New Zealand on Air

Mediaworks suffer another setback as taxpayer funding trough remains closed


New Zealand on Air (NZOA) has declined to fund a new serial drama proposed by TV3 to screen in the 5:30pm time slot.

NZOA chief executive Jane Wrightson said the organisation’s budget for drama is under “unprecedented pressure” with more projects seeking support than funds available.

NZOA said the proposed TV3 project was “unable to be considered a priority due to constrained funding and competing priorities.”

It also said it would require an ongoing financial commitment that “was unsustainable in the current climate of a static budget but increasing demand.” Read more »

A free, independent media?

Clare Curran is trying to make a point about?”free, independent media” and at the same time suggest that National is somehow stopping a “free, independent media.

Here is where it all gets a little confusing. Just recently she was?bemoaning?the fact that there wasn’t enough government control of media or enough public (government funded) broadcasters. During the election Labour proposed a new public broadcaster which would hardly be “free, independent media”.

It seems that Labour and Clare Curran think “free,?independent?media” is actually state funded and state controlled media. Whereas I and many others believe that “free,?independent?media is unfettered by by government control and regulation and is able through strong constitutional freedom of speech laws able to hold the powerful to account.

In ehr post though she is questioning whether or not we have a “free, independent media??but she is asking questions about NZ on Air and TVNZ?neither of which are free or independent, both being owned and controlled by the state.

In her focus on the pursuit of a ?”free, independent media? is she?now proposing that Labour will, if elected, sell off Radio NZ and TVNZ?

I certainly hope she is. I certainly hope that is Labour’s new policy.

After all having media organisations controlled by the government would fly in the face of a ?free and independent? media.


What a waste of money

Public arts and culture funding to the tune of $1.6 million will partly pay for the New Zealand’s Got Talent reality television series.

Developed by Simon Cowell, the series is famous for discovering unlikely star Susan Boyle in the British series. It will screen on TV One.

Government agency New Zealand On Air said its support was a smart use of the public purse.

Chief executive Jane Wrightson said it was a “wonderful opportunity for many types of New Zealand performers to entertain a nationwide audience”.

Oh great we are going to search for our very own Susan Boyle. Give me?strength.

If it was such a good idea a commercial station would have purchased the rights and made money from it.

Poor people are using chemical toilets in Christchurch and the government is wasting money on this

No wonder we are borrowing $380m per week. Our money was used to promote a singer. In a competitive market where those that are any good make a fortune and those that?aren’t?any good need a hand out.

The Music Commission has helped her to pick up a $59,000 taxpayer grant from its Outward Sound scheme.

Good move Bill, lets give a hand out to a rich listers daughter why we are at it.

Creative New Zealand paid for King Kapisi and Bella Kalolo to play at the Glastonbury Music Festival. A European tour by Ladi6 is also being subsidised by taxpayers. And New Zealand on Air gave $50,000 to subsidise an album by Annabel Fay, daughter of rich-lister Sir Michael Fay.

Just keep adding it to the tab, no one will notice.