Paula Bennett

Labour’s leadership reshuffle “a cosmetic facelift”

It is clear that National have decided to test Jacinda Ardern’s credentials as a Deputy leader of the 2nd largest political party.

Labour’s new deputy leader clashed with Ms Bennett on Newshub’s AM Show on Friday over Ms Kaye’s caustic comments in parliament on Wednesday.

Ms Kaye said Ms Ardern would be good for photo ops but she had a problem remembering anything the MP had done. Read more »

Herald Editor to Jacinda: Do as Paula Bennett does

The Labour Party must be glad that its MPs – not its entire membership – gets to elect its deputy leader.

The political logic of elevating Jacinda Ardern after her election in Mt Albert last weekend was quickly apparent to her leader and his nomination is likely to be accepted when the caucus meets on Tuesday.

She will face none of the doubts that surrounded Andrew Little when he was chosen by a majority of party members and affiliated unions but not Labour MPs.

Among those who did not vote for Little that day was Ardern, who was running on a ticket with Grant Robertson. Had it been left to the MPs, he would have been leader and Ardern probably deputy leader more than two years ago.

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Tourism Minister rescues Rotorua from certain doom

Tourism Minister Paula Bennett today announced $2.49 million in Tourism Growth Partnership funding for new tourist attractions in Rotorua …. [and Southland]

“These initiatives will provide real benefit to their regions, creating new tourism offerings and more local jobs,” Mrs Bennett says.

“Tourism is now our biggest export earner, delivering $14.5 billion and an estimated 188,000 jobs to communities around New Zealand. The industry has experienced strong growth over the past few years and we will continue to help the sector attract high value visitors to explore our regions year round.

“Funding for new projects is complemented by the Government?s $12 million tourism infrastructure fund, providing support to districts that have a limited ability to respond to visitor growth. We expect a new infrastructure funding round to open soon.”

The successful projects are:

– $810,000 to Skyfly Limited for a zip-line canopy tour through native forest in Rotorua

– $630,325 to Rainbow Springs Kiwi Encounter for a new state-of-the-art kiwi facility in Rotorua

“support to districts that have a limited ability to respond to visitor growth”. ?Rotorua? ? Read more »

Crime hasn’t gone up at all. It’s only reported crime

Recorded crime rose last year, with a burglary now being reported on average every seven minutes.

The real crime rate was higher, but it’s a matter of contention whether Kiwis have become more or less likely to report offences lately.

The new data emerged as the Government announced plans to hire more than 1000 extra police staff members over the next four years. Read more »

Deputy PM sore about not being asked to attend Te Tii

Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett was at the [dawn] service on behalf of Prime Minister Bill English who chose to stay away from Waitangi this year and instead hosted his annual breakfast at Orakei in Auckland.

Speaking to media after the dawn service, Bennett said it was a “shame” English couldn’t be there, but he hadn’t made the decision “lightly”.

It’s the only decision Bill English made since he’s been back from holiday, and it’s the only one that’s been generally popular. Read more »

Dear Bill and Paula

via email

Good evening,

I copy you on the email I sent tonight to Bill English, Paula Bennett, David Seymour and Winston Peters.

I am pissed off that Bill and Paula are being so stupid as to ignore legitimate questions from voters.

You are authorised to use his as you see fit.


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Local community tells bludger to stop moaning and to try and fit in

In a refreshing article on Stuff they have provided balance by doing an article that gives the other side of the story other than the story of an embittered bludger.

Western Community Centre manager Neil Tolan says the Nawton community has plenty of positives after it was branded a “hellhole” by a disgruntled resident.

A Nawton community advocate is sticking up for his suburb after it was described by an disgruntled Aucklander as a hellhole.

…Auckland beneficiary?Teri Standen went public on Thursday to say she?had been?living in Nawton for five months after accepting a $3510.50 Housing New Zealand relocation grant, but would rather live in a caravan in Auckland.

Standen said there are gangs?in the area, her 12-year-old son has been?bullied at school and she won’t let her 19-year-old daughter walk home from the bus stop.

“Unfortunately, the good things in communities don’t get the spotlight they deserve,” Tolan said in reply.

“Elliot Park is pumping every night with sports teams training and?families?down here watching. Our local shopping centre, our custodian there does a massive job polishing bins and making sure car parks are there for disability people. Teachers are working late at night. There is a real pride.”

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Social Housing Minister Amy Adams is enduring Paula Bennett’s hospital pass

Paula Bennett’s old job was done so well, she got promoted to Deputy PM. ?Except in reality it was done so poorly, Amy Adams is now having to face the music.

The official waiting list for social housing has risen again to nearly 4800 households, nearly half of whom are in Auckland.

The waiting list is now at its highest level since it was transferred to Work and Income in mid-2014.

Figures released by new Social Housing Minister Amy Adams today show the number of people on the list jumped by 169 in the last three months of 2016 to 4771 – an increase of 3.7 per cent. Over the last year, the list grew by 37.3 per cent.

The increase was driven mostly by demand in Auckland, where the list grew by 153 people to 2060. The biggest increases were in South Auckland suburbs such as Mangere, Otara and Manurewa.

The waiting list also grew in Hamilton, but fell in other main centres such as Christchurch and Wellington.

John Key was quite keen to see this area sorted before the elections, but it remains to be seen if Bill English will empower Adams to do anything about it. ? Paula Bennett became the minister of Announcing solutions, but all of these had 2-4 year realisation periods. Read more »

English defending Bennett?s feminism; unsure of what it actually means himself

If your new minister needs defending a few days into her job then she really isn’t fit for it is she?

And why is a grey old male defending the feminism of a woman? Surely she can do that herself…you know if her feminisim?credentials are right up there?

New Zealand’s new Minister for Women says she’s only a feminist some days and the rest of the time she just gets on with it.

Prime Minister Bill English has backed his deputy Paula Bennett’s stance on feminism, saying it doesn’t matter what label a person uses it’s what they do that really counts.

Mr English says he doesn’t identify himself as a feminist, admitting “I wouldn’t quite know what that means”.

“I don’t really mind whether people call themselves a feminist or not a feminist,” he said. ? Read more »

Trotter on Bill English and Paula Bennett…it’s not what you think

Chris Trotter has an interest piece on The Daily Bog about Bill English and Paula Bennett…and it is brilliant:

Those high-drama, high-risk moments in a nation?s history, when the political adrenalin is coursing through the body politic, are precisely the moments when rushing to any sort of judgement ? let alone action ? is the worst possible thing politicians, journalists and political activists can do.

John Key?s resignation, for example, was just such a moment of high political drama and risk. People got excited. Adrenalin flowed. Our collective judgement was shot. All sorts of stupid mistakes ? and statements ? were made, and all sorts of silly stories were published and posted. What the country needed was someone to drive it around for a while and give it a chance to decompress.

Because Bill English is not some sort of Jesuit torturer just aching to draw blood with his newly acquired political instruments. Nor is Paula Bennet a whip-wielding Westie dominatrix in spiked heels and a leopard-skin corset. These two human-beings are nothing more, nor less, than National Party politicians ? and by no means the worst of their breed. ? Read more »