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Government crushes Winston’s pedo exposure bill

Parliament today refused leave for the Member for Northland Rt Hon Winston Peters to introduce a Bill to remove the right of paedophile?s to name suppression when the victim wants their attacker named.

A host of National MPs objected to the Bill being introduced.

Mr Peters says he is disappointed the government is content to allow paedophiles to hide behind a cloak of secrecy.

“This is often imposed on the basis it protects the victim,” he says. “But in cases where the victim wants exposure of the crime and not secrecy our Bill will remove the subjudice rule, name suppression, and the legal cone of silence.”

The New Zealand First Leader sought leave for the Bill, Criminal Procedure (Removing Paedophile Name Suppression) Amendment Bill, to be introduced and debated on the next members? day. Read more »

“Prominent New Zealander” to lose name suppression 5pm March 19

not him

not him

Now, to keep them apart, we have one “prominent New Zealander” that has been in the news and his victim has been in the news also asking for the name suppression to be dropped. ?He was the one that David Cunliffe had a lunch date with.

This “prominent New Zealander” is someone else. ? Read more »