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A Ukranian man named Oleg Mitasov lived here, a man who suffers from a hyper-obsessive personality disorder which causes him to compulsively cover every surface in his house with layers of inscriptions.

A Ukranian man named Oleg Mitasov lived here, a man who suffers from a hyper-obsessive personality disorder which causes him to compulsively cover every surface in his house with layers of inscriptions. Inside Mitasov?s apartment. It has since been cleaned, remodelled, and turned into an office. Photo: Pavel Makov

Oleg Mitasov Texts

A Ukrainian man named Oleg Mitasov lived here, a man who suffered from a disorder. He was university educated in economics and managed a store, but he also had something called horror vacui?? ?fear of blank or empty spaces? ? a hyper-obsessive personality disorder strain causing him to scrawl his walls, his fridge, his piano. He also did street art. He had to.

He could not help himself but etch his bizarre graffiti into everything-the fridge, walls, piano, doors, even the ceilings are covered by Mitasov’s strange inscriptions.
However, some of his inscriptions are not so strange, like his sadly inspiring street art that can still be seen in Ukraine-“Happiness! I’m waiting for you here!”

Mitasov was an educated man, a Master of economics. The rumour is that his illness developed after he had left the manuscript of his PhD thesis behind in a streetcar, thus never becoming a PhD. Mitasov covered all his flat and furniture in creepy inscriptions. Some of them are legible, some are just a set of letters. “Mitasov” and “VAK” (???, the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles, where he was supposed to bring his manuscript) are common words he wrote.

Here?s a glimpse at his body of work. One man?s torturous compulsion, another man?s art.

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Kelli Stapleton, whose teenage daughter was autistic and prone to violent rages, had come to fear for her life. So she made a decision that perhaps only she could justify. Photo: Elinor Carucci.

Kelli Stapleton, whose teenage daughter was autistic and prone to violent rages, had come to fear for her life. So she made a decision that perhaps only she could justify. Photo: Elinor Carucci.

By Noon They?d Both Be In Heaven

Kelli Stapleton is a Michigan mother who admitted to a particularly heinous crime: trying to kill her 14-year-old autistic daughter, Issy, via carbon monoxide poisoning. Kelli spent years on an exhausting form of therapy for her daughter in hopes of coaxing out ?the Isabelle that was in there.? Instead, Issy grew into a sometimes-violent teenager who repeatedly knocked Kelli unconscious. Kelli blogged about her struggles, ostensibly to raise awareness, but her look-at-me tone convinced her husband?s family she was more interested in fame than mothering.?I?ve read the story several times, and I still don?t know what to make of Kelli. But I can?t stop thinking about her.

Just before Labour Day 2013, Issy was coming home. Her mother, Kelli, had ordered a big chocolate cake?Issy?s favorite. Kelli and Issy?s two siblings had collected all the TEAM ISSY posters friends and family had made during the seven months Issy had been away at Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment and Research in Portage, Michigan, and mounted them on a couple of giant boards. Kelli told people she was ?really excited? to have Issy home again and that she had discovered during her daughter?s time away that while it was hard to live with Issy, she just couldn?t live without her either. ?I want her back in bed,? Kelli would say. ?I want all three of my babies back home.? But during the three-hour drive to pick up Issy, Kelli texted her friend Vickie Slater: ?I?m scared.?

?Can I do anything to help?? Vickie asked.

?Trade kids with me,? Kelli joked.

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Forever Young

Electra, Texas?1985

She was a pretty girl, thin, with a spray of pale freckles across her face and light brown hair that curled just above her shoulders. The librarian at the high school called her ?a quiet-type person,? the kind of student who yes-ma?amed and no-ma?amed her teachers. She played on the tennis team, practicing with an old wooden racket on a crack-lined court behind the school. In the afternoons she waitressed at the Whistle Stop, the local drive-in hamburger restaurant, jumping up on the running boards of the pickup trucks so she could hear better when the drivers placed their orders.

Her name was Treva Throneberry, and just about everybody in that two-stoplight North Texas oil town knew her by sight. She was never unhappy, people said. She never complained. She always greeted her customers with a shy smile, even when she had to walk out to their cars on winter days when the northers came whipping off the plains, swirling ribbons of dust down the street. During her breaks, she?d sit at a back table and read from her red Bible that zipped open and shut.

There were times, the townspeople would later say, when they did wonder about the girl. No one had actually seen her do anything that could be defined, really, as crazy. But people noticed that she would occasionally get a vacant look in her blue eyes. One day at school she drew a picture of a young girl standing under a leafless tree, her face blue, the sun black. One Sunday at the Pentecostal church she stumbled to the front altar, fell to her knees, and began telling Jesus that she didn?t deserve to live. And then there was that day when Treva?s young niece J?Lisha, who was staying at the Throneberry home, told people that Treva had shaken her awake the previous night and whispered that a man was outside their room with a gun?which turned out to be not true at all.

But surely, everyone in town said, all teenage girls go through phases. They get overly emotional every now and then. Treva was going to turn out just fine. She didn?t even drink or smoke cigarettes like some of the other girls in town.

Then, that December, just as the Electra High School Tigers were headed toward their first state football championship and the town was feeling a rare surge of pride, Treva, who was sixteen years old, stopped working at the Whistle Stop. She stopped coming to school. ?She disappeared,? a former classmate said. ?And nobody knew where she went.?

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Twins 6

“A Pair of One”

Greta and Freda Chaplin

They were identical, inseparable and lived their entire lives in complete unison.

They were so alike in the way they thought, spoke, moved, dressed, looked, and lived, that children would thrown stones at them and called them witches and adults used to spit on them in the street.

This story of identical twins in England, this is a rare glimpse into the strange world of mutual identity-sisters who viewed the world through each others? eyes, living looking glasses. Greta and Freda Chaplin were identical twins who dressed alike, walked ?in step and for much of the time they spoke the same words in unison. They were inextricably bound to each other and if separated they wailed and screamed. There are many twins who dress alike and behave somewhat alike but the Chaplin twins have been described as one of the most uncanny. Their story sparkles with the crazy quirkiness of the far edges of humanity, yet it resonates with the essence of every human.

Greta and Freda?s relationship to each other appeared precarious and, in fact, as you looked at them, they seemed to sway slightly. You had the impression they were holding each other upright and that if you took one away, the other would fall down. They were like two people in a rowing boat. If the oars strike the water at the same time, the boat moved forward with ease. But if one oar is a moment late then a great effort is required to keep it on course and the boat will blunder its way through the water.

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Photo: The Daily Telegraph. Port Arthur massacre killer Martin Bryant.

Photo: The Daily Telegraph.
Port Arthur massacre killer Martin Bryant.

A Dangerous Mind

The?Port Arthur massacre?of 28 April 1996 was a killing spree which claimed the lives of 35 people and wounded 37 others mainly at the historic Port Arthur prison colony, a popular tourist site in south-eastern Tasmania, Australia.

After almost 20 years behind the walls of Risdon Prison, is Australia?s worst killer. Lumbering across the concrete floor of his heavily fortified steel cage, Australia?s worst mass killer cuts a lonely and pathetic figure as he fumbles a play with a prison issue footy. At 48, Martin Bryant?s wavy blond hair is gone, the slim build of which he once boasted has given way to flab and a pendulous gut, and his entire world is confined to the Mersey unit of Risdon Prison?s maximum-security wing.

Bryant has assaulted several jail workers in Hobart?s notorious Risdon prison in the past 19 years, and was involved in an attack on a male nurse in February which left him with a fractured jaw and possibly unable to resume his duties.

The attack was the latest in a string of assaults by the vicious killer, which along with ongoing health issues have contributed to driving the cost of his incarceration into the millions. Following the assault, Bryant was moved to a different maximum security wing of notorious Risdon prison.

Bryant is now a balding, heavily overweight loner whose only access to the outside world is a heavily fortified steel screen in the exercise cage he has access to for up to six hours a day. Bryant?s only visitor has been his mother, Carleen Bryant.

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Can mental illness make people less prone to cognitive biases?

One of the usual methods of attack against me and my effectiveness is to attack my mental health status. The left wing, and more recently the ferals on the West Coast, like to say that because I suffer from a mental illness then somehow what I say can be discounted as the mad rambling of a mental idiot.

I have never hidden or shied away from honesty around my depression. My belief is that other can learn from it and they do. Several times a month people email me or phone to discuss my past posts on depression and medication. That honesty and openess though is often held against me.

However there is some evidence to suggest that sufferers from mental illness are less prone to cognitive biases.

Madness and irrationality may seem inextricably related. ?You are crazy!? we say, when someone tells us about their risk-taking behaviour or their self-defeating actions. The?International Classification of Diseases?(ICD-10) and the?Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders?(DSM-5) describe people with depression, autism, schizophrenia, dementia, and personality disorders as people who infringe norms of rationality. But not all people diagnosed with a mental disorder behave irrationally, and not all people who behave irrationally are diagnosed with a mental disorder.? Read more »

The confusing position of the Greens

I have been watching with facinatation the Greens position on the poisoning of our bread by the Australian’s under the guise of mass medication.

The Greens certainly are a strange lot. On one hand they want to limit and ban almost everything for the good of us and force us to do other things and just recently they have come out against the mass medication of our bread.

This to me didn’t resonate. Normally the Greens are all into forcing us to do something for the grater good and so mass medication through fortifying our bread with folic acid seemed to right up thwir ally. Why are they opposed to it.

A quick check through Google soon revealed the hypocrisy of Sue Kedgley.

In July 2006 she said;

“While we are generally supportive of the proposal to fortify flour with folate, in the hope that it will reduce the numbers of babies being born with spina bifida and provide other health benefits, we believe this can be done in a way which doesn’t erode consumer choice”

Right so just 3 years ago they were “generally supportive” of poisoning us with folate, including those of us who aren’t, can’t or won’t get pregnant, all for the good of 60 babies per annum. It isn’t like they wanted to only exempt organic bread either;

“If fortification takes place at the bakery rather than milling stage, then some bread lines could be available for consumers who may wish to avoid folate enriched flour for health, cultural or other reasons. Consumers currently have the choice of whether they wish to consume iodised or non-iodised salt and I believe that choice should also be available to them with folate fortified bread,”

No, for organic breads they still wanted to add folate to our bread but instead of adding it at milling, add it at baking. Right, so organic can still apply to the flour but not to the bread. Nowhere in her press release does it suggest not adding folate, just where it should be added and as per usual we neeeded to medicate the whole population for just 60 pregnancies er annum, right up the Greens alley.

This of course contrasts starkly against Sue Kedgely’s position today.

“There are some concerns in the scientific community that too much folic acid can cause pre cancerous cells and tumours to grow more quickly. Given this new research we need to take a precautionary approach and be certain it is safe before we require almost every loaf of bread to be fortified with folic acid,”

And of course Sue Kedgley has been scare-mongering on Q+A as well.

But she’s saying we have to do it so we’re eating up for Australia, we’re going to be forced because of some trade relationship with Australia, surely we should put – public health issues should be paramount, not some diplomatic relationship.

So what is her position? Is she for it or against it, or for it but in a little while/ Or perhaps for it because it’s good for you and against it on organic?

For the record I am against the poisoning of our bread by the Australians. I am for personal choice. I see nothing wrong with making supplements available to those who ask. I see no valid reason at all in forcing the entire population to be mass medicated for something that is readily avaialbe in almost every supermarket in the country.

And before you point out that salt is iodised…yes well our soils don’t have iodine in it so it made sense to add it to salt. Of course we are now seeing plenty of iodine deficiency related illness appearing after the wallies told us salt was bad for us. I my self buy rock salt and so choose to have no iodine. Fluoride is the same. It is good for almost everyone. Folate is the direct opposite situation as Fluoride.

Swine Flu – Jewish Conspiracy

Unlike the Split Enz song history actually does repeat.

In times past Jews were blamed for all sorts of things like the Plague, poisoning wells, and all sorts of other perfidy including being sub-human.

Now the Muslim and Arab media are manipulating the swine flu epidemic to demonize Israel and its leaders.

Anti-Semitic Cartoon from QatarThe Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which monitors global anti-Semitism, accused large-circulation daily newspapers such as Al Watan in Qatar and Al-Quds al-Arabi in the UK of “exploiting” the epidemic to provoke anti-Israel and anti-Semitic attitudes.

An Al Watan cartoon cited by the ADL had a caption saying: “The World Health Organization is warning about a world-wide epidemic – the swine flu,” and showed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with a pig snout.

“One theme of the anti-Israel cartoons related to the swine flu is ironically picturing Israeli leaders with faces of pigs, reflecting the disdain for the pig in Islamic culture,” the ADL said in a press release issued Monday.

“Once again, the Arab press is not just content with reporting the news of a serious and potentially deadly global epidemic,” said ADL National Director Abraham Foxman. “They are exploiting the swine flu epidemic in an effort to rile up anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiment in the Arab street. And they are using the most powerful tool in their arsenal – the visual, the cartoon – to incite hatred for the Jewish state and its people.”

This is despicable, but I fully expect some leftist c**t to come on here and explain it is because of some injustice by Israel that causes this sort of disgusting anti-semitic behaviour. You know someone like Bomber or Tim Selwyn.


Doing my bit to save the planet

According to some moonbats it is fatties that are poisoning the planet.

Well I am doing my bit, I have lost 10 kilos over the past six weeks and am now under 100kg.

I am heading for a lean, muscled 90kg and will restart my boxing training shortly.

Lieberman speaks at GOP Convention

Just two electoral cycles ago Sen. Joe Lieberman was standing for Vice-President to Al Gore’s failed bid to hoodwink the US.

Now he is standing up at the GOP Convention lending his support to John McCain. For the congentially stupid and readers of The Standard, Joe Lieberman is a Democrat and McCain is a Republican.

Nevertheless Lieberman has gone against his party and even taken an invitation to speak at the GOP Convention.

Our founding fathers foresaw the danger of this kind of senseless partisanship. George Washington himself — in his Farewell Address to our country — warned that the “spirit of party” is “the worst enemy” of our democracy and “enfeebles” our government’s ability to do its job.

George Washington was absolutely right. The sad truth is — today we are living through his worst nightmare, in the capital city that bears his name.

And that brings me directly to why I am here tonight. What, after all, is a Democrat like me doing at a Republican convention like this?

The answer is simple.

I’m here to support John McCain because country matters more than party.

I’m here tonight because John McCain is the best choice to bring our country together and lead our country forward.

I’m here because John McCain’s whole life testifies to a great truth: being a Democrat or a Republican is important.

But it is not more important than being an American.

Both presidential candidates this year talk about changing the culture of Washington, about breaking through the partisan gridlock and special interests that are poisoning our politics.

But only one of them has actually done it.

Only one leader has shown the courage and the capability to rise above the smallness of our politics to get big things done for our country and our people.

And that leader is John McCain!

And so while the rest of the Democrats demonstrate that it is the left of world politics that prractice the politics of denigration it is Joe lieberman showing truly how becoming a man with grace and dignity should conduct himself.