Labour still soft on crime – pulls MP back into line over paedophile remark

Stuart Nash had a blinder of a Facebook message yesterday, before being ordered to take it down.

A Labour MP admits he went too far when he suggested a convicted killer and paedophile should be scalped in prison.

Stuart Nash, who is Labour’s police spokesman, responded angrily on Facebook after convicted murderer Phillip John Smith won a legal challenge against the Corrections Department yesterday over the confiscation of his toupee.

In a decision released yesterday, the High Court ruled that Smith’s right to freedom of expression was breached when his hairpiece was taken from him.

Writing on Facebook last night, Nash said: “What on earth is going on when a judge rules that a convicted murderer and paedophile’s freedom of expression was ignored and that his rights had been breached because Corrections took his hairpiece?

“He has no rights!! He sexually abused a young boy and then 4 years later stabbed this boy’s father to death as the man tried to protect his son!” ? Read more »

So much for the Catholic Church’s committment to root out pedos

Yes, it appears the Pope loves pedos.

No matter how much it changes the Catholic Church stays the same.

Pope Francis has been slammed by church officials and sex abuse survivors for cutting penalties for paedophile priests.

The Pope is said to be applying his vision of a ‘merciful church’ to sex offenders by reducing punishments to weaker sentences, such as a lifetime of prayer and penance. Read more »

This is a disgrace and surely makes NZEI an accomplice to crimes!

We are finding out more and more information about child rapist Robert Selwyn Burrett…and, more importantly, who enabled him to commit his crimes against children.

Child rapist Robert Burrett was warned and placed under supervision because of complaints about his behaviour around children more than three decades ago.

Burrett was described as a hopeless teacher, but went on to hold several senior positions at schools across the upper North Island before surfacing in Christchurch as a caretaker and bus driver, where he lured young girls into an underground shed and raped and abused them.

Burrett was able to move from one school to another without any alarm bells being sounded over his past.

Stuff can reveal that concerns were raised about Burrett as far back as the early 1980s, when he taught at Auckland’s Howick Intermediate. Class photos show a sandy-haired man of about 30 with a moustache.

How could this creep keep on teaching? ? Read more »

Marist Brother can?t keep his hands to himself

What is it with school teachers and Catholic priests?

They had gone to him for help, but instead a Marist brother?indecently assaulted them.

The actions of Brother Patrick Bignell, 69, had a considerable “adverse impact” on each of his three teenaged male victims a judge said as she sentenced him on Friday to eight months’ home detention and ordered him to pay $8000 each to two of the victims for emotional harm.

The third victim had received $8000 after complaining about Bignell in 2002 to the Marist Brothers Provincial Standards Committee. He also received an apology.

A summary given to the court earlier said Bignell had been a teacher and guidance counsellor with a standing in the school and the wider community that meant students were inclined to trust him with their problems, so he was able to identify which students were vulnerable. ? Read more »

Toup?e, or not toup?e


Convicted child sex offender Phillip Smith is trying to get his wig back

by Stephen Cook

Prison authorities have confiscated Phillip Smith?s hairpiece after comments on social media yesterday ? and apparently the convicted killer and kiddy sex offender is none too pleased.

This isn?t the first time Smith?s hair-raising vanity has got the better of him.

When Smith was recaptured in November last year after fleeing to Brazil while on temporary release from Spring Hill Prison he went on a hunger strike, upset police refused to return his beloved toupee. At the time, his lawyer claimed police were trying to punish his client for his brazen escape out of the country.

Eventually the wig was returned to Smith, but this week it was confiscated again after word leaked out on Facebook yesterday. ?? Read more »


Another registered kiddy fiddler

The teaching profession is really giving the Catholic Church a run for its money in the kiddy fiddling stakes.

Yet another presumably registered teacher, or in this case a teacher aide, is before the courts. So much for registration protecting children.

A teacher aide at a Nelson school created a fake Facebook account under a female name to sexually groom a learning-impaired 14-year-old student, whom he kissed and wrote love letters to.

The man, who has interim name suppression, pleaded guilty in the Nelson District Court on Monday to a charge of meeting a young person after sexual grooming.

A police investigation found that the 33-year-old used Facebook and “love letters” to groom the young girl, who has an intellectual age of 10. He kissed her, held her hand and shared a bed in a motel with her.

He was remanded on bail to appear for sentencing on September 15.

The man started at an unnamed Nelson school as a teacher aide at the start of the year.

He was the primary aide for another student but met his victim, a 14-year-old girl, in the classroom.

Read more »

Bet this one was registered too

The Teachers Unions oppose Charter Schools because some teachers won’t need to be registered. They say that registration protects the children. Yet almost every week another dodgy teacher is exposed…one that would have been registered as it is compulsory:

A teacher has been sacked for allegedly making sexual advances towards two overseas students staying at his home, where he was their “host dad”.

The man also sent the teenage girls inappropriate text messages and was later found to have downloaded pornography onto his school laptop.

However, his name and the name of the school where he was Director of International Students have been kept secret by the Employment Relations Authority as it decides whether the dismissal was justified.

Documents from the authority showed the man and his wife had hosted a number of overseas students on their farm, which is in an area where there is only one large high school.

At the time the complaints were made in May 2011, there were three girls staying with the family.

Two of the girls told the school’s principal the man – a teacher with more than 20 years’ experience – had behaved improperly towards them. The man was suspended on full pay pending an investigation.

For undisclosed reasons, the investigation took more than a year for an outside investigator to complete. After a report was made to the Board of Trustees, which showed the man had behaved inappropriately, sent texts of a sexual nature and downloaded the pornography,? the teacher was dismissed in June this year.


What if Judge Raoul Neave or Judge Mary Peters presided on this case?

The poor wee victim in this case is lucky that Judge Raoul Neave or Judge Mary Peters didn’t preside over the case, or we might expect this vile bastard would probably have got home detention for his unspeakable actions.

Judge David McKegg said the case was particularly disturbing given the age of the child.

The psychiatric report showed no mental impairment and Crudis did know the difference between right and wrong.

But he accepted Crudis had issues with social function that would have contributed to his behaviour.

Crudis was entitled to credit for his early guilty plea and his previously blameless life.

Crudis received a 30-month jail sentence and three months jail for the assault, to be served concurrently.

30 months, well about half that in reality, in the state-run hotel chain is still a slap on the wrist, but at least he will have a first strike for this.? Hope the other guests of the hotel find out what he did.

Judge Raoul Neave and Judge Mary Peters (they do not deserve the titles “Justice”) should reflect on this.? Seriously assault, injure or sexually abuse a child and it should be prison a long drop off a short rope every time. ?Given that it is just prison then the only question should be how long….and even then the answer should be a very, very long time.