northland by-election

It’s a bit late, but National’s fight for Northland has started


Team Key is all about cycle ways….

The National Party’s making it clear it’s not going to give up Northland to New Zealand First.

That’s the clear message the Prime Minister’s given to party members at a regional conference in Waitangi today. Read more »

Winston hands Andy his arrrrrs

Rodney Hide reviews the major strategic error Labour made in Northland

It seemed a good idea. Support Winston Peters in the Northland byelection to give John Key a bloody nose.

It would save the embarrassment of coming third and show Andrew Little’s ability to work with Peters. So Little dumped on Labour’s own candidate.

The young Labourites cheered. Finally, a leader with smarts. It’s MMP in action, they cried. It’s pragmatic politics. Labour must hold its nose, look the other way, and back Peters. If that’s what it takes, that’s what we do.

The old hands weren’t so sure. Dumping on your own candidate didn’t seem right. And Labour’s support for Peters embarrassed them.

Not as it it hadn’t happened before. ? Kelvin Davis stood up against the party’s wishes for him to pull up lame and let Hone Harewira bring in Kim Dotcom’s Laila Harre and perhaps even John Minto. ?When it comes to pragmatism, Labour have no problem. ? Read more »

Another 400+ votes added to Northland’s anti-National swing

Official results for the Northland by-election have been announced and Winston Peters’ majority has increased to 4441 votes.

The by-election was held on March 28 and his majority on the night was 4012.

The difference has come from the counting of 1579 special votes, which increased the NZ First leader’s total to 16,089.

Specials also increased National candidate Mark Osborne’s total to 11,648.

The Electoral Commission will hand in the by-election writ on April 14, which clears the way for Mr Peters to be sworn in as Northland’s MP when parliament sits again on April 28.

He will then resign his list seat, which will bring in another NZ First MP.

The next on its list is former Invercargill hairdresser Ria Bond. Read more »

Brent Edwards: the beginning of the end for the Government

Apparently time is up for the Prime Minister, John Key, too.

It seems one by-election is enough to override the general election result of just six months earlier when National won a third term with a greater proportion of the vote than it got in the two previous elections.

Certainly the loss is a blow to National. This is a seat it has held for decades and its previous MP Mike Sabin, who resigned in January, had a 9,300 vote majority.

On any count this was a by-election National should not have lost. But Northland voters told the Government they were not happy with its performance and elected New Zealand First leader Winston Peters as their MP.

It is the by-election National lost because it did everything wrong. ? Everything.

Read more »

National’s Campaign Manager on Election Day

The National Party has a silly view that campaigners should not be paid. Yet they happily pay Jo de Joux to run campaigns like the Northland by election campaign. This is despite de Joux being the most loathed person in the National Party because she yells and screams at members, volunteers, and just about every back bench MP.

A proper campaign manager in a tough fight where their reputation is on the line spends election day working with the volunteers calling all the blue dots and making sure they have voted. They make sure the volunteers know that they appreciate the help of the volunteers and demonstrate this by doing the yeoman work on E Day on the phones or delivering lunches to scrutineers.

If they are not doing this they keep a very low profile. Which begs the question what the hell was de Joux thinking posting on Facebook on the afternoon of a by election? ? Read more »

National’s Northland Clusterwhatsit


National got a hiding in Northland, losing by 4012 votes. This is a bloody nose for National and John Key, but Key needs to take a step back and start thinking if his team is as good as he thinks they are.

The whole by election was a complete cock up from beginning to end. National buggered around with the selection process leaving their candidate the last to be selected and much less time to campaign than they could have had if they had have selected their candidate early. This is the party?s responsibility so the president, Peter Goodfellow, needs a good kick in the arse over this. Read more »

The three articles the Electoral Commission asked us to withdraw

Residents Vote In Mana By-Election

Whaleoil is?quite aware of the Electoral Act, and apart from reminding our own readers to be well behaved when commenting, all our material was previewed to ensure it would not contravene the Act. ?We acted proactively and responsibly.

About mid-morning, I received an email from the Electoral Commission to take down three articles.

I strongly disagree with the Commission, who acted after complaints were received, but we complied with their request. ? Read more »

So the polls were right. And so was Pinko Farrar


The results from Northland will be pleasing for the polling community, who were remarkably accurate.

This was despite people saying that a by-election poll was hard to do and the by-election was harder to pick than a broken nose.

Winston Peters 53.95%
Mark Osborne 39.86% ? Read more »

The fat lady and the campaign manager from hell

It’s all over bar the shouting, Peters has a grin as wide as the holiday highway is long, and the proverbial rotund lady is doing her warm up scales.

The Prime Minister denies he’s been outfoxed by New Zealand First’s leader.

Opinion polls have Peters with a commanding lead ahead of tomorrow’s vote.

National’s Mark Osborne says his party had to go through a selection process.

“That put us two or three weeks behind Winston and others getting out there, so we’ve had to catch that up.”

Winston Peters declared his candidacy on February the 27th, one day before Mr Osborne was selected as the National Party candidate.

The Prime Minister initially said New Zealand First’s leader had a zero chance of winning tomorrow’s Northland by-election.

The National Party has continually attacked Mr Peters in this by-election campaign by saying he can’t force change if he’s not in government. Read more »

Better get used to the idea that Winston Peters will be the MP for Northland

via 3 News

via 3 News

A second poll has NZ First leader Winston Peters with a commanding lead in the Northland byelection just a day out from polling day.

The One News Colmar Brunton poll has Mr Peters on 54 per cent support while National’s Mark Osborne was back on 36 per cent – similar results to the 3News Reid Research poll on Wednesday.

The Colmar Brunton results also showed Mr Peters’ high results were courtesy largely of Labour voters – 69 per cent of Labour supporters polled said they would vote for Mr Peters in the byelection. Read more »