Greedy ISPs refusing to pass on savings

Matthew Hooton and a collection of greedy ISPs mounted a campaign to lower the core costs of broadband…labelling the higher prices a “Copper Tax”.

Now that prices have dropped those same ISPs, who were saying that consumers would pay higher prices, aren’t passing on those savings to consumers.

The whole campaign was a fraud and now it is revealed as such.

Hamish Fletcher reports:

Internet companies will enjoy a reduction in some of their wholesale costs in December but aren’t committed to passing on these savings directly to consumers then.

Cuts to what infrastructure company Chorus charges internet retailers like Vodafone and Orcon for some wholesale copper-line broadband services are due to come into effect on December 1.

While two different price changes made by the Commerce Commission will come in on that day, Chorus has requested a wider review of both sets of prices from the regulator.

Although it had been aiming to have both reviews completed by the time the new pricing came into force, the commission on Thursday said it now planned to have a draft decision on both sets of prices by December and a final decision in April.

This means the price change will be in effect for at least four months before any possible change the commission could make in its final rulings.

But while internet providers will enjoy some lower wholesale costs over this time, none are committing themselves to lower prices for customers straight away in December.

Maybe Chorus should employ Hooton to put the acid back on the ISPs, what a surprise they aren’t passing on the savings. ?? Read more »

Why I ditched Orcon

Tomizone on white

This week I finally left Orcon.

It has taken a wee while to organise, but I have finally cut the ties with Orcon.

And here is why.

Billy Big Steps should get used to wearing orange

Billy Big Steps should get used to wearing orange

They are associated with a crook. Someone who wants to pervert our democracy in order to avoid facing the music.

Kim Dotcom has a belief that if he is involved with a political party then he won’t be able to be extradited. He has had endless meetings about this, ignored legal advice and ranted at his sycophantic followers that his political party is his way to avoid extradition.? Read more »


URGENT WARNING to Orcon Media and Comms – end promotion featuring Kim Dotcom

A reader writes:

Hi Cam,

I have had enough of seeing that Kim Dotcom all over the place and now even my ISP has shacked up with him. ?Feel free to publish my ultimatum to Orcon below. ?Please redact my name and contact details.

Amazing, the media auto reply was from an actual persons address at Orcon!


Hi there

We are Orcon customers for past 3-4 years. The service has been?generally good and we have had no reason to consider changing service?provider. ?In fact we are currently considering extending the range of?services that we purchase. ? Read more »

When it comes to broadband, we live in a 3rd world country

As some of you may have picked up on, I recently moved house. ?The Mrs did a great job project managing the whole thing. ?It ran like clockwork. ?Nothing went wrong.

Except for trying to get broadband on.

Having been a loyal Telecom customer for close to 30 years, with all our connections, mobile, business and private through them didn’t count for much when you are up against organisational inertia.

In simple terms, Telecom refuse to even start your broadband order until you are physically present on-site.

In the mean time, depending on who you talk to, you are told all sorts of placating stories that “yes, it’s on order”, and “yes, it’s booked to be turned on”, and so on. ?We’re not stupid, we know about organisational inertia, and we phoned, and phoned, and checked and every time we were told it was all in hand.

When arriving at the new place, after some investigation, it shows that we had a really amusing situation. ?The previous occupants were on Orcon fiber. ?Before they had that, they had Vodafone broadband.

How do I know this? ? Read more »

Hooton’s extended wrecking crew “misleading”

The whole copper tax farce is blowing back on the ‘secret’ cabal so ably led by Matthew Hooten. ?Amazing what you can achieve between drinks.

Problem is, some of it was so ill conceived, it keeps proving blowback.

Raise your hand if you are surprised anything that involves Kim Dotcom is misleading? ?Exactly.

Orcon, Kim Dotcom, Matthew Hooton. ?What a team.

An advert featuring Kim Dotcom offering “truly unlimited broadband” has been deemed misleading by the advertising watchdog …

The Orcon ad, which is part of a campaign parodying poverty adverts and has also been at the centre of other complaints to the authority, was criticised for promoting “truly unlimited fast broadband” when the company can charge customers for using excess data. ? Read more »

Is Clare Curran trying to save her bacon by sucking up for telco donations?


The word from my Labour sources is that they want rid of Clare Curran.

Everyone in Dunedin has known this for some time and David Cunliffe has made significant promises to Lesley Soper who worked hard for his election as leader.

It seems though that she is trying to curry favour by becoming Labour’s Minister of Donations.

It is astonishing how Labour will do anything to deflect the story away from the truth around Chorus and essentially run the corporate lines on behalf of their telco mates, and Matthew Hooton’s Corporate Wrecking Crew.? ? Read more »

Or-Con still being slippery over passing on windfall profits to consumers

Or-con are slippery as hell

Or-con are slippery as hell

Or-Con is bombarding us with the unpleasant view of Krim Dot-Con talking about uncapped data plans. They claim anything is “not cool”.

They are also part of corporate whore Matthew Hooton’s band of corporate wreckers.

The Coalition of Corporate Wreckers claim that businesses and householders will now save $150.00 per annum…But will they.

The whole attack on Chorus was about wholesale prices. Now those are set to drop will they do as promised and lower retail prices as a result or will this bad of corporate robbers simply pocket the windfall profits?

I’m picking they will trouser the lot.

Chris Keall at NBR reports:

Ms Adams, says, in effect, Get real suckers, ISPs will simply pocket the savings. She said in Parliament yesterday:

I can tell you who it is not benefiting. It is not the consumers; it is the retailers. So if we insist on a lower price for the wholesalers, as Labour wants to happen?follow the money. Follow the money. I will tell you who benefits: the large corporates like Vodafone, which benefits from the extra money. That is what Labour is supporting.

That is what it wants to see happen. I will tell you what will happen now. The consumers will not see anything at all, I predict. If they do, it will be a tiny fraction of any drop

Ms Adams theory is quite easily tested.? Read more »


Speaking of the Internet and dishonest people…

The Herald, Krim Dotcon’s paper of record, gleefully reports that Orcon have found enough suckers to fall for their advertising allowing them to increase their customer base by 70%

New Zealand telco Orcon says its sales jumped 70 per cent in the month after it launched an ad campaign fronted by internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom.

Orcon, which accounts for about 5 per cent of the broadband market, uses Dotcom as part of a campaign to “rid New Zealand of data caps”.

The campaign, which includes television and social media advertising, began at the start of October and an Orcon spokesman said sales were up 70 per cent during that month compared to the 30 days prior. ? Read more »

This would be funny if they weren’t so serious



Kim Dotcom will appear in television advertisements to promote internet provider Orcon, but experts say his message that broadband data caps are the product of “bullies” should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Orcon has paid Dotcom a US$35,000 “talent fee” to appear in the advertisements promoting its $99 “unlimited” broadband plans.

Seriously. ? Read more »

To be expected…Orcon and their new pal Kim Dotcom lie like flatfish

I am an Orcon customer…but not for much longer. They have crawled into bed with a fugitive and convicted insider trader, and fraudster.

I thought that I’d shed some light on their supposed “unlimited” new plans that the fat Kraut is waxing lyrical over.

Krim Dot-Con has partnered with Or-Con and they are promoting their new offerings and the idiot media lapped it all up.

Or-Con claims their service is ?unlimited?, but if you read their T&Cs, it says they are limiting the bandwidth?

If customers on unlimited plans download data in excess of Orcon?s estimates then all customers on unlimited plans may see download/upload speeds drop temporarily.

To make sure that people who are downloading heaps don?t adversely affect our fixed data plan customers we have two ?pools? of bandwidth. One for the people on the unlimited plan, one for all the rest.? We have based the size of these ?pools? on estimated average customer usage.

So if people on the unlimited plans start downloading more than we expect (especially during busy times like in the evening), all people in the unlimited pool may see speeds drop temporarily. This is done so that the usage by customers on unlimited plans doesn?t affect the speed and network performance of customers on fixed data plans.? Read more »