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Just exactly how much more are we paying for petrol?

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Energy and Resources Minister Judith Collins announced the study on Thursday, saying data showed fuel margins have more than doubled during the last five years.

“What I would really like to see happen and what I’m sure most New Zealanders would like to see happen is for those prices to come down or to look more transparent to people,” Ms Collins said of the review, which will be carried out by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment by June. Read more »

Petrol prices make no sense

I was just noting myself that the petrol prices were increasing dramatically towards the end of the holidays and being the sort of sceptic I am, suspected some kind of price gouging as everyone travelled back home and had to run around getting ready and going back to school or work.

Turns out I’m not the only one that’s been observing the strange numbers. ? Read more »

Are you being ripped off?

index – 26 Feb 2016 fuel price in Manurewa, Auckland

In case you’re wondering – yes, that is in New Zealand.? In Manurewa in fact.? What are you paying where you live?? And do you really think the difference can be explained away by “remoteness”?


More Labour dog whistle politics or a champion for the consumer?

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via 3 News

Labour MP Stuart Nash has renewed his call for an inquiry into petrol prices.

He says importer margins have risen to levels that previously prompted concern.

In February, Energy Minister Simon Bridges confirmed he had written to the big five petrol retailers.

He told BP, Mobil, Chevron, Gulf and Z Energy he was “disappointed” that as crude oil prices fell in late 2014, their margins had risen.

He said if they didn’t pass on lower costs to consumers more promptly in future, he would “assess his options”. Read more »

Bridges Boo Boos

Sometimes it’s better just to shut up.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges says he’s warned petrol companies he’s watching how much profit they are taking at the pump.

But rather than say ‘yes minister’, one company has told the Government to check its facts because they’re wrong.

When oil prices dropped late last year Mr Bridges thought petrol company margins didn’t follow fast enough, and?he was outspoken?with his disapproval.

“What is?clear – they?got too high.”

The price of a litre includes the cost of the fuel, taxes, shipping and GST, while the remaining 18 percent goes to the company.

The Government says companies make roughly 30 cents per litre, but fuel company Z’s CEO Mike Bennetts says it only make about 19 cents at the pump. Read more »

Petrol prices down even more. But why are dependent products not cheaper?

Get ready to pay a dollar sixty-something a liter, or even a dollar fifty-something at highly discounted locations. ?Diesel? ?Under a buck.

Petrol and diesel prices have been cut by another 2 cents.

It’s the fourth price cut this week – and the 19th since the start of October – and some stations are now selling diesel for under $1 per litre.

Diesel prices haven’t been this low since 2009 and motorists are lapping the prices up.

There are stations in the Bay of Plenty selling diesel for under 94 cents a litre, as world oil prices plunge.

The fall in the price of oil is going to have impacts beyond just the pumps, it’s going to have an effect on interest rates here in New Zealand.

That’s because lower fuel prices will reduce inflation and that means less reason for the Reserve Bank to hike interest rates. Read more »

Before you take off and leave us to run a blog by ourselves…


Long weekend coming up. ?Just a heads up the police are once more enforcing their 4 km/h tolerance limit, so 55 and 105 are the points at which you lose you hard earned money.

On the good side, it will be cheaper to fill up

A continued fall in the price of oil has led to another cut in the cost of fuel.

But the Automobile Association says motorists are still paying too much at the pump, with current retail margins allowing for further cuts.

Both petrol and diesel prices dropped 2 cents a litre yesterday, in the fourth cut during the past fortnight. A litre of 91 octane fell to 213.9c a litre and diesel to 143.9c.

Z Energy said the fourth successive 2c decrease was attributable to declining oil prices internationally. “Hopefully that’s some good news for motorists before Labour Weekend,” a spokeswoman said. Read more »