Question 12

Question 12 today looked innocuous and then all hell broke loose.

12. AMY ADAMS (National—Selwyn) to the Minister of Defence: What steps has he taken to review defence policy?

Hon Dr WAYNE MAPP (Minister of Defence) : Last Tuesday the Associate Minister of Defence and I launched the 2009 defence review. This review will result in a white paper early next year that will set out the Government’s defence policy. There has not been a defence review since 1997, and the world has changed a great deal since then.

Amy Adams: What reports has the Minister received on the various ways of running defence?

Hon Dr WAYNE MAPP: There are, in fact, a variety of ways in which defence forces can operate. For example, I have read a report entitled “Outsourcing War”, which discusses military companies like Blackwater Worldwide, and suggests that we “recognize them as multinational entrepreneurs eager to solidify their legitimacy.” Interestingly enough, this report came from Mr David Shearer, a man with considerable experience in Iraq and, I understand, Mr Goff’s preferred candidate for Mt Albert’s by-election.

Hon Phil Goff: Can the Minister confirm that the person he is seeking to undermine at this point has over the last 10 years constantly put his life at risk, has won gallantry awards for saving the lives of children in refugee camps, and, in fact, has done far more for humanity than John Key and the dirty-tricks brigade in the National Party who are seeking to undermine him?

Hon Dr WAYNE MAPP: I certainly have heard of Mr Shearer’s reputation. I have also heard that he has written, in fact, four articles and books: the first is entitled “Dial an Army”, from The World Today in 1997; the second is “Outsourcing War”, from Foreign Policy in 1998; the third is Private Armies and Military Intervention; and the fourth is “Privatising”—

Oh lookie there, the National Research Unit got off its collective arse and found a few more articles. My word, it looks like David Shearer really is the Trojan Horse from ACT, writing no less than 4 articles or books on the topic shows some seriousness about the topic.

Phil Goff then got monstered with more supplementaries showing that David Shearer is very much a Goff man with Goff’s penchant for selling off Defense Assets.

Tumeke Blogsite rankings

TUMEKE! | nz blogosphere: nz blogosphere rankings

Tim “The Axe” Selwyn has compiled his own NZ blogsite rankings. It is pretty good, but heavily favours the link whorers and the darlings whom everyone links to.

Nevertheless he rates me as the number six blog in NZ. Now on traffic basis I am actually number two, but hey anywhere in the top ten is good.

Well done Tim.

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