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Media brainwashing, I don’t doubt it is happening here

The Australian has a great story about media student brainwashing in Australia via university courses.

Don’t think for even a moment that this stuff isn’t already happening here.

FIRST-year media students at some of the nation?s most prestigious universities are being taught the federal government?s media policy process is ?corrupt?.

The 18-year-old students are also being told repeatedly that one of the world?s biggest employers of journalists, News Corp, uses ?naked political pressure? to the detriment of democracy.

The Australian obtained the first-year course material for media and communications at University of Technology Sydney and The University of Sydney to examine what students are being taught about the media industry.

Over a period of five weeks, The Australian attended some lectures on an undercover basis and obtained the audio recordings of other lectures from students.

The University of Sydney course in particular is leading students to form a critical view of News Corp.

Lecturer Dr Penny O?Donnell teaches students that News Corp newspapers? 2013 election coverage was driven by a corporate fear of the NBN ? a claim that has no factual basis and is incorrect.

She also tells students, studying to become journalists, that the federal government?s media policy process is ?corrupted? because it sacrifices public interest objectives in favour of corporate interests.

?We elect governments to act on our behalf so what happens to those public interest objectives?? she asks her class. ?They are typically sacrificed to a process that?s very corrupted because it listens more to large corporations than it does to ordinary people. The latest battleground where you see this playing out is over control of the internet.?

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No surprises here

I’m not at all surprised by a study in Australia that shows a massive left-wing slant from journalists.

Conducted between May 2012 and March this year, the University of the Sunshine Coast?s representative survey of 605 journalists around Australia found that more than half (51.0%) describe themselves as holding left-of-centre political views, compared with only 12.9% who consider themselves right-of-centre.

The only thing surprising about that is I would have thought the number of embedded left-wing journalists would be much higher.? Read more »

Andrew Bolt on Conroy’s Media Gagging Law

Andrew Bolt is loudly opposing Stephen Conroy’s media gagging attempts, as is the Murdoch stable with their front page campaign.

This was was the front page of the Sydney Daily Telegraph:



Bolt is on the attack, not only against Conroy but also against other journalists who he views as collaborators. Here is the first part of his column:

IT?S shocking enough the Gillard Government tries to muzzle journalists. Worse is that journalists cheer it on.

Even ministers privately believe what seems obvious: media laws proposed by the Government are revenge on its critics, especially News Ltd newspapers like this one.

Hear it from Fairfax?s Peter Hartcher, who?s spoken to more ministers than?ll speak to me.

Reports Hartcher: ?Labor?s leaders wanted to punish enemies – the Murdoch empire – … as they head for the exit, runs the theory held by some senior ministers.?? Read more »

Kemeys Very Unsteady At Slowly Sinking Tabloid

If Limp Panting Waisting Editor David Kemeys was not already looking over his shoulder at the poor readership of the SST (Slowly Sinking Tabloid) he should now after ditching Jonathan Marshall.

Marshall left under a cloud after a run in with Kemeys. ?Kemeys was lucky at the time also that Cactus Kate did not set OSH on to him when visiting one evening she slipped in heels and fell on the cleaners unmarked wet floor breaking a glass on the table as it smashed into her hand. ?This was well before she even had time to be offered cheap Fairfax wine which she never would have touched anyway. ?In other words – completely sober.

Kemeys also showed the door to much adored columnist Steve Braunias. ?Braunias has since moved on to better things as well.

We hear rumours thick and fast through the tipline that Kemeys may very well be the next out the door due to the paper’s thumping at the hands of HoS, allegations of plagiarism and being a general dickhead.

Kemeys week got worse when Jonathan Marshall, now working in Sydney for News Limited picked up a prestigious Kennedy Award for excellence in NSW journalism. ?He did so for “Splash of the Year”. ?That is breaking stories. ?Something the SST has not achieved in a very long time. ?Marshall was also a finalist in two other awards.

Editor of?The Sunday Telegraph, Neil Breen, and reporter Jonathan Marshall won the Splash of the Year award for the scoop – which led directly to the Australian Olympic Committee banning athletes from using Stilnox before the London Games.

Marshall is a news hound and story breaker and despite lying about the Hotchin’s and never producing a tape of what Mrs Hotchin was alleged to have said that day in Hawaii, is on the way up in his career, Kemeys is sinking faster than the Titanic. ?He should resign now and hand what is left of the shriveled limp dick of a paper over to someone with much larger cojones.