Guest Post: The real threat to Ahmadiyya Muslims like Mehpara Khan

Ahmadi Mosque in Chakwal December 2016 under attack


Guest Post:

One highly relevant fact about Mehpara Khan, the PR person who has stirred up a ruckus with her Facebook message alleging “anti-Muslim” prejudice:

She is a member of the Ahmadiyya branch of the faith. This is revealed throughout her Twitter and Facebook postings. The Mosque with Open days at Dalgety Street Manukau is the headquarters of the Ahmadiyya. SB has written about them and visited the Mosque.

The threat to Ahmadiyya Muslims most emphatically does not come from other Kiwis. It comes from other Muslims. Mehpara Khan and her friends are hated, rejected and persecuted as heretics and infidels throughout the Muslim world.

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Guest essay on the topic: Does Islam inspire violence?



Does Islam inspire violence?


As a Kiwi who was in New York during 9/11, I’ve since been consumed by the question of how Islam – a religion and therefore presumably peaceful – could possibly be associated with such abhorrent mass murder. Unfortunately, it’s proven impossible to answer on the basis of secondary sources – being a highly-polarising issue, there’s no end of hyperbole and deliberate misinformation on the topic. So I decided the only way to overcome confusion was to study the most sacred text of Islam for myself. I wanted to know whether the words therein could be linked in any way to the brutality inflicted not only by Islamic terrorists but also by Muslim governments enforcing strict Islamic law (Sharia).

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert on Islam so I apologise if anything below is inaccurate. And having been caught up in 9/11 I’m probably biased. On the other hand, I don’t hold strong political or religious views (I’m essentially a mildly liberal agnostic). I have friends from a wide variety of cultures, and over the years I’ve enjoyed the company of several Muslim acquaintances and colleagues. I have no objection to multiculturalism – as an avid traveller I love spending time with people from different backgrounds and I think migrants often bring enthusiasm, a strong work ethic, and valuable experience. Nevertheless, I’ve come to the conclusion that while Western countries should continue to welcome skilled immigrants from almost every culture, race, and religion, those committed to Islamic ideology may pose a genuine threat to secular society. That’s just an opinion, though I’ll attempt to justify it with verifiable evidence.

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Islamic dictionary for Westerners or what do they mean when they say…


In an earlier post I wrote about how the word ‘innocents ‘ means something very different to Islam than it does to us. When Muslims say that they are against the killing of innocents after a terrorist attack we think they mean the people who were massacred in the attack. In fact just by being non-Muslim ( Infidels ) we are not considered innocents by Islam. In other words they are saying that they are against the killing of Muslims. This is a huge deception that is being played on the West repeatedly. Their choice of words when condemning terrorism is very telling. You will see the word innocents used again and again in statements online on television and in the dead tree media. ‘Innocents,’ however is not the only word that we in the West are deceived by.

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