Another big donation for National, none for Labour yet

National has scored another big donation, again from Stone Shi.

The National Party has received another $50,000 from the head of milk exporter Oravida, which was once caught up in a conflict of interest claim.

Oravida’s founder Deyi (Stone) Shi made the donation earlier this month.

Shi’s company, which also exports wine, seafood, freshwater and meat to China, has close ties to National. Former National Prime Minister Jenny Shipley is the chairwoman and director David Wong-Tung is the husband of Revenue Minister Judith Collins.

Collins came under pressure over her links to Oravida in 2014 after she met with Shi and a Chinese border official while on a ministerial visit to China, weeks after Oravida had lobbied the Government about difficulties in getting its products into China. Read more »

Tamati Coffey opens mouth with predictable results

Watch as the stupid rolls forth.

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Oh look, the left are trying to destroy even more businesses

What is it with the left that they are so adverse to business making money?

Some companies are exporting millions of litres of bottled New Zealand water, and paying very little in return.

One company, Oravida, takes 400,000 litres a day from an aquafer in the Bay of Plenty. Last year they paid $526 in compliance fees.

The Green Party’s spokesperson for water, Catherine Delahunty, says the Government isn’t doing enough to protect New Zealand’s assets.

“Aucklanders don’t leave the tap running because there’s a charge on it and they value it, but Oravida and other companies can take it away, basically for nothing. That’s just wrong.”

Most Aucklanders pay a metred charge for water and wastewater services. In other parts of New Zealand, water maintenence is included in rates charges. Read more »

When will David, Winston, and Kelvin apologise for their smears?

Winston Peters, David Parker, Kelvin Davis and Eugenie Sage all attacked Judith Collins and her husband David Wong-Tung over kauri logs.

They were all wrong, along with a number of media outlets. The media outlets including Radio NZ have all apologised.

Now Eugenie Sage has apologised.

Apology to David Wong-Tung and Oravida

?On the 19th of June 2015, I issued a press release under the title ?Govt. stuck in the mud over swamp kauri allegations.?

?I acknowledge that the press release was capable of conveying meanings that were not intended. Specifically, I did not mean to suggest that David Wong-Tung and Oravida were involved in the illegal export of swamp kauri or that they influenced the government or any member of it to turn a blind eye to any such exports.? ? Read more »

Radio NZ forced to pull their head in

Radio NZ did a dreadful hit job on Oravida and David Wong-Tung over swamp kauri.

That story led Kelvin Davis and Winston Peters to lead an attack on the government in parliament.

There was however a major problem…the story was wrong. So wrong it looks like lawyers were called in.

On Tuesday, 16 June we broadcast a story (and subsequently published it on our website) about the contention of environmentalists in Northland that the Ministry for Primary Industries was failing to ensure that swamp kauri exports complied with the requirements of the Forests Act 1949.

The story referred to Oravida (and one of its directors David Wong-Tung) as a kauri wholesaler. ? Read more »

More on Metiria Turei’s mysterious investment in Comvita

Metiria Turei seems to lack the necessary attention to detail that she has accused others of lacking in teh past.

She has claimed in her declaration to the pecuniary interests register that she owns shares in Comvita New Zealand Limited which is in fact a wholly owned subsidiary of Comvita Limited.

Now she probably owns shares in the parent company and simply made a clerical error, some staffer will probably get blamed.

But what is interesting for Metiria Turei who like to talk about ethical investments and bang on about trade with China, and of course let’s not forget that her fellow leader of the Greens attacked in parliament yesterday accusing Judith Collins of corruption along with Oravida.

Yet what do we find when we go to the Oravida?website.

comvita Read more »

Robertson misleads parliament over Oravida claims

Yesterday in parliament Grant Robertson hurled the accusation that another company who used the same milk and packaging as Oravida has their products blocked while Oravida’s products are flowing across the border.

Pete George has identified that this claim is in fact false, that Grant Robertson is misleading parliament and also misleading the public in his pursuit of Judith Collins.

Grant Robertson has claimed that ?same milk?, ?milk from the same supplier? and ?the same two litre bottles? was given different Chinese border control treatment, with Oravida milk accepted while Ruima Food milk was rejected.

Corrie Den Haring, general manager of Green Valley Dairies who supplies the milk to both the companies, says the milk products involved were not the same, and he is ?not aware of any favouritism?.

Robertson continued his ?holding to account? of Judith Collins yesterday on Oravida. Most of the media focus was on the drama and the pressure on Collins, for example?Judith Collins survives torrid session in Parliament?and?Collins survives bruising barrage.

Much less emphasis is being put on holding Grant Robertson to account for his accusations.

Grant Robertson needs to provide proof of the accusations. He mustn’t resort to the bully antics of Trevor Mallard who is now insisting that Judith Collins disprove his smear, when he has no evidence to even make his smear in the first place. Robertson has made claims and now he needs to back them up…which may prove difficult given the supplier of milk has stated the exact opposite.

Meanwhile, Corrie Den Haring, general manager of Green Valley Dairies which supplies milk to both Oravida and Ruimi, said Mr Robertson?s initial attack about Oravida receiving preferential treatment from Chinese authorities was wide of the mark.

?It is not the same two-litre bottles simply with a different label,? he told National Radio. Ruimi?s milk was a flavoured or extra-calcium product which required extra testing at the border. Delays meant the milk was too old for sale and was destroyed.

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Mallard smears made up, will Cunliffe act and demote him for lying in parliament

Trevor Mallard celebrated his promotion by being chucked out of parliament for a scurrilous smear.

Worse, though, he has admitted to Tracy Watkins?that the smear he launched in parliament was nothing more than a shameless lie.

Clearly seeing which way things were headed, Labour MP Trevor Mallard fell back on the oldest trick in the book to spice the story up for the evening news and got chucked out of the House after lobbing an incendiary allegation in the Justice Minister’s direction.

Mallard had interjected that Collins’ family had benefited from Oravida to the tune of half a million dollars – a figure he later admitted was based on nothing more than totting up the average fees paid to company directors.

So Collins, whose husband Wong-Tung is a director of Oravida, was not too far off the mark when she accused Mallard of making it up.

What is worse though is TV3 used his lie and smear to mount a full on attack with the three lead items all about the National party and Judith Collins.

The scurrilous smears spread by Patrick Gower and Trevor Mallard show clearly that TV3 have decided to inject themselves into the political game and therefore are fair game now.

Yesterdays question time was billed by TV3 and their useful helpers in the NZ Herald as the day Crusher would be crushed, and when that failed to happen, and Labour’s attacks were blunted they took it upon themselves to do the job of the opposition.

Well if the media want to be the story and be the opposition then they get to face scrutiny of their own actions.

No wonder that people are sick of the mainstream media and are calling out for a news medium that reflects their own values.


Source/ Fairfax


I’ve had enough

Oravida donated $30,000 to the National Party in December last year.

Hamish Rutherford is trying to keep the scandal corpse animated

Oravida, the milk exporter linked to a conflict of interest claims involving government minister Judith Collins, donated another $30,000 to the National Party at the end of last year.

Business would like to see a National government return. ?SHOCKING

New disclosures to the Electoral Commission show that on December 23 the company, which exports mainly fresh milk to China, made the donation.

These disclosures are made under the current regulations. ?They aren’t hidden. ?There are no secret trusts.

Had it donated a single dollar more, National would have been forced to disclose the donation immediately.

The inference is that this is some dirty trick to deliberately delay the mandatory donation for some kind of benefit. ?Pretty pointless really. ?It would in fact have been less of a controversy if it had been disclosed just before Christmas when nobody cares to look at the news. ?But this way, yeah, it looks DIRTY Read more »

OIA records show Collins dinner in Beijing was always a private dinner

Grant Robertson continues to pursue Judith Collins despite the OIA documents released today showing clearly that the dinner in Beijing was a private dinner from the get go.

Justice Minister Judith Collins’ office initially asked for a foreign affairs briefing before a controversial dinner in China with Oravida representatives and an unnamed border official.

Collins has insisted the dinner was a private affair with no official business discussed.

However, documents released to Fairfax Media under the Official Information Act show that five days before the dinner her office sought the briefing from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Mfat).

An October 15 email from her office noted:

“On Sunday, October 20, the minister will be having a dinner that will include (redacted name). He has agreed to meet with the minister arranged by Mr Stone Shi, Oravida. The minister would like ambassador Carl Worker and his wife to attend this dinner. A briefing from Mfat will be required.”

Worker did not attend and the dinner went ahead with Collins, her official, Oravida executives Shi and Julia Xu and the Chinese official present.

But later emails show that Collins’ office declined Mfat assistance and said no briefing would be required.

The New Zealand embassy in Beijing asked about the dinner and said it assumed the booking would be made by Shi. It also asked if transport was required. Read more »