Political Correctness

Don?t call them cyclists

Just when you think we?ve reached peak SJW stupidity a bunch of experts are demanding that we stop using the word cyclist. Yes, you read that right. quote.

Experts are calling for the word “cyclist” to be banned because they believe the term “dehumanises” people who use bikes.[?]QUT professor Narelle Haworth conducted a survey of 442 people across Australia and found 55 per cent of people who didn’t use a bike described cyclists as “not completely human”. End of quote.

A Newspaper

Yeah, right. I bet they got that stat from the “road maggots” and not by directly asking those who don?t cycle. quote.

Quote:The study also found one in five drivers deliberately blocked cyclists while one in 10 say they’ve purposely cut them off.End of quote.

I have my own statistics. Eight out of 10 cyclists turn into “road maggots” who think they?re entitled to the whole road as soon as they put on a bit of Lycra. And the same eight in 10 think they?re too good for cycle lanes.

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Schools are too white

Schools are too white, apparently. A newspaper attempts to explain. quote.

Quote:A Tongan Auckland high school student is issuing a plea to educators not to make her a “brown Palangi” – a brown-skinned person with European values.

Foloiola Finau, a Year 13 student at Kia Aroha College in ?tara, says education initiatives should aim not to “fix” M?ori and Pasifika students who are seen as “failures”, but to fix “the whiteness of our education system”.End of quote.

Note how saying “the brownness of our education system” would be racist. Quote.

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Just when you thought it couldn?t get any more gay

Photoshopped image credit: Technomage

Radio NZ reports on the police being kicked out of the Pride march: quote.

Quote:Next year’s Auckland Pride Parade could be at risk as some partners and sponsors rethink their funding after a stoush over the ban on uniformed police.End of quote.

And we all know what happened next. quote.

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Canada goes full-PC retard

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, right, meeting with his Irish counterpart Enda Kenny in Montreal on Thursday. Credit Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press, via Associated Press

Canada jumped upon the PC Express with both feet this week after its Senate passed a bill to make country?s national anthem ?gender neutral? by taking out the word ?sons? because it is too masculine.The offending line in the tune ?O Canada,? reads, ?True patriot love in all thy sons command.? Critics insisted that ?thy sons? was not ?inclusive? enough, so a bill was introduced to change the line to read, ?True patriot love in all of us command.?

[…] Independent Ontario Sen. Frances Lankin celebrated the passage of the bill saying that activists have been trying to make the song ?inclusive? for 30 years.

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Political correctness inside Universities

We have seen corrosive political correctness at work inside Auckland University where a European culture group was bullied into shutting down with death threats and threats of violence. The University was hostile towards the group from the start and declared them guilty of racism and fascism until they could prove themselves innocent. The incident revealed the tip of the iceberg as it is symptomatic of an underlying, suffocating culture where conservative voices and white students are silenced not just here in New Zealand but on American and other University campuses too.

..The flesh-eating bacterium of political correctness…which has become endemic on elite college campuses

…the persistent attempt to suppress the expression of unwelcome beliefs and ideas.

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Where did we go wrong?

…asks Whaleoil stalwart George:

I would imagine that some of us older folk have our moments when we long for “the good old days”. On reflection, they weren’t really that good, at least through my experience.

I only had a radio to entertain me and it only provided me with two highlights, “Life with Dexter” and “Money or the Bag.” Off shore sport was listened to on a short wave frequency and was often a very frustrating experience. Read more »

“This Country is Lost” A German writer’s last words

Susanne Kablitz was a well known German libertarian writer and the owner of the Jeweler publishing house as well as editor-in-chief of the Jewel magazine. She was the author of the book “To the last breath” and co-author of “The freedom committed”. She was also a politician and head of the “Party der Vernunft” (PDV.) If rumours are true, the 47-year-old committed suicide and the last article she wrote shortly before her death ?had the headline ” This Country is Lost.”

On Saturday, February 11th, she took her life with only 47 years. The voluntary death of a human being also leaves behind a sense of hopelessness. Susanne Kablitz was a fighter, but sometimes fighters lose their strength.


Her words in the article reveal a woman who felt that no matter what she did it was all in vain; that no matter what she said nothing would change. They are the words of a woman at the end of her rope mentally and emotionally, trying to fight a battle that she has only now realised is unwinnable. In some ways, it is as much Germany’s suicide note as it is hers.

Translated from German by Google Translate:

This Country is lost

…In the meantime, I feel so much the same – no matter what you try to do, most people around the world…believe firmly in authority, in the deity of the state, in the guilt, self-denial and Are deeply rooted in their hatred of themselves.

No matter how much you point out that most people are on the way to hell, nothing changes. On the contrary. One even gets insulted, smiled and denied.

A few weeks ago, the national socialist Bernd H?cke, at an event in Dresden, told me about the culprit of the Germans. He said, among other things, “We Germans, our people, are the only people in the world who have planted a monument of disgrace in the heart of their capital” and “the Merkel government has mutated into a regime

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Alt-left protestors use violence and fire to take away others freedom

The event was canceled out of safety concerns after protesters hurled smoke bombs, broke windows and started a bonfire [AP

Popular Breitbart Editor and speaker Milo Yiannopoulos who is currently completing his Dangerous Faggot speaking tour has faced increasing levels of violence at Universities around America. Universities should be bastions of free speech but they are breeding grounds for activists who resort to violence and fire to silence views they disagree with. Alt-left activists who ironically call themselves anti-fascists are attacking Milo’s venues. By their actions, they have shown themselves to be the only real fascists on campus.

Their goal is not?to just stop Milo from speaking and to stop those who bought tickets from listening to him, their goal is to make it too dangerous for Universities to host him as a speaker. The Dangerous Faggot Tour has become a dangerous tour for a Faggot that has opinions that violent alt-left activists want silenced.

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The rights of the minority do not outweigh the rights of the majority

“One has to respect the right of the minority to self-determination, but at the same time there cannot and must not be any doubts about the rights of the majority.”


Extreme liberalism, political correctness, Alt-Left (whatever label you want to give it) ?has people believing that the tail can wag the dog because the tail has rights. Many people in New Zealand believe that minority rights are more important than majority rights. They think that it is acceptable to put the religious freedom of one religion (Islam ) above the religious freedom of other beliefs including secularism. This is because of their flawed idea that it is wrong to put the needs of the many above the needs of the few. Extreme liberals defend minority rights over majority rights all the time but they are not consistent or logical.

For example, they love to defend minority groups like the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender community but they will equally defend Islamic groups that say that the LGBT community should be killed. They are morally unable to discriminate because they believe discrimination in itself is wrong. ?We have to discriminate in life. ?You cannot support a man who believes you should be killed unless you are suicidal and you cannot support both women’s rights and an ideology that forces girls into child marriage.

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Convicted for asking a question; Geert Wilders won’t be silent

In what can only be described as a politically motivated trial, the popular leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV) Geert Wilders has been convicted for asking a question of his audience at a political rally. He and his party will contest national elections in three months time and the party according to a nationwide poll holds a narrow lead at the moment. His conviction for asking people if they would like fewer Moroccans in the country will only make support for his party stronger.

Using legal jihad to try to silence a political opponent is a new low in politics. The Dutch government are running scared and have shown their?cowardice by attacking him in this manner. Cam and I know personally what it is like to be dragged through court for the crime of telling the truth so all my sympathy is with Wilders. You have to admire someone who leads a party despite serious death threats, who has lost his personal freedom because of 24/7 security in order to keep him alive and who is targeted by his political opponents with trumped up legal charges.

Geert Wilders was accused of committing hate speech but they failed to convict him for it. Since it was a politically motivated trial they had to find something so, in the end, he was convicted of migrant discrimination.No fine was imposed by the judges.

‘In this case, the most important question is whether Wilders has crossed a line. This judgement has answered that question,’ the judges said in their verdict.

‘Therewith, the chamber finds that justice has been done. Consequently, no punishment is imposed.’


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