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Must try harder

All smiles after being sworn in in October 2017. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Audrey Young has written a puff piece praising the NZ First led Coalition government ministers. What was curious, was her rating evaluation criteria, based on three factors with a possible top score of ten: Quote.

  • How effective the minister has been in delivering the government’s policy
  • How effective the minister has been in representing the government to the public
  • How valued the minister is to the government. End quote.

Where is the rating for how effective they are for New Zealand, how good at delivering good outcomes for Kiwis, how valued they are by the wo/man in the street?

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Twyford wants to improve congestion

Why? It is bad already. Why improve it? Surely it would be better to reduce congestion rather than improve it? In an answer in the house on Thursday Minister of Transport, the Hon Phil Twyford said: quote.

Because actually improving Kiwis’ access to the things they need is fundamentally about improving congestion.

Hansard end quote.

Okay, so maybe that is taking the mickey just a little. I am sure that he did not really mean he wants to ‘improve’ congestion. But, then, maybe he does? Who would ever know with this Minister? 100,000 houses over ten years became 10,000 houses over ten years very easily.

Towards the end of the exchange in the house we heard this. quote.

Hon Paul Goldsmith: So does he think Kiwis stuck in traffic?say on Auckland’s Southern Motorway, or crawling into Tauranga from ?mokoroa, or many other places?would agree that reducing congestion should no longer be a priority, as the chair of his New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) thinks?

Hon PHIL TWYFORD: Reducing congestion is a priority, but it’s a subset of improving access. We had a nine-year experiment in the kind of policy that the member is promoting, and congestion and gridlock in our cities got worse every single year, and we saw a blowout in deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

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10,000 is the new 100,000

Phil Twyford Photoshopped image Credit: Pixy

Figures released to Newshub show that the KiwiBuild targets have turned out, like every other target from the current inept bunch of bunglers in the Beehive, to be ‘aspirational’.

The KiwiBuild programme was launched in July 2018 and we were assured by Twyford that it would deliver 100,000 homes for first home buyers over the next decade.

That seems rather like 10,000 per year for 10 years, in simple average terms. quote.

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KiwiFail being rolled out in the provinces

Fresh from the PR disaster launch in Auckland and the lack of applicants in Queenstown Lakes, KiwiBuild is coping more flak now in New Plymouth.? Newsie reports: Quote

Almost 70 Kiwibuild homes are to be built in a neglected New Plymouth neighbourhood more than a decade after a new housing project was first promised.

In 2008, 28 Housing New Zealand properties were demolished in Marfell and in 2012, 20 families forced to move out to make way for a development that never materialised.

And some locals remain sceptical about the Kiwibuild initiative.
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Psst, want a cheap Kiwibuild house?

Did Twyford let something slip in question time in the House on Tuesday?

Question 9 was about the Kiwibuild scheme and the “buying off-the-plans” initiative?and what KiwiBuild developments have been announced so far through that initiative.

Twyford gave the numbers:

Announced:?25 homes in Onehunga; 211 homes in Queenstown Lakes; 20 homes in Mount Albert; 175 homes in Te Kauwhata.

To be completed this year: 10?homes in Queenstown Lakes; 10 in Te Kauwhata;?10 homes in Otahuhu,?with a further nine being built by June 2019.

Adding up, there are 18 built and sold, and another 39 coming by June 2019. If my maths is correct that is 57 by June 2019 as against a promise of 1000 by July 2019.

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There’s no $11 billion ho … Oh! Look – a baby

Finance Minister Grant Robertson and Housing Minister Phil Twyford ignored Treasury advice on HNZ debt. Credit, Stuff

In a sterling effort to avoid Steven Joyce being proved correct, Housing New Zealand has borrowed off-book to keep the debt out of the Crown accounts.

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Looks like the housing crisis is over, Labour opposes building new houses in Auckland

It beggars belief that the crisis that Labour manufactured in housing seems to be over.

You’d have to make that assumption because Phil “Chinky” Twyford has come out opposing the building of new houses and shanking Maori interests at the same time.

Labour has dropped support for legislation that would see public reserve land at Pt England developed for housing as part of a Treaty of Waitangi settlement with local iwi – labelling the move a “land grab”.

The 300 home development has emerged as one of the most controversial local issues in Maungakiekie in election year and Labour’s candidate Priyanca Radhakrishnan announced her party’s opposition to the development along with housing spokesman Phil Twyford. ? Read more »

Twyford is right: Nick Smith is dreamin’. But then he loses all sense of reality

Nick Smith has confirmed National has no plan to build 69,000 houses in Auckland, says Labour Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford.

In Question Time today, Nick Smith admitted that the 69,000 figure is only the theoretical number of houses that could be built to replace 27,000 existing state houses over the next 30-50 years. There is no plan to actually build these houses, let alone to ensure they are affordable for first homebuyers or kept as state houses.

“Bill English is buckling under the pressure. He?s got no answers on the housing crisis and is making up policy on the fly. Nick Smith has now admitted the government has no plans to build 69,000 houses.

“This isn?t leadership; it?s desperation from a Prime Minister who just wishes the housing crisis would go away but won?t do anything about it.

“At the same time, Nick Smith is trying to claim the housing shortage is ?only? 10,000-20,000 houses but he can?t back that number up in any way. The Government?s own documents say the shortage in Auckland is 30,000-35,000 and the nationwide shortage is 60,000. Read more »

Stacey Kirk reveals the utter duplicity of Phil Twyford

Phil Twyford is Labour’s campaign chair for next year, he is also a massive liability because he was the architect of the Chinky names attack and not even Helen Clark trusted the weasel.

Stacey Kirk looks closely at Phil Twyford…no doubt she will be attacked for her efforts.

There’s an argument that attacking the messenger sends a message itself.

If that’s the case, Labour MP Phil Twyford might like to take another look at the image he’s conveying – both for himself and his party.

His reaction to a report revealing initial gaps in the costing of a key Labour policy, to pay young people the minimum wage for up to six months of community work, was nothing short of Trumpian.

To that end, perhaps it was entirely intentional.

It transpired a?six-month, $60m policy had only been calculated on a four-month average – a fact they did not disclose.?It meant that when reporters did their sums, the numbers didn’t add up.

Twyford, and the rest of Labour did not like the claim in a TV report, it?had gotten its figures wrong.

They had not, and were perhaps within their rights to feel aggrieved at that.

But their omission?was glaring, and if deliberate then misleading. If not deliberate, then concerning.

Either way, it was something they should expect to be called out on, which perhaps?makes Twyford’s reaction all the more nasty.

He publicly attacked said TV journalist – incidentally one of New Zealand’s most respected political reporters -?for doing her job and questioning the apparent gap in the numbers.

Describing the report as “biased” and a “hatchet job” on Twitter, he doubled down on the nastiness the following day.

What has many baffled?is why he was allowed to launch into such a diatribe without a flick from his leader or the wider party.

Andrew Little has not publicly supported Twyford’s media attack, though he hasn’t denounced it either.

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Twyford’s and Little’s war on media has led to 5 days straight of negative headlines

Red Clair Trevett has kicked the crap out of Labour yet again over their attacks on media for their own cock-ups over policy.

The theme of the Labour Party conference last weekend was “Backing the Kiwi Dream”.

The “Kiwi dream” has been an ongoing theme of Andrew Little’s leadership. On Sunday, the dream came by way of a policy to provide six months’ community work at the minimum wage to young unemployed people.

He painted a bucolic picture of strong, fit youth out in the wilderness building tracks, saving the animals and helping in soup kitchens.

Then came the wake-up call.

It was costed at $60 million. The amount is neither here nor there. It is certainly not worth the trouble it has caused. Journalists who took to their calculators could not make it tally with the six-month scheme on offer.

Questioned further, Labour told a television journalist it was based on an average uptake of four months per person.

She reported that, along with the observation Labour’s numbers did not add up for a six-month scheme.

That sparked a three-day war as Labour’s Phil Twyford took to Twitter and then in person to deride the report as biased, a “hatchet job” and “unprofessional”. What riled Labour was the claim it had botched its numbers (not helped by National minister Steven Joyce’s quip when told of the difference: “asterisk: may contain nuts.”).

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