Nick Hyde

Guest Post: The stories behind the numbers

Guest post: Nick Hyde CEO of Vanguard Military School

Releasing Vanguard Military School?s academic results to the public is a very rewarding part of my job.? For the third year in a row, Vanguard has produced outstanding NCEA results for its recruits and it is proving the value of having a partnership school as an option for parents and children in our education system.

However, numbers are not people, numbers are not names of family or loved ones so let me make this a little more personal.? This is the story behind many of those numbers.? The following are a few contributions from parents and recruits about the difference this school has made for them.

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After both her sons struggled to achieve NCEA, Shannyn Labuschagne enrolled them at Vanguard.? This has been their experience.

?Both of our sons attended Vanguard Military School after failing to achieve NCEA at mainstream public schools.? Neither of them had any real motivation about their futures, other than ?getting a job?.? Needless to say, they both finished Vanguard Military School having achieved NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Our eldest son has now been in the NZ Army for 2.5 years, and our younger son begins his BASIC Training for the NZ Army in February.

Vanguard is an amazing school that creates a structured environment for the children to learn in.? The camaraderie among students and teachers alike is fantastic.? The children feel like they are part of something and have a second family outside of their homes.

They encourage their students to be the best that they can be and to never give up.? They not only teach according to the NZQA standards, but the students also learn vital life skills?..important skills that are not taught enough to students these days.

I believe that all schools should follow the example that Vanguard has set with their students.? They are producing qualities in students that we need to see in adults in the future.

We are huge advocates for Vanguard Military School, and because of Vanguard, their dedicated and committed staff and their belief in their students, our boys have a great future ahead of them.?

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Charter School investigation: Vanguard Military School Part One

In my new series investigating Vanguard Military School, I once again ask the questions and report back the answers without spin. Today’s article is based on my interview with Vanguard chief executive, Nick Hyde.

Vanguard Military school’s impressive NCEA results were not included in the newspaper article.

Within ten minutes of arriving at Vanguard, I had been told the bad news and the good news.

The bad news:

The day before my interview with Nick, The Herald published Auckland schools’ NCEA results and left? Vanguard Military school off the table. Vanguard was the only school out of the approximately 80 schools in Auckland that was left off.

The good news:

Vanguard achieved a 96.2% pass rate at NCEA Level 1 and a 100% pass rate at NCEA Level 2.

Both these results are well above the average for secondary schools across the country and a result like that after only one year of operation is unarguably newsworthy. When the omission was brought to The Herald’s attention they told Nick that it was because they hadn’t been provided with a full set of data. Vanguard confirmed that NZQA who hold all the results had sent them to the Herald. The Herald then updated the table on line to include Vanguard’s results. It was of course far too late for the paper version which had omitted Vanguard’s results from its table.?

Our results put us at 11th in Auckland at level one and 1st equal at level 2. Many people out there in the public domain would have been very keen on seeing our school measured against other schools. I have harped on about trying to make Vanguard a top ten school in Auckland over a five year period. To be 11th after the first year in one area and first equal in another is totally outstanding.

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Being able to choose proves a winner for kids & parents at Vanguard Military School


Vanguard Military School this morning released the results of last years academic year.

They are impressive and shows that while the media and opposition wishes to ankle tap charter schools they are just getting on with providing excellence in education for their students.

A quick summary of their results shows that from their official results from NZQA 96.2% passed at NCEA Level 1 and 100% at NCEA Level 2.?

I?m sure opponents will try to discredit these results but I note the following also:

  • 31 students had previously failed NCEA before attending Vanguard and have now passed.
  • All students at Vanguard get enrolled to sit NCEA regardless of baseline testing data, an example of this are students who still don?t know their full times tables are enrolled in NCEA Level 1 Maths.
  • They?teach the NZ Curriculum.? Read more »

Greens dead wrong in attack against successful charter school

Yesterday The Greens and their crazy edjakayshun spokesperson and member for Mars Catherine Delahunty attacked charter schools and launched an attack against one in particular.

One of the five Charter schools lauded by the Government as a success has lost a quarter of its school roll this year, with each student now costing four times as much to teach than children in a regular public school, the Green Party said today.

Latest Ministry of Education roll count data shows that Vanguard Military College had 79 students attending in October this year ? 25 percent below the 108 students it is funded to teach and the 104 students it started the year with. Unlike state sector schools Charters don?t lose funding when they lose students.

That means the school is paid the equivalent of $27,000 in annual operation funding for each student, compared with the $7,000 a year schools in the state sector are funded for each student.

?Charter schools are a hugely expensive experiment that the Government is determined to continue with despite a lack of evidence they?re either successful or needed,? Green Party education spokesperson Catherine Delahunty said.

?Plans to open four more of these schools next year must be put off till Government can prove they?re value for money, good for students and aren?t damaging neighbouring schools.

?Vanguard has been trumpeted by National as a success yet official data shows it is struggling to hold on to its students.

?Principals in state schools are concerned about the disproportionate amounts of funding Charter schools are getting, saying that they?d be able to achieve amazing things for their own students if they had access to a similar amount of resources.

?Charters are able to pay for transport, uniforms, stationary and even food for their pupils. Even if they were succeeding, it?d be no surprise given the level of resources.

?The problem with Charter schools is that they suck resources and students away from public schools.

?Government pumps huge resources into them initially, but the real problems come a couple of years later when nearby schools have been undermined and the extra resources given to the Charters in the early days dry up,? Ms Delahunty said,

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Charter schools showing up state schools already

The Vanguard Military School has issued a press release showing their latest results. [Emphasis mine]


Initial NCEA results illustrate the outstanding start Vanguard Military School students have made to the 2014 school year, achieving an average 89% success in term 1 assessments, Vanguard Chief Executive Nick Hyde said today.

Mr Hyde was commenting on Term 1 NCEA assessment results that showed Vanguard students across all demographics had significantly lifted their success rates from their previous schooling.

European and Other students were achieving 93% success, up from 58% success prior to attending Vanguard, while Pasifika students were now achieving 90% success, up from 62%, and Maori students achieving 85% success, up from 57%.? Read more »