NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician

Rainey still denies the truth

Veteran trougher?Pete Rainey from Nelson just doesn’t get it.

The Nelson?election campaign has been marred by dirty politics, enlivened?by social media stoushes, and dominated by one decades-old debate.

By Saturday afternoon,?the Nelson City mayor and councillors, as voted for by you,?will be revealed, following an at-times turbulent, but mostly mundane six-week campaign.

Aside from so-called “dirty tricks” by some and the occasional clash on Facebook, it has been an election campaign dominated by the Southern Link.

Dirty tricks? Oh, I see, telling the truth is “dirty tricks” now is it? ? Read more »

2016 New Zealand?s Dodgiest Local Body Politician Winner ? Pete Rainey


Last local body election we uncovered all sorts of ratbags running for council, crooks, liars, criminals, and just out and out dodgy bastards. Maybe that put some of the ratbags off running this time because they knew they would be held to account.

So this election cycle we have mainly been highlighting people who are either dead set useless, don?t understand conflicts of interest, or have their nose so deep in the trough they must struggle to breathe. Read more »

New Zealand?s Dodgiest Local Government Politician ? Bruce Smith



Bruce Smith, the mayoral aspirant in Westland, has been promising he can fix the Franz Joseph sewerage problem for a lot less than what the council think it will cost. Read more »

New Zealand?s Dodgiest Local Government Politician – John Leggett

Regular readers will know that Marlborough has a ?world class? theatre that costs an arm and a leg to run, as well as massively going over budget. The ratepayer is on the hook for a lot more than originally promised, yet mayoral aspirant John Leggett sticks up for the Theatre in public.

Fortunately there are council staff with integrity who are sick of the cover ups, the over spends and the bleeding of the coffers to fund the theatre. They have provided this audio of John Leggett telling us his true feelings about the theatre.

Not only does John Leggett have some explaining to do, the Marlborough Express has some explaining to do as they were also given this audio and haven’t done anything with it.

(some? extracts:)


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New Zealand?s Dodgiest Local Body Politician ? Penny Webster


Penny Webster is allegedly a right winger, but Len Brown got her to chair the money committee on council and she let Len spend like a drunken sailor. Then she tried to run the bullshit line that all Rodney?s rates had been spent in Rodney. Read more »

NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Candidate – Bruce Smith II


Bruce Smith is running for mayor in Westland. Obviously he thinks the whole place is rooted and only he can fix it.

All he is doing is reinforcing what the tipline has been telling us, council staff have been filing away some of the things Bruce Smith has said so they can get a huge pay out if he is elected.

Local government politicians should work with people, not fight them or sideline them. And they definitely should not be running on a platform of fighting. For running a dopey campaign that will cost Westland voters lots in payouts to staff, Bruce Smith gets a second nomination.

NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician – Pete Rainey

Thanks to all the readers who are sending in all the great stories about dodgy ratbag local government candidates all over the country.

The first candidate to gain a second nomination is Pete Rainey, the aspiring mayor of Nelson, who was mentioned for his troughing while serving on the council.

The tip line has been running hot about Pete Rainey, which is interesting as there are a lot of stories for us to sort through. The latest one sent through is Cr Rainey being busted for abusing some lower socioeconomic people then trying to deny he did.

Rainey caught in ?ciggie? slur

A ?throw-away comment? from mayoral candidate Pete Rainey while talking about adding another traffic lane to Tahunanui Drive has left the Tahunanui business community fuming.

Speaking at his public meeting in Stoke on Sunday, Rainey was alleged to have said the seven car parks outside the Discount Here, Tahuna Tattoo, Sabai Sabai and Harley Pharmacy were only used by people ?buying cheap ciggies?. Read more »

NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician Nomination – Pete Rainey

Regular readers will remember in 2013 we helped the good people of Nelson remove ratbag mayor Aldo Miccio, a man who got so many mentions on this blog it was embarrassing.

We questioned his management of conflicts of interest, shit flowing into the sea, and especially questioned his use of ratepayers money to further his own business interests.

SetWidth200-MainPhotoSome may remember this photo.

So that makes you wonder if Miccio?s chosen replacement, Pete Rainey, needs more daylight shined on him. Miccio was warned repeatedly about the troughing councillor, but appears to have done nothing about it. Since then Cr Rainey has confirmed his reputation for securing council contracts for his own businesses. It appears he gets very substantial sum so money from the council to run ?events? in Nelson.

The people of Nelson already know that Rainey had to seek retrospective approval from the Auditor General for his various council contracts when he knows full well that elected members must get this approval before they actually receive council money. They know this because he squealed like a stuck pig when the Nelson Weekly broke the story. Read more »

Knocking over ratbags, one at a time, kicking Murray Douglas in the goolies

Last week we took down dodgy sxting ratbad Paul Findlay. In the ensuing carnage I missed this article in the Hawkes Bay Today about the sunlight I have been shining on dodgy ratbag and winner of the Whaleoil NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician award, Murray Douglas. Word is he has gone to ground after this attempt to retrieve the situation.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council election candidate Murray Douglas is rejecting a blogger’s suggestion he is “New Zealand’s dodgiest local body politician”. The blog has been picked up by an opponent, Tom Belford, to use against Mr Douglas. Mr Douglas, an incumbent councillor, described Auckland blogger Cameron Slater’s comments on his past with the Dunedin City Council as “a very painful and personal attack”, which was deliberately synchronised with the distribution of voting papers last week. Mr Slater posted on his website newspaper articles dating back to 1999 tracking Mr Douglas’ departure from Dunedin where he was the city council’s chief executive.? Read more »

More on Hawkes Bay ratbag Murray Douglas

I blogged about Hawkes Bay ratbag Murray Douglas the other day and now BayBuzz has added some more to the extremely dodgy past this ratbag has.

When a public official or candidate over-promotes their track record, they raise for themselves a legitimate concern about credibility, deserving of public scrutiny.

David Cunliffe is on the hotseat for misrepresenting claimed public service in his past. It seems he might have over-polished his involvement with various community service groups.

Closer to home, we have the curious case of Regional Council candidate Murray Douglas, as recently revealed by a conservative political blog, Whale Oil.

Douglas presents himself as a poster child of prior local government service. This glowing history is the chief qualification for office he promotes in his campaign presentations, including his campaign brochure and his profile in the Voters Guide. He suggests to voters that he left service at the height of his career as chief executive of Sydney, returned across the Tasman Sea, and became chief executive of the HB Chamber of Commerce.? Read more »