Dirty, polluting, recidivist pig farmer having a sook over a fine

A dirty, polluting, recidivist pig farmer is having a sook over copping a $65,000 fine for unauthorised dumping of his pig poo.

So what do they do? Roll out the tears, shill the story to media and bring up a sick toddler…

A Te Aroha farming family, struggling to care for a sick toddler, claims it has no way to pay a $65,000 fine handed down by a judge for illegally dumping pig poo.

Environment Court Judge Jeffrey Smith ruled Kenneth Julian McIntyre deliberately defied a court order against him dumping effluent at a Te Aroha piggery and issued the fine, as well as a five-year ban from managing animal effluent.

The court heard McIntyre spread 340,000 cubic metres, or six truckloads of pig poo across the 800 hectare property.

McIntyre ?and his partner Cassandra Kidd have a 15-month old son who was born with a severe medical condition and has had multiple complex surgeries since birth.

In making his decision, Smith said it was important that McIntyre was around to focus on the needs of his son and partner. ?? Read more »

Face of the day


Well, hi there. Picture: Grand Isle Resort Source: Supplied

Today’s face of the day is Feral but don’t hold that against him.

IF THE closest you?ve ever come to an aquatic pig is ordering bacon, you probably haven?t been to the Bahamas? Exuma Cays.
Around these parts ? which include insular postcodes belonging to IMDbers like Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw ? feral pigs will actually creep out from behind the wild bush and swim out into the ocean alongside you. Seriously.

And we?re not talking ?sea pigs.? We?re talking pig pigs, who take to the water surprisingly unsinkably ? like big, pink, hoofed buoys.

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Photo Of The Day

They only caught it because it was eating their dogs!

They only caught it because it was eating their dogs!


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Press Gallery party aftermath

The Parliamentary Press Gallery had its end of year party last night. Basically it was a trough-fest for corporate lobbyists…with them out numbering journalists by a substantial amount.

This was the scene that confronted staff and MPs arriving this morning.

Press Gallery Pigsty

Press Gallery Pigsty

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Aporkalypse 2013: The Silence of the Hams

I’ve always admired Ted Nugent, not just for his no nonsense approach to US politics, but the man loves his hunting too. Fully automatic weapons from a helicopter sounds like a fun way to dispatch pests.

Wait until he teaches them to wrestle

You’ve heard the old saying about never wrestling with pigs…you will get dirty and the pig will enjoy it. Well, imagine if you installed a slide for the pigs.


A FARMER in The Netherlands has installed a mud slide for his pigs after being inspired by the flumes at a water park.

Erik Stegink mounted a disused slide he had bought from a nearby pool on his farmland.

And in no time at all his pigs were enjoying their own amusement park, but instead of water they were diving into mud.

Surely he is going to put in a wrestling ring next?

Source/ Twitter

Source/ Twitter


Foaming Pig Poo causing explosions [VIDEO]


I shit you not…foaming pig poo is causing explosions.

When you hear about foam in the context of food, you might think of molecular gastronomy, the culinary innovations of the Spanish chef Ferran Adri?, who’s famous for dishes like?apple caviar with banana foam.

But this post is about a much less appetizing kind of foam. You see, starting in about 2009, in the pits that capture manure under factory-scale hog farms, a gray, bubbly substance began appearing at the surface of the fecal soup. The problem is menacing: As manure breaks down, it?emits?toxic gases like hydrogen sulfide and flammable ones like methane, and trapping these noxious fumes under a layer of foam can lead to sudden, disastrous releases and even explosions. According to a 2012?report?from the University of Minnesota, by September 2011, the foam had “caused about a half-dozen explosions in the upper Midwest?one explosion destroyed a barn on a farm in northern Iowa, killing 1,500 pigs and severely burning the worker involved.”? Read more »


The Dehogaflier – Hunting pigs. At night. With drones.

Drone hunting is here…pig hunting with the Dehogaflier.

Wild hogs have become a huge problem in places like Louisiana, rooting up fields in their quest for food and generally being extraordinary 200 pound pests. Given their size, smarts, and tenacity, feral hogs can be hard to kill?and that’s when you can even find them amid all the vegetation. So how do you deal with the problem? If you’re like electrical engineers Cy Brown and James Palmer, you strap a $5,000 thermal imaging camera to a remote-controlled airplane, then fly the thing around farmers’ fields on weekend evenings until you spot a hog. Then you shoot it from the ground with a night vision-equipped rifle.? Read more »


Australian man in court for shagging ‘Michael Jackson’

First the shark, now the pig, always seems to be the animal?s fault, no matter what the humans do.

Michael Jackson. The other white meat.

A man appears in an Australian court on charges relating to his alleged sexual intercourse with a pet pig called Michael Jackson.

The 35-year-old man appeared in the Darwin Magistrates Court today on the charges of having sexual intercourse with an animal and indecent behaviour in public.? Read more »


You couldn’t make this up

Honestly…did this merit jail? Free range pigs, egg chucking and jail time:

A man who threw an ostrich egg at his wife because her pet pig damaged his tools has been sent to jail.

Phillip Marau Glanville Russell, 47, lost his temper when he discovered the pig had caused $2500 of damage to his saw.

Russell was sentenced to six months’ jail when he appeared in Hastings District Court yesterday, after earlier pleading guilty to charges including assault using an ostrich egg as a weapon.

He picked an argument with his wife of 20 years when she came home to their rural Waipawa property with their 9-year-old in early July.

He swore at her before spitting at her four or five times. He then grabbed a large ostrich egg from the kitchen table and threw it at her with force. The heavy egg hit her in the chest, causing bruising.

His lawyer, Antony Willis, said Russell had asked his wife repeatedly to keep the pig under control because it had damaged their house, their neighbour’s house and council property. But his wife insisted it should be given free range.