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NZ Herald smears against Apple have no foundation

The NBR tears apart the shoddy journalism of the NZ Herald in their constant attacks against multi-nationals.

Highlighting the potential dangers of merged media dominance, the NZ Herald went big last Saturday on accusing Apple of paying zero New Zealand tax over the past decade, a line that was quickly picked up by the likes of RNZ and Newshub.

Had Fairfax?s Stuff been part of the same stable ? as proposed in its merger with Herald owner NZME ? you have to wonder whether the understandably sceptical response from Stuff?s Tom Pullar-Strecker would have been part of the package.

To recap, since Apple established a New Zealand subsidiary in 2006, the local entity has reported cumulative sales of $4.21 billion. Over that time the subsidiary?s accounts show tax expenses of $33.9 million and tax payments made by related parties on its behalf of $45.5 million.

The Herald story said Apple NZ?s?taxes appeared to be paid to Australia and the company had paid zero tax in this country.

The accounts don?t say that specifically?but such an arrangement is possible under a tax treaty between Australian and New Zealand. Basically, the deal is that if an Australian-owned company in New Zealand is managed in Australia, then Australia gets first dibs on its tax ? and vice versa. ? Read more »


Gay feelings matter to the NZ Herald but Jewish feelings don’t.


The NZ Herald do not have a consistent policy when it comes to moderation. When they published an article about a Gay man they cautioned their readers to be mindful of what they said in the comment section on facebook but when they published an article about the Auschwitz gas chamber not only did they not caution their readers to be mindful of what they said, they allowed highly offensive anti-Semitic comments to be made on their facebook page and they didn’t remove them. It seems that Gay feelings matter but Jewish feelings don’t to the NZ Herald.

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So, a rich man gave money to Labour and the Greens, yet no one reported it

Earlier today I posted about the media announcing that Stone Shi gave $50,000 to the National party and that Jenny Gibbs has given a hundy to Act.

But, what is curious is the lack of reporting over another large donation, given just a few weeks before Stone Shi’s donation.

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The continued dishonesty of the NZ Herald

The Media party have been running a narrative that many Americans are leaving there and wanting to come here.

On Tuesday the NZ Herald ran this headline:

Sounds dreadful, doesn’t it? ? Read more »

Fourth is third loser, you muppets

The Herald really are mentally challenged. On the front page of their site yesterday they were claiming one of their staff members was a “champ”.

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The Herald scores a major scoop ahead of competitors

The NZ Herald published a story (really, more like republishing someone else?s list) about unparliamentary name calling on 23 February.

Fast times in Parliament usually end in heated debates, but not everything goes in terms of what can be said.

Insults, “unbecoming” language and accusations of dishonesty are banned, according to a list on the New Zealand Parliament website, but we’re seriously considering getting some of these phrases back into circulation in the newsroom.

Some of our favourites include the 1936 term “Fungus Farmer” which may have been rude in 1936 but is a perfectly legitimate occupation today.

Another favourite is the 1949 banned phrase “His brains could revolve inside a peanut shell for a thousand years without touching the sides.”

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WO Property: NZ Herald editor’s millionaire’s pad

I got the idea for this segment from a NZ Herald piece yesterday. I figured if it is OK for them then it is OK for me.

NZ Herald editor Shayne Alexander Currie is sitting on a goldmine in one of the leafy suburbs of the isthmus of Auckland.

He owns a property at Valley Rd in Mt Eden. It?s a Grammar Zone, iconic Mt Eden Villa. The Whitepages suggests an S Currie has a phone subscription at that home too. How quaint. ? Read more »

Hate speech laws would make things worse in New Zealand not better

In Sweden hate speech laws are not applied fairly. It would be accurate to say that they are used solely for the benefit of Swedish Muslims. Comments that get prosecuted in Sweden under their hate speech laws include?comments that object to sexual violence against women in the Quran and comments that Muslims find offensive. On the other hand?calling homosexuality a “virus”?and the mainstream intolerance of homosexuality being taught in Swedish Mosques is ignored as is anti-Semitism not only from individuals but from the media. Even worse than the blatant double standards is how the government is funding organisations that claim to be about combating Islamophobia but are actually linked to terrorism and invite Salafist Hate preachers and hire speakers who promote joining ISIS.

For now, the New Zealand government has stated that it has no desire to create Hate speech laws despite Muslim activists pushing for them but we do already have Salafist Hate preachers, amongst us.

NZ Salafist Imam Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib

Whaleoil revealed the existence of one Salafist Hate preacher in Auckland which the New Zealand Media was very reluctant to write about. One brave Muslim woman from the Imam’s mosque actually reported her concerns about one individual to the New Zealand Herald but they not only ignored her they somehow allowed Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib to get access to her name. In this video he condemns her in his sermon for revealing that an individual at their mosque was promoting terrorism.

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NZ Media bias between these two stories couldn’t be any more blatant

Can you spot the difference?

Two fabulously wealthy men.

Both want to become New Zealand citizens.

Look at how differently they are treated by both Newshub and the NZ Herald.

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