Parmjeet Parmar

Joyce and de Joux deliver another win…for the opposition


LOSERS: Parmjeet Parmar, Steve Joyce and Paula Bennett

The dynamic campaigning duo of Steve Joyce and Jo de Joux have delivered yet another loss in a byelection, and the thumping was huge.

National was never going to win the by-election despite silly people making all sorts of claims about the party vote.

I’m glad Andrew Little is claiming this as some sort of endorsement for him, it means he will stay as leader despite his appalling ratings.

Labour leader Andrew Little tells crowd that National threw everything at the campaign and lost badly.

“For a seat where National won the party vote in the last election, this is a real wake up call to them.”

He said next year would be tough and dirt would be thrown at Labour, and took a swipe at some in the media “who just don’t get it”.

Little told a fired up crowd that National would try and spin the result but there was not getting away from its significance – or the effort they put in to try and wrest it from Labour.

“They thought they were going to win. We had the trash talk…but the Prime Minister doesn’t come here for seven days of the campaign, and three days this week without thinking he is going to win.

“They had one thing going for them, and it was the Prime Minister. And they have lost…the result tonight is absolutely outstanding.”

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Parmar: PhD in neuroscience, spouse in an arranged marriage

At university Parmar completed a masters in biochemistry and was eyeing a PhD when her arranged marriage to husband Ravinder saw her move to join him in New Zealand.

She was awarded her PhD at the University of Auckland for work examining how connections are re-established in the brain. After working as a scientist Parmar moved into her husband’s confectionery and chocolate business.

On her weekends, the mother of two hosted a current affairs and talkback show on Indian radio station Radio Tarana, and travelled with the press pack with former Prime Minister Helen Clark and Key on their respective diplomatic trips to India.

That fed her interest in politics. She was appointed by National to the Families Commission board in 2013, and contested Roskill against Goff in 2014, entering Parliament at 48th on National’s list.

More than 3000 voters at the last election voted for Goff despite giving their party vote to National. Now he’s gone, there’s praise for Goff from Parmar. Read more »

Why Mt Roskill will remain with Labour

The Prime Minister and Opposition leader have turned their attention to Mt Roskill with only a week to go until the byelection.

The low profile of Labour candidate Michael Wood and National backbench MP Parmjeet Parmar together with the Kaikoura earthquakes has meant the battle for Mt Roskill has not generated many headlines.

“The earthquake definitely did shift some focus away and completely understandably,” Wood said. “But it’s interesting for local people because they have had no other MP for 35 years.

“This is the first time for a very long time in which people are definitely making a choice about somebody who will not be Phil Goff to be their MP. I think that is starting to generate some interest.”

It’s a yawn-fest all round, to be honest. ?There are no burning issues, and candidates are campaigning on policy that simply doesn’t have any local bite. ? Read more »

Labour weasel Michael Wood should hand in his man card

Hand in your man card Michael Wood.

Your missus is involved in politics, she’s not some shrinking violet hiding under a bushel.

Michael Wood is calling on National’s candidate for Mt Roskill Parmjeet Parmar to stop the personal attacks on him and his family and focus on the real issues affecting Mt Roskill.

“At the Central Leader debate, a National Party supporter, who we later learned is Ravinder, Parmjeet Parmar’s husband, made loud derogatory comments about my wife. I’m disappointed that Parmjeet Parmar’s campaign has stooped to such lows. Mt Roskill deserves better.”

“After the debate I confronted Ravinder and robustly told him his language was unacceptable. I will not accept such derogatory comments being shouted about my wife in a public forum. Attacks on any candidate’s family are unacceptable. After words were exchanged I left the scene. There was no pushing or any physical contact by me, and any claims by the Parmar campaign to the contrary are untrue.” ? Read more »

Unacceptable behaviour from Labour candidate

Defending your missus is fine, but roughing up people isn’t.

Michael Wood has flipped out and threatened and allegedly assaulted someone for allegedly?insulting his missus.

Labour’s Mt Roskill candidate Michael Wood has been involved in a bust up with the partner of his National Party rival following a heated by-election debate on Wednesday night.

It’s claimed Mr Wood took exception to comments about his wife, Julie Fairey, from National Party supporters seated in the front row, which included National candidate Parmjeet Parmar’s husband.

Ms Fairey is the chairwoman of the Puketapapa local board for the Auckland Council.

The debate was hosted by local newspaper Central Leader and was a raucous affair with the public loudly interjecting during most answers.

Mr Wood took offence to one particular comment during the debate, which saw him lose his patience and allegedly threaten the man who made it while he was still on stage. That man happens to be his opponent’s husband, Ravinder Parmar.

“Excuse me, if I hear comments about my wife from the National Party front row, there might be some problems after this meeting,” Mr Wood is heard saying in a video from the event.

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Labour’s union weasel in Mt Roskill at odds with his leader

Yesterday Andrew Little scoffed at suggestions that his promise to deliver light-rail in Auckland was pork barrel politics.

This morning Labour’s weasel in Mt Roskill, Michael Wood, is demanding answers from Parmjeet Parmar and contradicting his own leader.

Labour?s Mt Roskill candidate Michael Wood is calling on National?s candidate Parmjeet Parmar to come clean on whether she supports Labour?s plan for light rail on the Auckland Isthmus.

?I?m calling on her to put party politics to one side and support this plan to help fix the traffic in Roskill. My opponent should say publicly whether she supports light rail, or whether she stands with Steven Joyce, who has rubbished the idea.? ? Read more »

Mt Roskill National candidate follows Steve Joyce?s lead

Make no mistake, Labour’s billion dollar boondoggle is designed simply to try and help win the Mt Roskill by-election.

It doesn’t matter that Michael Wood, Labour’s candidate, was opposed to it before. Parmjeet Parmer follows the lead of Steve Joyce in hammering the little weasel.

Michael Wood?s shameless flip-flop on public transport shows Mt Roskill voters can?t trust a word he says on the local issues that really matter, National candidate Dr Parmjeet Parmar says.

“Today?s overblown transport announcement should be seen for what it is – just another headline grab by a person so desperate to be a politician he?ll take positions based on what helps him get ahead in the Labour Party,” Dr Parmar says.

“Just last year, my opponent issued a press release calling light rail ?not a fully formed proposal? and protesting that ?we don?t have clear information about funding?.

“He even went so far as to criticise it because it would put long planned and much needed Dominion Road upgrades on ice. ?? Read more »

Even wet leftie Vernon Small calls Labour out for by-election bribe


When Vernon Small is against Labour you know they are in terrible trouble.

When Fairfax uses pictures of pigs in the?same article then it is real trouble.

By-elections can be?swine.

National famously made a mess of its campaign in?Northland,?which it?lost to NZ First leader Winston?Peters.

Not only did it give the old tusker a new lease of life, but?one that could mean it will be reliant on him to govern come next year’s election, given his current poll rating.

It also shed a crucial seat putting it that much more at the mercy of its three support parties – ACT, United Future and the Maori Party?- which Peters never tires of calling Kling-ons.

The reasons were complex.

National chose a weak candidate, Labour caved to Peters. And the NZ First leader?sold himself as a protest vote that would allow the disgruntled to poke National in the eye without risking John Key’s prime ministership.

But National also badly misjudged the mood of the struggling region?by promising to upgrade 10 of its one-way bridges.

Voters smelled the unmistakable odour of pork-barrel politics. They asked why the bridges had not been fixed before. The?transparent “generosity” was punished not rewarded.

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Steve Joyce calls out cynical Labour manipulation of by-election bribe

Labour have returned to their ‘Stealing Underpants’ plan in a bid to win the Mt Roskill by-election.

They have rolled out the pork barrels and have set about promising to spend truck-loads of other people’s money for Phil Goff’s pipe dream of light rail down Dominion Road.

Steve Joyce has called them out on it.

National says Labour’s pledge to build a light rail link to Mt Roskill early is pork-barrel politics because there is a by-election on.

Labour leader Andrew Little announced on Sunday he will prioritise a $1.3 billion light rail project from the CBD to Mt Roskill if he becomes Prime Minister in 2017.

The 13km line would take passengers from Wynyard Quarter to Britomart and Dominion Rd via Queen St and terminate in Mt Roskill.

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The advantage for National if they win Mt Roskill

Rob Hosking explains how National would gain an advantage in the extremely unlikely event they won Mt Roskill in the by-election.

National has one large advantage in the byelection ? well, two, perhaps. There are significant benefits from what is still, despite a fairly lacklustre run since re-election at the end of 2014, an aura of success ? or at least of not being as pratfall-prone as Labour.

And National, unlike Labour, is not struggling to get donations for next year?s general election, let alone for a byelection.

The biggest advantage is much the same as Hillary Clinton has in making a fight of Arizona. No one is going to be all that cut up if the party loses.

But a win would be the equivalent of an intercept try in rugby: a large psychological blow to the opposition.

In fact to some degree the psychological blow has already been struck: Labour in Mt Roskill, like the Republicans in Arizona, is being forced into defending home territory, territory it should be able to take for granted, at least to some degree. ? Read more »