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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Kiwis onboard LH441 after bomb threat diverts plane to JFK

Lufthansa flight LH441 was ordered from the sky after a bomb threat was issued en route from Houston to Frankfurt?this afternoon (NZ Time).

Already over the Atlantic Ocean and 90km past New York they had to turn around and make an emergency landing at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

The aircraft landed safely and was sequestered safely so that a thorough inspection of passengers and the aircraft could take place.

Whaleoil spoke exclusively to two Kiwi passengers on the flight as they awaited transport to their hotel.

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It appears New Zealand has no idea of the exact number of Kiwi ISIS fighters

How many NZ based fighters are currently fighting with Daesh?

The government doesn’t really know. Even one is a concern, but it appears it may be way more than that…and they will coming home soon as Daesh collapses. Hopefully, many of them will die in the process of being defeated.

New Zealand has a “broad sense” of the number of Kiwis fighting with Islamic State and has monitoring in place in case they tried to return home, Prime Minister John Key says.

Key met with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on the weekend during her brief visit to Auckland.

Afterwards, Bishop told the Herald that about 110 Australians are fighting with isis in Iraq and Syria, and concern is turning to what to do with them if they survive and return home.

Isis was under increasing pressure, particularly because of the Mosul offensive, and there was a “high risk” that more foreign fighters would try and return to Australia, Bishop said. ? Read more »


Nothing short of child abuse

Ranty Kiwi comments:

Can someone remind me again why we bother letting refugees into the country? Especially as we can’t even deport them when they go feral.

He’s talking about these scumbags:

Two parents who abused their teenage daughter by forcing her to take freezing baths, hitting her and cutting her hair because they thought she was a witch have been jailed.

The Congolese refugees were both found guilty by a jury in Auckland yesterday of several charges relating to almost four years of abuse.

After being convicted, the duo told court workers they were innocent because they were performing witchcraft on the then 15-year-old girl because they believed she was possessed.

The girl’s mother, now 33, arrived from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in central Africa in 2007 and put down roots in a North Island town. She met her husband, now 40, a few years later and in 2012 they moved to Auckland with the woman’s teenager daughter and the three children the couple had together.

At the Auckland District Court yesterday, the jury heard how the abuse began in 2010 and continued until June 2014.

Over this time, the man would hit his step-daughter until she got into a very cold bath and forced her to stay in it for long periods while her mother stood by. ? Read more »


How bad is radicalisation and jihadism in NZ mosques?

The NZ Herald has a report about Egyptian imams being sent to take control of NZ Mosques.

Egypt’s Government is sending Cairo-educated imams to “take control” of New Zealand mosques and Islamic centres in a new drive to reduce radicalisation and counter jihadism.

The imams – trained at the ancient Al-Azhar University, regarded as the foremost institution in the Islamic world for the study of Sunni theology and sharia law – will spend up to three years working alongside local mosque leaders promoting moderate Islam and tolerance.

One imam is already working at a Wellington mosque and three more are applying for work visas, according to Egypt’s Ambassador to New Zealand, Tarek al-Wasimy.

Explaining true Islam and promoting its peaceful message was an important first, proactive step in protecting the world from militant Islam and terrorism, he said.

“We are all combating terrorism. It has no borders and nobody is immune,” he told the Herald yesterday.

“We don’t want anything to happen here like what has happened in Belgium, Paris, Madrid or London so we are sending imams to explain Islam and to take control of Islamic centres and mosques here.”

Mr al-Wasimy said the imams were funded by the Egyptian Government and Al-Azhar, which dates back to 970 and in recent years has embarked on a global initiative to improve the image of Islam, promote tolerance, and battle radicalisation and recruitment of young Muslims by extremist groups.

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Hide on Key, Labour and spying

The report is in and, contrary to the screaming skull’s assertions, there is not and has not been any mass surveillance of Kiwis.

Rodney Hide examines security, intelligence and Labour’s game-playing?in his Herald on Sunday column:

There’s a reason John Key remains Prime Minister, having outpolled five successive Labour Party leaders: he is smart. And not just smart: very smart.

We can see that in his choosing Sir Michael Cullen along with lawyer Dame Patsy Reddy to review our spy agencies.

Cullen is Labour through and through and his conducting of the review should help depoliticise what has become a vexed issue.

He is also smart and will make it hard for Labour to oppose the review’s findings and recommendations.

Spying is highly politically charged and is a loser for any Government – the usual transparency that ensures accountability would undermine the very purpose of the agencies.

Until recent times there has been multi-party agreement and oversight of the spy agencies, including the Greens being represented on the Intelligence and Security Committee.

The political parties have placed the cause of national security above the seeking of political advantage and the agencies have also worked hard to be transparent with the Parliamentary parties.

The system has worked.

But, politics being politics, the Government-Opposition bipartisanship broke down when the political opportunity presented itself.

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After yesterday?s protests, you?d think NZ was the worst place on Earth: not so

After all the ferals had their Big Day Out yesterday and declared that the world had?ended and we had all become serfs in our own country, you’d be hard-pressed to believe we live in one the best countries in the world.

And it turns out we do have a great country, despite the ferals and filthy hippies blocking up Auckland?for a day.

New Zealand may be small but we still have a presence in the world, coming in at number nine for one of the happiest countries to live.

We even beat our neighbours, with the Aussies rounding out the top ten. ? Read more »


More good news: people have money to spend and they are happy to spend it

People are feeling comfortable, and a good indicator of that is spending patterns.

New Zealand consumer confidence gained in January, with its stability notable considering the turbulent state of the global economy, according to the latest ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence Index.

After dipping 4 points last month, the index rose 3 points to 121.4 in January, in line with the historical average of 119. Current expectations rose 4 points, while future expectations rose 2 points, with the former a positive sign for spending trends, ANZ’s chief economist Cameron Bagrie said.

“The New Year has started horribly for global financial markets, with commodity prices and equities being thumped – but so far it hasn’t affected local sentiment,” Bagrie said.

“It’s obviously a serious risk for our economy if the turmoil continues, but developments aren’t all bad news for consumers – lower oil prices will feed through into retail petrol prices in time, leaving more money in pockets, and lower interest rates are freeing up cash too.” ?? Read more »

Police Union boss goes all in on push for cops to have guns

Greg O’Connor is going all in as he pushes for Police to carry guns.

First up he had to create fear and used a couple of idiot journalists to milk that one with their stitch up, now he has doubled down on his bet and claimed cops are facing AK-47s, imitation Uzis, and pump action shotguns.

The Police Association president has revealed claims that Upper Hutt gunman Pera Smiler opened fire and hit a police car ??narrowly missing an officer ??before police shot and killed him.

Police have previously said their officers were fired on before they shot Smiler, but have always declined to give details while the incident remains under investigation by police and the Independent Police Conduct Authority.

Association president Greg O’Connor made the latest claim while releasing figures on the number of guns being seized around the country.

The association has recently abandoned its controversial call to arm all police, instead refocusing its efforts into getting a political inquiry into how criminals are getting their hands on bigger, more powerful guns.

Police and ACC figures show a drop in gun crime and injuries.

However, in the wake of two shootings in the past two days, in Hawke’s Bay and Lower Hutt, O’Connor said pump-action shotguns, imitation Uzis, and AK47s, were just some of the firearms police had seized in recent months.

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Rodney Hide on 3 Strikes

Rodney Hide writes in?the?NBR:

Some 135-plus New Zealanders are walking about today not bashed, beaten or worse, thanks to the Three Strikes legislation. It?s a good result.? Another 135 fewer people are in prison.? That too, is a good result.

The numbers aren?t mine but lawyer Graeme Edgeler?s, who, while opposing Three Strikes, nonetheless has the intellectual integrity to gather up the data and report that, yes, the law is having the hoped-for deterrent effect.

Three Strikes is a dramatic example of the economics of crime and punishment. Do would-be criminals weigh the costs and benefits of crime? Are they rational? Does the risk of being caught, convicted and the extent of expected punishment enter their decision-making?

Crime experts say No. Economists say Yes.

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