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The shocking truth about FIANZ revealed


Most people believe FIANZ represents all New Zealand Muslims. They are a powerful New Zealand group that receives all the Halal certification money in New Zealand.

Recently I e-mailed some questions to the?ex -National President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama?at NZ about FIANZ and his answers will shock you.


Question: Is it true that FIANZ do not represent your community and that they do not recognise you as Muslims?

Answer:?FIANZ does not represent the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama?at in any shape or form.

Question:The Imam we have exposed does not recognise your community and they have even put in writing that you are all apostates. Is FIANZ the same?

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John Key: Politician of the year

John Key: Politician of the yearTo borrow the immortal words of Australian politician Bill Hayden, some might argue National could have put up the proverbial drover’s dog as leader and still won last month’s election such was its huge lead in the polls over preceding… [NZ Herald Politics]

John Armstrong makes the case for John Key to be politician of the year. It is hard to argue otherwise, though I am sure the paupers at the lap-blog will give it a go.

I think the most telling part of John Armstrongs column is one that few bloggers and commentators have yet picked up and that is the huge sea change in New Zealand politics. Certainly the Labour Party is yet to pick up that sea change after picking yet another old timer to be their temporary leader.

What also matters is that Key speaks for a new generation which entered Parliament in force at last month’s election – a generation which is less hidebound by ideology or consumed with refighting the battles of the 1980s or the 1990s.

This is a generational shift in politics. The baby-boomers are on their way out. Winston Peters has gone. Clark and Michael Cullen are poised to check out.

The new generation has never experienced a wage-price freeze, fixed exchange rates, Think Big or farmers being subsidised according to the number of sheep they had on their farms.

The new generation has only a hazy memory of the Labour Government which swept all that away in a revolution of reform before imploding. Seeing him in Parliament, those younger MPs must view Sir Roger Douglas as a relic from another age.

Key’s advantage is that his age and political freshness places him at the vanguard of the new generation – something that cannot be said for the new Labour leadership.

Labour painted JohnKey a a bumblng fool and fell into the trap of believing thei own spin. It was ultimately fatal and the bumbling fool was Helen Clark who bmbled once too many and fell on her sword. One area where John Key absolutely ran rings around Clark was Winston Raymond Peters, 63, unemployed of no fixed abode, here John Key absolutely painted Clark into a corner and even better used her own paint and her own brush, he then threw down the brush and as the ad says “He walked away”.

And what about Winston Raymond Peters, 63, unemployed of no fixed abode?

What we can be sure about is that Peters, having used the media to boost his career early on, grew to despise it. His version always had to be the correct one. That he could never concede to being wrong was what destroyed him – not the bunkum that he was the target of some kind of big business-establishment-media collusion.

NZ First, a party built solely around a personality cult, will not be back.

Peters will be missed. The charming, generous, understanding Peters, that is. Not the cantankerous, argumentative, frustrating and difficult creature with whom other parties were forced to do business, smiling benignly as they did so but at the same time looking about as comfortable as someone lying on a bed of sharpened nails.

WRP, 63, UONFA is one of the few people I genuinely loathe. The man is liar fair and square, a disingenuous prick and a sot who should not be remembered fondly, rather he should be kicked into the gutter and forgotten. He never did get round to suing me for calling him a liar. Fucking loser.

No need to hike ACC levies – Labour

No need to hike ACC levies – LabourLabour says there are options other than hiking ACC levies to meet a $4 billion hole and has accused the Government of trying to make the system look bad so it can privatise it. ACC Minister Nick Smith yesterday said levies would… [NZ Herald Politics]

Phil Goff has outrageous cheek to even be speaking about ACC after his government left the books in such a parlous state.

Not only did Labour lie about the state of the finances they also colluded to hide it and then campaigned in the election prmosing reductions in levies. They are simply lying toads.

Now the slimy prick has the audacity to claim that the rises aren’t necessary to meet the shortfall in funding orchestrated by the previous Labour government.

Nick Smith and John Key should politely tell Phil Goff to just STFU.

National honours promise to fund full Herceptin courses

National cares about women's healthGovt dodges Pharmac to fund full Herceptin coursesThe Government is funding its Herceptin extension directly through the Health Ministry, rather than drug funding agency Pharmac. National pledged during the election campaign to extend funding for the drug for Her-2 positive breast… [NZ Herald Politics]

Good, another promise fulfilled.

National has delivered what nine years of a mean spirited Labour government wouldn’t. The recommended full 12 month course of Herceptin.

Labour shows that when it comes to women’s health they couldn’t be trusted. They would much rather have spent up large on consultants and talkfests.

This is a good result for women. Now let’s get on and do something about a bigger killer, Prostate Cancer.

ACC blow-out sparks Ministerial Inquiry

Labour have again spiked the books, knowingly and deliberately for an incoming government. Check out this press release from John Key, issued just minutes ago. Michael Cullen should be arrested for this.

The previous Labour government underfunded ACC to the tune of about $1 billion over the next three years, Prime Minister John Key has revealed.

“This is a significant and serious hole in the Government accounts, so today I am signalling the Government’s intention to conduct a Ministerial Inquiry to determine how this happened, and why the information was not included in the pre-election opening of the books.”

Mr Key says the terms for the Ministerial Inquiry will be firmed up over the coming days.

“But my top priority is to offer an assurance to those who rely on ACC that their services will be maintained, despite warnings that the Non-Earners Account will run out of money by March.

The National-led Government has been told by officials that ACC is seeking $297 million in extra funding for the Non Earners’ Account in the 2007/08 year and a similar increase for out years.

“The previous Government knew of the seriousness of the situation, but did not disclose this information prior to the election.

“Officials have told the Government that they became aware of the serious funding issues in the Non-Earner account as early as May, and previous Ministers were also made aware of the problem. However, the funding shortfall was not mentioned in the pre-election opening of the books.

“There are serious questions to be answered about this very large ticking time-bomb. In light of this, I have determined that a Ministerial Inquiry needs to run alongside any internal ACC review.”

Mr Key says the Government signalled in the election campaign that ACC would be subject to a full review, so the shape of the accounts can be properly and publicly assessed.

The National Government was elected on a platform that includes, a full stock-take of the various components of the ACC scheme, an evaluation of progress to full funding, identifying areas of cross-subsidy or cost-shifting and underfunding of newly-legislated entitlements.

The Government has sought further information from ACC, and expects to have another paper in front of Cabinet before Christmas.

National supports a comprehensive, 24/7, no-fault accident insurance scheme that delivers certainty of coverage for all New Zealanders.


Labour simply can’t be trusted. They broke the law and they lied about the finances of the government. They must never again be trusted with the Treasury benches.

Bill Ralston : Playing the fool with our money

Bill Ralston : Playing the fool with our moneyMessage to John Key and his new Government: No pressure. Well, just a global financial market collapse, a deepening recession, a growing deficit, a crisis meeting with many of the world’s top leaders, shrinking commodity prices… [NZ Herald Politics]

Bill Ralston succinctly explains the tough times that Bill English is having to grapple with in trying to lessen the effects of the recession in new Zealand after inheriting a financial mess from the previous Labour Government.

Though it is useful to look at this, he really is writing about the parlous state of TVNZ and their merry-go-round with our money.

It should not take long for Coleman to wonder why a company that rakes in more than $300 million a year in revenue makes no profit other than the subsidy it gets from him.

His next thought will probably be to question how much of the $79 million funding for the freeview digital channels TVNZ 6 and TVNZ 7 is being used to cross-subsidise the mainstream operations of TV ONE and TV3.

Indeed, especially when you consider that TVNZ 7, I heard, was named that because of the anticipated total audience.

Ralston serves up a good warning to the fiscal fools at TVNZ.

Parallel to the Government’s 100-day plan focusing on priorities like the economy and law and order is a second-tier programme that includes a “reform” of TVNZ and the wider broadcasting industry. I suspect Coleman is determined to screw more dividends out of TVNZ, remove government subsidies from it and make it completely commercial.

Coleman may also wish to make an example of a state-owned company that has been playing silly buggers with taxpayer money.

Heads will roll in one of those periodic TVNZ purges.

I’d start with some of the government stooges on the board.

34 Questions the British Government needs to answer

With the arrest of Opposition MP Damien Green, the Brown led Labour Government has bought themselves a government ending crisis of mammoth proportions.

ConservativeHome has 34 questions that need to be answered.

Perhaps the most damning one is this;

Is it not a breach of Parliamentary Privilege for the police to arrest a Member of Parliament for using information he received for Parliamentary purposes?

This is a dangerous precedent that Gordon Brown’s ministry has instigated. It must be fought with extreme vigor.

The first nail in the coffin of the EFA

The first nail in the coffin of the Electoral Finance Act was driven in today by Simon Power.

Government disbands EFA Expert Panel

Justice Minister Simon Power today announced that the Government has disestablished the Expert Panel on Electoral Administration which was established by the Labour Government two months ago.

The panel was to have reviewed the administration of the electoral system under the Electoral Finance Act and whether or not political parties should be state funded.

Its terms of reference included convening a Citizens’ Forum of 70 people to consider the findings of the panel. The cost of the Expert Panel and the forums had been budgeted at $4.57 million.

The three members appointed to the panel were Associate Professor Andrew Geddis (Chair) of Otago University, Dr Jean Drage of Canterbury University/Victoria University, and Professor Stephen Levine of Victoria University.

Mr Power says he has written to the panellists advising them of the decision to disestablish the committee and thanking them for their willingness to contribute their “considerable expertise”.

“The Electoral Finance Act 2007 was passed without a broad base of support across parties represented in Parliament. Similarly, the Expert Panel was established without wider political consultation. National opposed both of these measures.

“So we are disbanding the panel and will start this whole process afresh.

“The next phase in the Government’s plan is to repeal the EFA as an interim measure, as promised during the election campaign.

“We want to return to the spirit of bipartisanship on this issue which till recently had shaped electoral reform in New Zealand.

“The Government has been sufficiently encouraged by statements made by the Leader of the Opposition since the election which suggest there is now a willingness to participate in a constructive approach toward the reform of electoral administration.

“Following the repeal of the EFA, we will start work on a new law that will seek as broad a range of parliamentary and public support as possible, to provide an enduring framework for the administration of elections.”


Nice, and note how National refers to the repeal of the Act, completely ignoring Phil Goff’s rather lame attempt to admit failure by calling for the EFA to be amended.

Yeehaa!!! Lion Hunting

Peter Dunne has come up with a pearler policy concession;

“United Future leader Peter Dunne’s biggest gain was for the establishment of a Big Game Hunting Council, as part of a national wild game management strategy – something he had worked on with the former Labour government.”

I got me a BearOk, much and all as I love hunting, I am just struggling to see how there are any Big Game in New Zealand. The only deer that would qualify would have been Wapiti in the past and now only Red Deer

We sure as hell don’t have any of the traditional Big Game targets such as bears, big cats, boars, elephants, moose. Though introducing them could be interesting. I reckon introducing Cape Buffalo could be hugely entertaining. Perhaps instead of 1000 extra police we let loose 1000 lion, tiger, bear, crocodile etc in areas of high crime. That way we get the benefit of big game hunting with low incidence of people walking around at night. DimPost has an interesting take on “Big Game”.

Senior National Party sources have confirmed that the infighting is due to Mr Key’s ‘Dangerous Game’ amendment to the Crimes act, which would allow Key to hunt up to 30 Maori per month through the tropical jungles of his Hawaiian holiday home and another twenty per month in the underground labyrinth beneath his handsome Parnell mansion.

I think we can now start raising funds for a VRWC Big Game Hunting Club. Our target species could be all politicians and crooks.

I already have a couple of heads – Brenden Sheehan and the Secret Taper. Plus of course an assist on Winston Raymond Peters, 63, unemplyed of no fxed abode and proven liar.

Swinging to the right

Swinging to the rightShane Wairau is ready to take the plunge into a new era without a Labour Government. At 34, the former Labour voter is now married with a 1-year-old son and working as business manager for a tourist bungy jump operation in Queenstown. After… [NZ Herald Politics]

Labour are rooted if this article in the Herald is anything to go by. For starters it was written by Simon Collins a guy who probably thinks that Communists are hard right. Then there are the quotes from former Labour supporters;

“We’re going to have to work till we drop because we can’t afford to retire,” adds Hopwood. “We’re all in the drivers’ union. They [the employers] offered us 1.5 per cent. We wouldn’t accept it, so we haven’t had a pay rise.

“I usually support Labour, but I’ll probably go with National. With a bit of luck we’ll get rid of the Prime Minister.”

More in keeping with the country’s mood, two Invercargill retailers in their 50s who give their names as Caroline and Heather feel abandoned by their party.

“Labour is supposed to be a family-oriented party, but taxes have gone up, it’s harder for young people to get a house. Two of my children live in Australia,” says Caroline.

“My father is 90. He’s been a Labour man all his life. He is lost. He doesn’t know who to give his vote to.”

Heather, whose only child has also gone to Australia, says: “I’ve been a Labour person all my life and I’m absolutely lost. It really hurts me and I almost feel like not voting – and I used to go out and canvass for Labour.”

The mood for change sweeps from low-income suburbs such as Manukau’s Clendon, where 18-year-old hairdressing student Ashley Kumeroa is voting National because she resents paying taxes for people who are “fit enough to work but decide to stay home”

“The things that affect me are children’s things – things that Labour has promised haven’t really happened.”

“I think the Government has got too arrogant in the way they force everything down our throats,” says Rodney Thurlow, 38, a Rotorua sawmill scheduler and father of a baby born in May.

“Everything’s going up. No one’s getting any wage increases,” says Onehunga mechanic Graeme Wedding, 54, who is voting National for the first time since the Muldoon era in the 1970s.

“I always thought Labour was supposed to look after the working people, but they’re not. I think they could have given us some relief on our fuel instead of taking a percentage of the increase.”

In Christchurch, a grandmother pushing her grandchild in a pushchair around a suburban mall declines to give her name because she was “home-invaded, bashed and robbed the week before last”. “I haven’t been able to stay in my own home since then,” she says. “Psychologically, I’m terrified at night. It’s life-changing.”

“They should harden up the prisons – less internet and underground heating and three-course meals,” chimes in pregnant Telecom call-centre worker Maree Ragg, 28, relaxing in the lunchtime sun in Christchurch.

“There are too many no-hopers around, too much unemployment -_ a lot of guys that are not willing to work. They’re getting paid not to work. I think they should be looking at putting people into work more.”

Many of those leaning towards National, like Mangere Bridge chicken-boner and mother-of-three Sandra Taratu, 43, are attracted by the policy to make sole parents work at least 15 hours a week when their youngest children turn 6.

“They [Labour] are paying all our tax on the beneficiaries – they should be working too,” says Taratu, who has voted Labour all her life.

“Maybe I’ll vote for National. They are going to get all the ones that are on the benefit to work.”

Yep, Labour are screwed.