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Cameron Brewer – Austin Powers and Clark Kent?

Veteran media whore Cameron Brewer is in demand…he is described as a cross between Clark Kent and Austin Power.

However I don’t think even Cameron Brewer with his messiah like qualities could manage to talk up Lower Hutt. Perhaps this is a role for Trevor Mallard who I know is just beside himself reconciling his place on the opposition benches.

Labour confides poll data to Tory mayor

Mayor of NewmarketHere’s a morale booster for anyone who thought after today it might be a hard hill for Melissa Lee to climb in the Mt Albert by-election.

I just heard from the Mayor of Newmarket Cameron Brewer. His Worship is famously Tory having worked in the National Party Research Unit, in Shipley’s office, in fellow mayor John Banks’ office, then Rodney Hide, before retiring to his little principality of Newmarket where he spends most of his day googling himself.

When not googling “brewer” + “fashion capital” ( I just want to make sure this entry makes it to his Chong clippings so have to put in some key words) or wandering around Newmarket having boozy lunches and flirting with the shop girls, Brewer lives in Point Chevalier, the newest part of the Mt Albert electorate.

Anyway Brewer tells me that at about 7.30 tonight the Labour Party rang him. They told him up front who they were then asked him who he was voting for.

Brewer said “Melissa Lee” and then quickly but casually asked the caller how the poll was going. Amazingly the young guy told him it was “really close, about 50/50” (staggering when you consider Brewer had just told him he was voting for the National candidate).

Then Brewer asked if the close result was just from tonight, but the pollster said no they’d been polling for several days. Trying to supress his delight, Brewer asked what else was the poll showing? To which the Labour hack said “there are heaps of undecided voters.” Brewer, a former journalist and press secretary, says he wrote down those direct quotes from the Labour pollster word for word.

Rest assured, Labour are pulling out all the tricks, because they know this is a very close race!


Sex shop fire caused by burnt nuts

The nice guy from Newmarket will be chuckling that the State broadcaster are running this on their website with the headline ‘Sex shop fire caused by burnt nuts‘.

By all accounts the self-appointed Mayor of Newmarket Cameron Brewer could instantly sense media coverage when the fire department advised him that the Newmarket sex shop caught fire thanks to the neighbour’s nuts catching alight.

TVNZ headline about burnt nuts




Sir John and Lady Margaret?

That nice guy from Newmarket, Cameron Brewer, may have inadvertently let the cat out of the bag. I hope his slip is true but it is more likely that he is trying to grease his way to yet another substantial payrise or an extension to his already extensive expense account.


It was a joke

Come on, you didn’t really think I would go soft and take a government position did you? Or quit blogging? Surely you didn’t think that National would do something sensible in mt Albert like run Don Brash? There also isn’t a Dairy and Fast Food vendors association for so thre wouldn’t be any appointments there. Though I am not sure that the Worth sacking was a joke….might have to wait on that one.

Today is April Fool’s Day and boy some of you are just hysterical. THe emails and voicemails feature some very powerful and connected people who fell for it.

Plenty have pranks have been played;

  • DPF teased us all with the suggestion that Cullen was the going to be the new Governor of the Reserve Bank
  • The NZ Herald had a story about Microsoft buying Apple
  • Cameron Brewer, the nice guy from the Newmarket Business Association put out a press release calling for Auckland to go one step further and declare themselves a republic.

“We’re effecting advocating for a two-city model for the region – the Super City of Auckland and Newmarket.

The Newmarket Business Association had advised Local Government Minister and local MP Rodney Hide of its intentions. Mr Brewer has just returned from a study trip to Whangamomona – a remote Taranaki ghost town that has actively promoted its constitutional independence over the past 20 years.

  • But perhaps the best April Fool’s trick was the done by The Standard where they annouced that they were outsourcing their infrastructure offshore and paying good money to American Corporates for the hosting of their site. They even bagged local hosting companies. It surely must have been a joke because Lynne, the guy with the girls name, has pulled the post. Surely they wouldn’t abandon Kiwi workers and businesses over few paltry shekels.

When you are in a hole shhhhtop digging

Andrew Williams is Crunchy the ClownThe week has been phenomenonally successful for me and astoundingly poor for the Mad Mayor of North Shore, the Clown of Campbells Bay. Yet still he keeps on digging and digging and digging to try and make what ever point he is trying to make.

The man should just shut up instead of trying to stand up to his critics. Further he was elected on a promise of cutting waste and yet he continues to defend his outrageous spending proposals.

Then yesterday the fool goes on National Radio with “Tubby” Mora, Brian Edwards (Helen’s hagiographer) and some other entirely forgettable fool and accuses Cameron Brewer, myself and Aaron Bhatnagar running a conspiracy against the fool. For gods sake, he even admits that he chose the Stop Banks wine because he thought it came from the North Shore’s Wairau Valley and not the Wairau Valley of the South Island. As you can see from the photos you can see why the Mad Mayor got confused.

This is all pretty sobering stuff…. if you are a ratepayer in North Shore having to cringe at the late night antics of your mayor. We can now confirm from the very mouth of the Clown of Campbells Bay that the rumours of the late night texts to John banks are in fact true. Now if that was true there is a better than even chance that the other rumours are true too.

We now know that the Mad Mayor has been spending excessive amounts of ratepayer money for a personal vendetta which he confirms in his radio interview and has been overspending the budget for drinkies at North Shore, and also that Mad Mayor of North Shore is under fire from his council for his overall behaviour and his fiscal mismanagement.

Gee, he must be really punch-drunk now, staggering from one crisis to the next, poured back into his bottle by his own council, and spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave. The Mayor’s highly erratic public behaviour and angry late night emailing when he is tired and emotional have landed him into much trouble. While this has been a sobering experience for the North Shore City staff and council, the real effects of Mr Williams’ odd and sometimes abusive commentary will prove to be a real hangover for local government in Auckland.

I think Mayor Williams should show some bottle and resign rather than drag his city into the gutter with him.

Brewer kicks Mad Mayor to touch

Brewer boots Mad Mayor Williams to touchThe nice guy from Newmarket, Cameron Brewer, who has stood up to the Mad Mayor of the North Shore over hi ill considered remarks has written to the editor of the Herald on the very day that the Clown from Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams proved why he is such an abject failure.

You couldn’t find a more clear example of the differences between the two men. Cameron Brewer is thoughful and erudite and the Mad Mayor is vtriolic and vengeful.

Brewer could almost be mistaken for standing for Mayor of North SHore himself such is the accuracy of his comments. It is a pity that there won’t be a North Shore City election again after amalgamation takes place. He would make a fine Mayor to take over from the fool that is there now.

The Newmarket Business Association is clearly rather fortunate to have such an out-spoken advocate of their interests.

Brewer is correct in saying the Clown from Campbells Bay is “unpredictable and unpopular”. This blog too receives much information about the antics of the Mad Mayor Andrew Williams.

I do wonder though whether Brewer is trying to subltly hint to the Royal Commission that the new name for the amalgamated city should be Newmarket.

Leighton Smith bans Newmarket

Rodney Hide and his designer jacketI was listening to Leighton Smith this morning and he gave the self appointed Mayor of Newmarket and veteran media wh….(can’t say that under threat of legal action), Cameron Brewer a right good slapping for his silly ban on Rodney Hides stunning yellow jacket.

Leighton Smith has said to Brewer live on radio that until he lifts his ban on Rodney’s jacket then he [Smith] will be placing a ban on Newmarket.

Brewer was for once in his life was dumbstruck!

In further news about Brewer’s silly ban there is an article in the East and Bays Courier about it. There is a shot (left) of Rodney looking fit and svelte in his jacket while Brewer is there in his poo-coloured, I think he calls it mushroom, jacket.

Brewer is out of control!

Brewer-Watch: Media Whore at it again


Cameron Brewer should change his title from General Manager to “Media Whore. Though he lucked out on the weekend in both the gossip columns he scored big time in this yesterday and today in the Herald with not one but two mentions.

One thing is for sure Newmarket Business Association is getting maximum benefit from this shameless media whore.

Next thing we will be seeing CCTV footage of the self appointed “Mayor” of Newmarket strolling the street meeting “constituents” in or to prove his worth.

Brewer meanwhile is having a moan because the replacement for the geriatric Newmarket Viaduct isn’t progressing as fast as he would like. I don’t notice him up there on the viaduct helping things along either. I suppose we will hear how Brewer wants something architecurally spledid erected as the “gateway” to Newmarket, or the Viaduct actually renamed from Newmarket Viaduct to Brewer’s Newmarket Viaduct.

We will keep a close eye on Cameron Brewer, the man’s ego is out of control.

Brewer is out of control

Veteran media whore Cameron Brewer is at it again.

A friend of mine was having lunch on Nuffield St and couldn’t believe his eyes, the self appointed “Mayor of Newmarket” talking to his constituents in full mayoral robes and chains!

This man has an ego that know no bounds. This is an appalling stunt that causes extreme loss of dignity of the mayoral robes of all city Mayors.

Good god, after seeing The Ego Brewer featuring more than Porkchop on Porkchop’s mockumentary the other night I would have thought he would have had his fill of self-aggrandisement this week, but no, he just had to complete just one more stunt.

I am sure his ex-boss John Banks will be speaking to Brewer and enunciating just exactly how the general manager of a business association should behave lest he becomes th ex-general manager.