Parliament of No Fixed Abode

Mallard should hang his head in shame

Trevor Mallard is an extraordinary bully and a complete liar. He attacked Julian Robertson in 2005 as National’s “American Bag man”.

Meanwhile his own party was shamelessly pocketing $500,000 from their very own bag man Owen Glenn. Labour even piled on the glory to Owen Glenn before ultimately shunning him as he came clean on Labour’s and NZ First dodgy funding arrangements. Labour though justified its approach through because of Owen Glenn’s largesse to Auckland University.

Well now Julian Robertson has shown just how wrong Trevor Mallard was to malign him. He has gifted $115 million worth of art to the Auckland Art Gallery. A donation that will be enjoyed by the whole nation rather than the appartchiks of only the Labour Party.

Owen Glenn’s paltry $7.5 million pales into insignificance against Julian Robertson’s $115 million gift to the nation.

Trevor Mallard should hang his head in shame and have the humility to apologise publicly to Julian Robertson. He won’t of course. Julian Robertson is clearly a bigger person than Trevor Mallard ever will be.

Smart Thinking from Owen Glenn

Remember who Owen Glenn is?

He is the patriot that told the truth over donations to Labour and NZ First when Helen Clark and Winston Peters refused to.

Now he has a suggestion to resolve the Fiji issue and it is a suggestion I believe has merit. As is usual with Owen Glenn he also has a sting.

Billionaire Owen Glenn says he would be happy to assist in mediating between New Zealand and Fiji, but New Zealand first needs to change its “holier than thou” attitude.

Mr Glenn – who owns a villa on the island of Malolo Lailai – told the Herald it would be up to the Government if he took any part, and would depend on the mandate he had.

“It’s pointless wasting the commodore’s time. My opinion, if I have one, is to talk to him, find out what he’s trying to achieve and why, and put aside the fact it is not a democratically elected Government.

“Neither is China, but you don’t see New Zealand breaking off its relationships with China. Holier than thou on Fiji, but it’s quite happy to trade when it makes sense.”

Right now our approach to Fiji has been to follow the path that Helen Clark decided upon and that has been spectacularly unsuccessful so far. We actually nothing to lose right now in trying different approaches.

Labour Donkey Deep in OG affair

Listening to Owen Glenn on Paul Holmes this morning Glenn said that he first brought up (like a cold cup of sick) the matter of Consulship, with Mike Williams!!!!!

Was this before or after the donation to the Labour Party?

The media never ask the question about where the Labour Party was in all of this. Glenn also said that Helen just steps aside from any knowledge and leaves everyone else to deal with the flak.

That is a really good point that Owen raises. Helen confirmed yesterday that she put an end to the nonsense of Owen Glenn getting a consulship when she heard that there was money involved in December. This is some 3 months before her previous acknowledgement of knowing about the Owen Glenn to Winston Peters.

Why is the Prime Minister lying?

The two statements cannot be reconciled. In fact if you line up all statements around this issue the only ones that are consistent and line up are Owen Glenn’s. Both Clark’s and Peters’ do not even match each others let alone their own previous statements.

Labour is donkey deep involved in this affair and the attempted cover-up.

Dail Jones cops a flogging for telling the truth

Dail Jones a glaring omission from NZ First list top 10A familiar New Zealand First face is missing from the top of the party list that ranks the MPs they want back in parliament [TVNZ News Politics]

Winston First has released their list and Dail Jones the only honest member of the caucus has been relegated to 14th place. Winston raymond Peters, List MP of no fixed abode and proven liar reckons he had nothing to do with the list rankings which is about as believable as him saying he doesn’t know what the Spencer trust is, tthat it never existed and that Owen Glenn never gave him any money.

If any honest Winston Forst member wants to get the real story out then you know who to contact.

See No Evil

Helen Clark won’t look at SFO evidence to privileges committeePrime Minister Helen Clark says she has no plans to look into Serious Fraud Office evidence that shows Winston Peters misled the privileges committee and the public. [3 News Politics]

Helen Clark is acting the classic “See No Evil” monkey by refusing to look at the privileges committee report and in aprticular the Serious Fraud Office evidence regarding his lies to the the same committee.

She said so in parliament and now she has said so outside of parliament. Check out this classic case of narcissistic hypocrisy and blame laying;

“No I don’t propose to waste any more time on the matter,” she said.

“I haven’t had any close look at that evidence. I have to take my position from what I’m advised by senior members who sat through many hours of evidence and considered all evidence in writing.”

Even though she had no intention of looking at the SFO evidence, Miss Clark tried to differentiate Mr Peters’ case from the Dalziel and Benson-Pope cases.

“That was a very clear cut case of a lie probably being told to the media and to me and colleagues.”

So it is ok for a minister to lie to parliament, it is ok for a minister to lie to the public and doubly so if that minister is Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode and proven liar. I don’t think you could get a more clear cut case of proven lying, yet still he stands by him. Boy his dirt file must be massive.

And that is the point that Dr. (but can’t write a script) Cullen and Helen Clark seem to be missing, 62 MP’s have found that Winston raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode is indeed a liar.

She can’t just sit there and do the see no evil routine. That she does shows that she and WRP, 63, LMPONFAAPL have finally reached the third stage of evil.

Winston and his racing thugs

I’ve just had a call from Busted Blonde who is away from technology and she has told me that her deep throat impeccable racing sources are disgusted with the thuggish antics going on over Paul Moroney.

Remember him, he is perhaps the only honest racing personality who came forward to confirm Owen Glenn’s version of events over Karaka. Bear in mind that Winston Raymond Peters, 63 List MP of no fixed abode told the publis of New Zealand and the parliament that he was never there and his diary proved it. Despite this blog showing a hoto of him there and Paul Moroney coming forward to say so.

WRP, 63, LMPONFA has never recanted that story, instead he then produced evidence to prove he was there! Even when he said he wasn’t!

So what about poor old Moroney? Well BB tells me that his tyres have been slashed and that scurrlious false rumours of his impending bankruptcy are swirling around, not only that the talk is that Paul Mooney will never sell race horses again in New Zealand after coming clean.

These are the sorts of people that WRP, 63, LMPONFA organised tax breaks for. They are nothing more than common or garden thugs.

Judgment day for Peters over $100,000

Judgment day for Peters over $100,000The privileges committee will meet today to finalise its report into the treatment of Owen Glenn’s $100,000 donation to Winston Peters’ legal fund, in a week when the New Zealand First leader is also poised to fight back against the… [NZ Herald Politics]

Personally I don’t think we will get much joy out of the Privileges Committee report due this week. The more interesting case will be the Serious Fraud office investigation into Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode.

I think that everything is going to hinge around the Spencer Trust, how it is funded, by whom, and where all the money goes. Word has it that many in the fishing industry are nervously looking over their shoulders, as well they should.

The interesting overlap though, exists between fishing, racing and boxing.

Meanwhile Phil Kitchin has tracked down Ross Meurant, the former bagman and advisor to Winston First. Ross Meurant is the loose cannon that all involved fear. He knows way to much and is bat-shit crazy to boot. One thing you cannot do to Ross Meurant is threaten him, he just laps it all up. Meurant though, is up to his neck in this too and so will probably be wanting to cut some sort of deal to avoid prosecution in return for him turning snitch.

I couldn't ignore the truth, says horse trainer

I couldn’t ignore the truth, says horse trainerChampion horse trainer Paul Moroney says he approached Owen Glenn with his recollection of Winston Peters thanking him for the $100,000 donation because “I cannot walk away from the truth”. Mr Moroney said when the story broke… [NZ Herald Politics]

This is what it is all about. The truth.

The problem that Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode has is that he has not yet provided even one skerrick of truth in this whole episode. He has blustered, he has obfuscated, he has lied and he has attacked but not once has he provided any truth.

He is now providing “affadavits” that he was at Karaka but didn’t talk about donations with Mr Glenn, yet not one MSM “journalist” has bothered to ask WRP, 63, LMPONFA how that can be when his previous statements about Karaka we categoric…..he checked his diary and had minutes about meeting Mr Glenn and it was 2007 not 2006 and he was never at Karaka in 2006. All of that despite this blog revealing the photographic evidence that he was at Karaka in 2006. BTW What’s in the envelope Winnie?

“I recall that in 2007 (and my diary confirms this) Mr Glenn and two others joined the table in which I and a friend shared a sit-down lunch with about eight leading names in the horse racing fraternity,” Peters told the privileges committee in writing last month.

How come the MSM hasn’t asked Winston how it can be that he said he wasnt there in 2006 and now he has affadavits to say he was? Come on guys, ask the questions. I hate to state the bleeding obvious, but, Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode has now provided the privileges committee with two versions of the “truth”. Both statements cannot be true at the same time. Either way he has lied, yet again to the Privileges Committee.

The real problem is that WRP, 63, LMPONFA “can’t handle the truth”.

Unmitigating in Falsifying Veracity

When Owen Glenn called Mike Williams “an unmitigated falsifier of veracity” who would have known that it would lead to a question in the house. yet there was Gerry Brownlee asking a question that used that very term. Gerry, I must say, impresses me more and more with his abilities in the house and his skills in getting hits, subtle hits on the stupid speaker.

Anyway read this question, it is a hoot. Best parts IMHO are bold.

5. GERRY BROWNLEE (National-Ilam) to the Minister of State Services: What qualities does he think are desirable in appointees to the boards of Crown-connected organisations?

Hon DAVID PARKER (Minister of State Services) : As section 29 of the Crown Entities Act 2004 records, appointees should have “the appropriate knowledge, skills, and experience to assist the statutory entity to achieve its objectives and performance functions;”.

Gerry Brownlee: Does the Minister think that a man who has been described as “an unmitigated falsifier of veracity” and who is “wrestling with the truth” would be a good person to have on the boards of important Crown entities like the New Zealand Transport Agency, the Auckland Regional Transport Authority, Genesis Power, GNS Science, and ONTRACK; if so, can he explain why the President of the Labour Party, Mr Mike Williams, who has indeed been described as “an unmitigated falsifier of veracity”, has been appointed to all those boards listed?

Hon DAVID PARKER: Although I do not accept for 1 second the assertions in the member’s comments, the appointment of Mr Williams to those boards was not my direct responsibility. It is something I am aware of. I make the point that we do not appoint duffers to the position of president of the Labour Party, and Mike Williams is a very able man. He has extensive business and management experience, and he brings those skills to bear in his roles.

Hon Dr Michael Cullen: Can the Minister confirm that those claims about Mr Williams were made by a man who claimed he was offered a place in Cabinet and subsequently withdrew that claim; who claimed that he gave money to the Labour Party to head off the Exclusive Brethren, when he gave the money before anybody other than the National Party knew about the Exclusive Brethren’s involvement; who claimed to have supplied a bribe to have large numbers of people eat at a KFC outlet; who claimed that Mike Williams had asked for a job, when in fact he had offered Mike Williams a job 2 years earlier; and who claimed that Mr Williams had turned up at his house uninvited, when Mr Williams was able to present an email showing that, in fact, he had been invited?

Hon DAVID PARKER: I do not have the Deputy Prime Minister’s grasp of the detail, but I certainly accept his word.

Gerry Brownlee: Maybe the poor old chap made a mistake when he wrote the cheque to the Labour Party. To the Minister-

Hon Dr Michael Cullen: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. I take it from that that someone who pays a cheque to the National Party is expected to support the party from thereon.

Madam SPEAKER: Supplementary question, the Rt Hon Winston Peters.

Gerry Brownlee: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. That would be two questions in a row from the Government.

Madam SPEAKER: You know that is not a point of order, Mr Brownlee.

Gerry Brownlee: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. It is a point of order.

Madam SPEAKER: I am sorry but I am keeping order here. National had the last question. If I give it to National, National would have two questions.

Gerry Brownlee: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. Dr Michael Cullen had the last question.

Madam SPEAKER: My apologies. I was interrupted by the point of order.

Gerry Brownlee: Does the Minister think that an important quality of Crown entity directors is that they should be honest and upfront; if so, does he think that Mike Williams was somewhat unmitigating in falsifying veracity when he earlier this year on the Agenda programme denied he had told delegates at the Labour Party conference that it would be “a damn good idea to use taxpayer-funded material to get around the Electoral Finance Act”, only to be found out later on Television One via an audio of his saying exactly that?

Hon DAVID PARKER: I repeat that the Government appoints on the basis of capability to do the job.

Rt Hon Winston Peters: Why does the Minister think there is some reliance on the word of someone who claimed to give money to the M?ori Party in that email, as well, which was demonstrably false, I understand; second, has a Karaka sales memory that four people are prepared by affidavit now to swear did not happen, and that he was not even at the same table; and claimed that he had offered $1 million to Howard Morrison to stand as an Independent, which would mean there would be $980,000 left over? How many times does someone have to say things like that before one starts to come to the conclusion that maybe his memory is not so good?

Gerry Brownlee: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. The Cabinet Manual makes it very clear that the Minister of State Services is responsible for Crown entities, and has a portfolio responsibility that includes the appointment process and guidelines for appointments to State entities. That question does not go anywhere near those responsibilities, whereas my questions do.

Rt Hon Winston Peters: With the greatest respect, there was an effort to malign Mr Williams by the use of those words, which I think are demonstrably unfair and not true. Simply, if Mr Brownlee wants to throw that into the arena, it becomes a questionable matter.

Madam SPEAKER: I thank the members. Certainly, the supplementary questions were going rather wide of the primary question and the ministerial responsibilities.

Gerry Brownlee: Were the self-proclaimed qualities of being “a good administrator” and “articulate” the main considerations when Mr Williams was appointed to the New Zealand Transport Agency, the Auckland Regional Transport Authority, Genesis Power, GNS Science, and ONTRACK, or was it that he “doesn’t take a breath without Helen’s say-so” or that “he’s a little too subservient”?

Hon DAVID PARKER: I think Mr Williams is a capable man, and I think he has acquitted himself well on those boards. I would note that we also appoint people to senior roles on boards who are clearly aligned to the National Party.

Gerry Brownlee: Can the Minister give the House an assurance that no taxpayer money was spent on or by Mike Williams when he went cap in hand to Monaco to ask Mr Glenn for more money?

Madam SPEAKER: There is no ministerial responsibility for that matter.

Gerry Brownlee: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. You have ruled out my supplementary question. Without our losing one of our supplementary questions, can I reword that question?

Madam SPEAKER: Yes, you may reword it.

Gerry Brownlee: Does he recall the repeated calls from Mike Williams on election night 2005 for commentators to wait until the South Auckland booths came in before calling a result, and does he think that that may have been because Mr Williams was confident that sooner or later the “Kentucky Fried Chickens” would all come home to roost?

Madam SPEAKER: I am sorry but that is right outside.


Winston for Dummies (including him)

At Farrar’s place (BTW, Happy Birthday David) DemocracyMum posts a brilliant comment;

The uncomplicated guide to the evidence so far…

Peter’s said he only heard about the donation on the day his mother died
(But we know Helen by her own admission had phoned him about it back in February)

Winston said he could not have thanked Owen Glenn at Karaka 2006 because he wasn’t there
(But Google have the photos to prove otherwise)

Winston said he paid back the $158,000 he owed the tax payers after the last election
(But the Dominion Post had rung 50 charities and none of them had received a cheque from Winston)

Yesterday in the house Helen said she was giving both Winston Peters and Owen Glenn “the benefit of the doubt”
(But they both can’t be telling the truth, because she herself said “there is clearly a conflict of evidence”)

Helen Clark also said in the house yesterday that “Frankly, I do not have reason to distrust my president’s word…”
(But back in February Mike Williams was caught out lying about the 100,000 interest free loan from Owen Glenn.

Mike Williams lying? (you be the judge)
Winston Peters lying? (you be the judge)
Helen Clark lying? (you be the judge)

Game, Set and Match

Clue: You do not need to be presently working on the Hadron collider to figure this one out