pre-marital sex

Reason 103 why I will NEVER visit a Muslim majority country

Iryna Nohai, 27, and her fiance Emlyn Culverwell, 29 .Source:Facebook

The average person is uneducated about Islam or they think they know what it is but clearly many people are clueless. This story involves a non-Muslim engaged couple. The fiance had worked in a Muslim majority country for five years yet he didn’t realise the danger he had put himself and his fiancee in when he took her to the hospital with stomach cramps while they were in Abu Dhabi on holiday.

…Emlyn Culverwell, 29, from South Africa took his fiance Iryna Nohai, 27, from the Ukraine to hospital while on holiday after she experienced stomach cramps.
Mr Culverwell has been working in the UAE for the past five years, the BBC reports.
A doctor examined her and discovered she was pregnant before apparently dobbing the couple into authorities because they were not married. Pre-marital sex is a criminal offence in the United Arab Emirates.

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