awesome.

Hut mania has taken hold of New Plymouth,?with stick shacks popping on beaches around the district just days after a monster hut dubbed Fort Awesome was torn down by council workers.

The copycat structures?don’t come close to the size of Fort Awesome, which was three metres high and estimated to weigh several tonnes -?and neither do?the?small?huts and single?teepee show the engineering acumen of their inspiration.

The future of the huts is up to the New Plymouth District Council to decide.

District council?parks and open spaces manager Stuart Robertson said there wasn’t an official limit on how big the huts could get. Council staff made a judgement call on whether to take them down?based on the likelihood the hut?could?harm someone ? Read more »

New Plymouth Council turns Fort Awesome into Fort Killjoy

If I was dictator for life I would abolish councils and put in commissioners. I would also ban clip-boards and weasels who carry them.

Just hours after two lads and their?epic beach hut made national?headlines, officials have taken it down.

New Plymouth men Tom Burt and Luke Rielly dubbed their 3 metre high driftwood?hut on Waiwhakaiho Beach Fort Awesome and assured people it was “sturdy as”.

Unfortunately the district council did not agree with their engineering assessment and at?9am on Thursday took it down.

New Plymouth District Council parks and open spaces manager Stuart Robertson said the height and estimated weight of the hut created a major safety risk and they couldn’t leave it up.

“The people who built it have been very creative but the structure is unpermitted and unsafe?so has been removed.” ?? Read more »

Our records are not accurate, that’s why we won’t take responsibility

Vicki Gundesen dug and dug to find a sewer pipe which didn’t exist.

The Waitara woman bought a section of property in the Taranaki town about two years ago.

Prior to purchase, Gundesen went to the New Plymouth District Council to make sure the section was connected to sewerage.

She wanted to build a toilet block to use when she wasn’t travelling with a gypsy fair and parked her house bus on the land, she said.

The council’s survey photo indicated there was a sewerage connection to the section, but when she queried the disclaimer at the bottom of a photo she was told, “it means it might come into the section at a different place”, Gundesen said.

Initially Gundesen and a friend dug deep along her property line, searching in vain to find the pipe. When they had no luck they called in Vid Pro contractors, who could not find any evidence of a connection despite coming out twice with CCTV cameras to look underground, she said.

“It’s like the invisible pipe,” she said, “If I had known it had not had sewage I wouldn’t have bought it.”

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New Plymouth Mayor rinsed over Maori seats

The sensible ratepayers of New Plymouth have handed the mayor a rinsing over his maori seat proposal.

A Maori ward seat has been given a resounding no from the people of the New Plymouth district.

The council’s controversial decision to have a Maori ward was overturned in a landslide vote on Friday after a district wide, binding referendum.

Eighty three per cent of voters in the binding referendum voted against the creation of the ward, with only 17 per cent of people in favour of the idea.

From the 45 per cent voter turnout and the 25,338 returned votes, 21,053 people were against the creation of the ward, with only 4285 in favour of it.

New Plymouth mayor D?said he was disappointed with the result.

“We must now reconsider how best to engage with Maori and enable their participation in the council’s decision making, as we are required to do by law,” he said.

“On a personal note I am obviously disappointed with the outcome, both in terms of the result and the fact that more than half the community didn’t vote.”

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Horse resigns over Maori seat in local council

5899219S0me people have principles…and stick to them:

New Plymouth councillor John McLeod has resigned in protest of a Maori ward being passed at tonight’s meeting.

The councillor handed in his resignation mid-meeting, moments after the council voted seven to six in favour of establishing a Maori ward for the 2016 local body elections.

His resignation from the New Plymouth District Council is effective immediately. ? Read more »

Len Brown is not the only council parasite

Len Brown is not the only council parasite. Read this?from the Taranaki Daily News:

Almost $1000 was spent by the New Plymouth District Council wining and dining a potential employee.

A member of the public found a payment notice for the June dinner at L’Escargot Restaurant, totalling $922.25 and charged to the NPDC, on the street and handed it to the Taranaki Daily News.

Inquiries by the newspaper revealed the dinner, for eight, was part of the recruitment process for a senior member of council staff.

“For a very small number of senior vacancies where the position involves important relationships with key partners and sponsors, we will sometimes arrange a dinner or other social occasion to observe the preferred candidate’s social skills,” council communications manager Nick Maybury said.

He said the occasions were useful to introduce the “preferred candidate” to others who were not on the selection panel but whose support for the final appointment was important.

Mr Maybury said he had attended the dinner but would not name others in the party for privacy reasons. “The type of people we would invite includes relevant general managers, elected representatives, external stakeholders and their partners.”

Unfortunately for Mr Maybury I have already proved that you can’t keep dinner guest secret, I forced Len Brown to name his dinner guests at Volare after 6 months and much complaining to the Ombudsmen. The good folk of New Plymouth should likewise chase this issue.

Being?secretive?and furtive like Len Brown is so un-becoming.