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The Police Commissioner Made A Deal With Leigh And Devine. In 1935, Police Commissioner McKay decided to speak with Devine and Leigh to get them to stop ordering attacks and cut the cocaine distribution. It was either they stop picking on each other and pedalling coke, or the entire police force would find a way to shut down every shady business they both had. So they agreed.

Tilly Devine?‘Queen of Woolloomooloo’


Kate Leigh ?Queen of the Underworld?

Brothel Madams to Crime Moguls: These Women Terrorised Sydney with Their Fierce Gang Rivalry. Dubbed the “Worst Woman in Sydney,” Tilly Devine was the Queen of the criminal underworld in Woolloomooloo in the 1920s. She spent years as a prostitute and ran a string of brothels, in addition to heading a razor blade gang.

Not far behind her in the criminal ranks, was rival razor gang leader and booze bootlegger Kate Leigh. Leigh was the Queen of Surry Hills, but she had her eye on becoming the crime lord of Sydney and would stop at nothing to dethrone Devine. In addition to terrorising Sydney, the two would have brawls in the streets and attack each other?s businesses.

Tilly Devine was born Matilda Twiss and began her career of prostitution as a teenager in England. She didn?t take on the name Tilly Devine until she met Jim Devine, an Australian serviceman, in 1917. She married him and followed him back to Australia in 1919, where she managed to accrue 79 convictions in just five years time. It wasn?t until 1925 that any of her arrests resulted in a serious penalty?she served two years jail time after slashing the face of a Sydney Corke with a razor blade.

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Face of the day

Laila Harre can only be described as a Political prostitute. She didn’t just bend her principles she broke them and then beat people over the head with them. She took money from an employer so bad that not only did he break employment laws by paying below minimum wage and requiring his workers in his home to work without breaks, sleep or two days off a week he also didn’t pay them at all.She took money from an employer that makes rape jokes and makes money from pornography.She took money from an employer that has been convicted of criminal acts such as hacking and was under investigation for many other crimes.The list goes on and on and Laila’s willingness to sell her principles for the prospect of power should never be forgotten.


“If Mr Key is King of the Year of the Hat, Laila Harre is Queen. The long-time feminist and crusader against wealth, corporatism. sexism and racism, headed a party funded by a multimillionaire who made much of his money hosting pornography websites and who thinks “nigger” jokes are funny.

Ms Harre still managed to lecture the rest of us about sexism, though, presumably while wearing three hats ? labeled, respectively, “Party leader,” “Shameless Opportunist” and “I Have the Self Awareness of a Bat.”




If we allow gay marriage then this is coming next?

Vice has an article that shows what happens when you let depravities such as gay marriage enter society.

It is an article about a woman who is a prostitute who has a rather unique skill…training dogs to perform sex acts with humans.

Now given that Bob McCoskrie and Colin Craig have already stated that marriage equality will lead to polygamy and many of the their supporters think that the slippery slope may in fact extend to marrying your dog perhaps this is the sort of depravity they envisage?

At the very least it will might give Catholic priests a reason to leave the kids alone.

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They will be in the NRL in no time

But only at a club like the Roosters where they don?t have a ?No Dickhead? rule.

THE students from Grafton High School’s senior rugby league team were in a triumphant mood. They had travelled south to Sydney and defeated Balgowlah Senior Campus 34-14 in the quarter finals of the prestigious state-wide University Shield knockout cup on August 30.

Later that night, with coach Aaron Hartmann in bed at their hotel in The Rocks, three of his star players tip-toed out of their rooms. Lured by the bright lights of Kings Cross, the teenage trio were served in several bars – despite being under the legal drinking age.

The three year 11 students were also approached by ”a pimp” who helped facilitate an encounter with a prostitute, according to sources. They allegedly paid her $150 and one of the boys had sex.

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