Electoral law has 'chilling effect' on public debate

Electoral law has ‘chilling effect’ on public debateThe head of the Electoral Commission has described the new electoral law as having had a “chilling effect” on people’s willingness to speak out over election issues. In an outspoken speech, Dr Helena Catt has outlined the difficulties… [NZ Herald Politics]

Would it be churlish of me to say “I told ya so”?

Of course it would but i did, loudly and with all my ability and still they wouldn’t listen. Now the person responsible for administering the law echoes ominously the words that the human Rights Commission uttered, “chilling effect”, when describing the Electoral Fiannce Act.

Make no mistake. Labour, the Greens and New Zealand First with some help from Peter Dunne colluded to make this dramatic assault on one of our freedoms. They deliberately have tried to silence new Zealanders from speaking against the government. They must all be thrown from office and the law repealed.

Only a party vote for ACT or National can throw this law out.