OJ Simpson

Random Rude Questions

  1. Peter and Helen, Peter and Chris, and….Darren Hughes?
  2. Is it just plain weird?
  3. Do we really care where Helen is?
  4. By the way where in the world is Winston Raymond Peters, 63, Unemployed of no fixed abode?
  5. Do we care about him either?
  6. Why is it always the Cooks?
  7. I wonder what Ron Mark is up to?
  8. Didn’t we use to hang pirates?
  9. Should we start doing it again?
  10. Doesn’t Mike Williams have the hide of a Rhino and the manners of a pig?
  11. Why hasn’t he resigned yet?
  12. Why hasn’t he been fired?
  13. Did this guy pay his dealer?
  14. Do you think he will now?

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day

Aparrently yesterday was National Coming Out Day.

Did domeone forget to tell Helen, Peter and Judith?