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Image surfaces of Huma Abedin crying on plane as Clinton Campaign finds out the FBI has re-opened the email investigation.

Image surfaces of Huma Abedin crying on plane as Clinton Campaign finds out the FBI has re-opened the email investigation.

I Bet Weiner Knows a Lot

Huma Abedin Swore Under Oath She Gave Up ?All the Devices? With State Dept. Emails

Anthony ?Carlos Danger? Weiner, the disgraced Democrat whose seemingly innate ability to embarrass himself spectacularly knows no bounds, could now possibly be responsible for bringing down Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton?s entire campaign.

The criminal investigation underway over Anthony Weiner?s alleged child sex infraction has a couple of characteristics that make it especially awkward for Hillary Clinton and Huma Mahmood Abedin, the estranged wife of Weiner and close companion of Hillary.

In an underage sex investigation, all electronic communications of the investigative target are pursued.? This probably led to the grand jury that was announced 11 days ago issuing a subpoena for all of the devices in the possession of Weiner and his family, including Huma. They even seize the Speak & Spell toys in these cases.? This grand jury is in New York, possibly less politically supervised than the first Hillary email investigation.

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Why Breaking News is Broken

I have been getting emails why I didn’t immediately cover the bombing in Boston and leap on the bandwagon of grief porn.

There are a couple of reasons. The first one was that I was busy. Then there was the confusing and in some cases outright wrong reporting, and lastly…some of the photos that are out there are just shocking. I had people at the office claiming variously that dozens were dead, then ?just some, before settling on three, that they had arrested a Saudi national and he was under guard at a hospital. Then as I watched over the last few days at?the?witch-hunt unfolding for people who are innocent I am kind of relieved I didn’t jump on the band-wagon.

Slate has an article about the splatter porn and breaking news that I think people should read. It explains why breaking news is broken.

Inspired by the events of the past week, here?s a handy guide for anyone looking to figure out what exactly is going during a breaking news event. When you first hear about a big story in progress, run to your television. Make sure it?s securely turned off.

Next, pull out your phone, delete your Twitter app, shut off your email, and perhaps cancel your service plan. Unplug your PC.

Now go outside and take a walk for an hour or two. Maybe find a park and sit on a bench, reading an old novel. Winter is just half a year away?have you started cleaning out your rain gutters? This might be a good time to start. Whatever you do, remember to stay hydrated. Have a sensible dinner. Get a good night?s rest. In the morning, don?t rush out of bed. Take in the birdsong. Brew a pot of coffee.? Read more »