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Facebook banned her for criticising Islamists but she got the last laugh


Censorship ?and bans on social media continue?to be an issue for ?conservative and libertarian’s?writers.It is one of the reasons why I have left Twitter and moved to Gab. ?Shireen Qudosi is a writer based in California and is a Muslim activist against Islamism.When facebook banned her for showing screenshots of a private conversation she had with editor Javed Ali she fought back. She had shown it to illustrate the abuse she was receiving from him ?but Facebook banned her anyway.

My Facebook silencing was temporary. I had the ability to fight back, but many people don?t.

You don?t wake up one day and decide you?re going to take on a 1400-year-old religion.

If no one in their right mind would ever want to earn their living as a writer, being a Muslim activist against Islamism is an even less desirable lifestyle choice. This isn?t something you do for fame or fortune. This is a calling, an acknowledgement that your conscience doesn?t allow you to do something else.

Critique of Islamic doctrine is easy; it?s all there in black-and-white. Helpfully, authorized translations of Islamic texts on Sharia law are widely available in English. The most apologists and clueless ideologues can do is pretend they don?t exist.

Arguing with Islamists and their fellow-travellers, however, is a lot tougher. Islamists work within the open societies of the West to create a more favorable climate for Islamic ideology. Now, they work comfortably alongside a new generation of Muslim Americans who are more stridently leftists.

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Five reasons why Shariah law is not “Progressive”

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Here are five key reasons why Sally Kohn ?is at best naive and at worst a pathological liar.

Shariah law Progressive? Don’t make me laugh.

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