National want Northland back

Previous drought in 2013

The drought in Northland has just been declared a medium-scale adverse event, which triggers additional support for struggling farmers.

“This is recognition of the extreme dry conditions farmers and growers are facing,” Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy said on Friday. Read more »


What sort of an arsehole would shoot at power lines

Some wankers have been shooting at power lines and Winston Peters isn’t at all happy.

If Northland power lines have been damaged intentionally the perpetrators should face a tough penalty, says Northland MP and Leader of New Zealand First Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“We want them to do hard labour, in the community. They need to be putting their backs into doing something useful for the many people they have hurt through such deliberate and spiteful acts.

“By causing the power outage today many people have been affected, some through the loss of business. ? Read more »

Finally we get started on decent transport links to Northland

Simon Bridges and John Key have turned the sod on a much-needed motorway to Whangarei.

The current road is a dog, and Whangarei is growing immensely. If Kaikoura showed us anything it is wise to develop alternate infrastructure as Wellington is now finding out with their crippled port. Whangarei port has been constrained by poor roading?infrastructure so this motorway is welcome.

A motorway from Auckland to Whangarei has been flagged by Transport Minister Simon Bridges.

Speaking at today’s sod turning to mark the start of the $709.5 million Puhoi to Warkworth motorway, Bridges said over time the motorway would extend to Whangarei, a distance of 162km.

Prime Minister John Key and Bridges turned the first sod during a tour of roading projects north of Auckland, including a new roundabout in the township of Waimaukau. ? Read more »

Rock Star Economy: what about those that can’t afford a ticket?


I WROTE a letter to my main bro’ John Key about his rock star economy a while ago, and the reality of the regions mostly being about a rock and a hard place.

He never answered, but one of the best definitions of what a rock star economy actually means was an online comment by a Marc M. “Just wondered, by ‘rock star economy’ do you mean it’s likely to play a few choice tunes, trash a few hotel rooms, go on a drug binge then end up in rehab only to disappear into relative obscurity?”

Hilarious and accurate.

We’ve been hearing the choice tunes of neo-liberalism since the 90s and although the singers change, the lyrics of choice and freedom remain the same.

Tell the people sleeping in garages, despite their two jobs and three children, that they have chosen this.

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Northland mayor hates visitors and local Iwi just want cash

You can’t really believe some people. In Northland some local inbreds, including the mayor, have had a fit over a webcam that was in place for just one week at Shipwreck Bay.

It seems they don’t want visitors and local iwi are pissed off because they didn’t get paid.

The property owner who allowed a webcam to be installed at his holiday homes to broadcast a popular surfing spot, says he has received threats and didn’t expect it would cause such an uproar among locals.

Sports website Surf2Surf recently broadcasted live footage from Ahipara’s Shipwreck Bay for its subscribers.

The website owners approached the owner of three apartments which face the water in March, asking to install the webcam on his property. They offered him a free wireless connection in exchange.

But territorial local surfers not wanting to share the waves with out-of-towners allegedly used black spray paint to cover the lens of the camera and threatened the property owner.

Surf2surf director says he also received a threat, over Facebook, and has complained to police about it, as well as complaining about the vandalism of the camera.

The owner spoke to the Herald on condition of anonymity, out of fear of retribution.

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At last Winston has opened something in Northland

Dargaville might not be big enough.

Northland MP Winston Peters this week opened a new office in the town, famous for its kumara and where he attended secondary school.

A couple of weeks earlier and not far from the town’s racecourse, National Party members attending Field Days plotted his downfall.

“There were a lot of people coming to talk about potential candidates, and finding the right one and suggesting names,” said Cabinet Minister Steven Joyce. “There is a lot of interest.”

Tomorrow is the anniversary of Mr Peters’ stunning Northland byelection victory — campaign slogan Send Them A Message — which caught the Government off guard.

In a Parliamentary career that began in 1978, capturing Northland after the resignation of Mike Sabin rates as one of Peters’ great political triumphs.

It’s also serving as a blueprint for his party’s 2017 election campaign.

The same message used in the byelection — that the Government and Wellington bureaucrats had neglected Northland for years — is being applied to other regions.

The damage that Steve Joyce and Jo de Joux have done to National in Northland may in fact be still larger than we anticipated.? Read more »

What the New Zealand charter school debate boils down to



It is always interesting to distill down the arguments for and against charter schools in New Zealand. After watching a New Zealand debate on the topic I have now summarised for Whaleoil readers the key points raised by people from both sides of the debate.

These are not direct quotes but are accurate summaries of what was said.



  • We want to see ALL New Zealanders succeed but we don’t think that charter schools are the answer.
  • Charter schools are an answer to a problem that doesn’t exist.
  • It is a solution for a problem we don’t have.
  • Poor schools and bad teachers and bad principals failing Maori students is not the reality.
  • The rise of charter schools is directly connected to the Maori failure rates.

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KiwiRail bails, Northland needs 150-200 more truckies, and this is bad why?

KiwiRail isn’t making any money…and so bails from an unprofitable line. So far so good.

KiwiRail is mothballing a Northland train line and locals fear the decision will force an extra 150 logging trucks onto the region’s roads to cope with the added freight demands.

Following enquiries about a leaked email seen by the Herald, a KiwiRail spokesperson this afternoon admitted the contract with the only freight customer on the Otiria to Portland line expires at the end of August and is not going to be renewed. This will render the track useless but the line would remain open.

“KiwiRail is not closing its North Auckland line.”

The leaked email from a KiwiRail manager said woodchip company Marusumi would instead build a roadway for its trucks.

Transport minister Simon Bridges said the Government has no intention on shutting any lines but there was little or no demand on the line at the moment.

“In that sense, we can understand KiwiRail’s perspective where they are seeking to run a commercial business.”

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Cunning Winston

Winston Peters knows how to get people talking about him, and there is no better way than to challenge the PM to a $100,000 bet.

Winston Peters has offered to pay $100,000 to the Prime Minister’s favourite charity if John Key can find evidence that the New Zealand First leader has been fishing in his Northland electorate.

The challenge was issued after Mr Key ribbed Mr Peters in Parliament over the amount of time the Northland MP spent in his electorate, describing him as the “member of fishing”.

Mr Peters was questioning Mr Key about the Northland Economic Development report and the PM responded: “I dare say that Minister [Steven] Joyce now knows more about Northland than the member does. In actually having been there once this year, he has probably been there more than the member has.” ? Read more »

Why is Kelvin Davis not campaigning against this with all his energy?

Instead of pandering to criminals in Australian detention centres, or cuddling criminals in our prisons here, why isn’t Kelvin Davis campaigning against this feral behaviour in his own electorate?

Six Northland children were physically abused by their mother over an eight-year period, mostly for failing to complete household chores.

On one occasion, the Whangarei District Court heard, her pre-teen son fell to the ground and blacked out momentarily after he was beaten with a jagged stick that broke when she struck him.

The woman, who was granted name suppression to protect her children, had used a household needle and cotton to stitch her son’s wound, striking him when he flinched from the pain. A medical centre was just down the road.

The woman was jailed for four years and 11 months when she appeared for sentencing in the court yesterday.

She had earlier admitted assault with intent to injure, injuring with reckless disregard, assault with a weapon, wounding with intent to injure and seven charges of assaulting a child.

The children were abused from 2006 to 2014.

The eldest daughter and son received the worst beatings.? Read more »