poor performance

What is the difference between a poorly performing state school and a poorly performing charter school?

When a charter school does not perform it is shut down. This is one of the many strengths of the charter school model. Charter schools are accountable. Charter schools either succeed or they fail. If they fail they are shut down. A poorly performing state school, however, is allowed to continue to fail year after year after year, yet education unions have focused all their energy on wiping out charter schools no matter how well they are performing.

Thousands of children are spending most or all their years of education in a poorly performing school, a new report has found.

A third of New Zealand’s underperforming schools are persistent low achievers, some of which have been that way for up to 10 years, says a report put out this morning by think-tank New Zealand Initiative.

…Many schools were failing to meet Education Review Office (ERO) quality measures, the report said. It also warned that “some schools, despite intervention, perform poorly for as long as, and in some cases, longer than, the entire school career of their students – with possibly serious implications for the students in them and the state of our nation”.

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