LGBTQ activists, feel free to speak up at any time…

In Germany, Muslim parents have ganged up to protest against their preschool children having a gay teacher. In Auckland, the council has provided a segregated Muslim Women-only swimming programme for 12 years. When you provide discriminatory services to Muslims they will eventually demand more ” culturally appropriate” services. In Germany, they are now demanding homosexual free education. If you allow sexual and religious segregation in a country that supports equal rights how is that any different to allowing discrimination against homosexuals? New Zealand is no better than Germany we are just a few years behind in the process of cultural jihad.

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Freedom of Speech Under attack: In Australia it is now an offence to mock Islam

Before we look at what Australian activist?Blair Cottrell?did let’s have a look at some of our New Zealand activists and the offensive things they have done while pushing their agenda. The first one that springs to mind is the assault with a dildo on a New Zealand politician. ?The dildo was offensive and it was used to hit a politician. In contrast, Blair Cottrell did not physically assault anybody. Another New Zealand example is 50 activists who blocked a bank using sacks of coal and forced it to close down for the day preventing customers from doing their banking. Blair Cottrell did not close down the council building he was protesting in front of and he did not prevent anyone from entering the council building. Finally, do you remember the effigy of John Key that was burnt on a bonfire while people chanted “[email protected]#k John Key”? ?No one was charged with a criminal act when that was done. People called it freedom of speech and it was, whether we find it offensive or not.

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Karl du Fresne on protesting

Karl du Fresne writes about protestors and protesting:

Protesters are indulged to the extent that authorities routinely allow them to conduct street marches that inconvenience other people.? In much of the world this would be unthinkable.

But protesters too often interpret this tolerance as a general licence to disrupt, which is where they get it wrong. Generally speaking, the right to protest ends at the point where it obstructs the rights of others.

When protesters become so pumped up with self-righteousness that they believe they?re entitled ? indeed, have a moral duty ? to interfere with the rights of others, public sympathy for their cause rapidly evaporates.

We?ve seen a lot of this lately. The day before the Wanganui incident, Greenpeace protesters blocked all the entrances to the SkyCity convention centre, where a petroleum industry conference was underway. People were unable to get in or out.

Police took a lenient line, as they almost invariably do, removing some protesters but apparently making no arrests. ? Read more »

I was always taught not to play in traffic

When I was a kid I was taught not to play in traffic, not to get in?the?way of 3-tonne vehicles and to stay clear.

One protestor against the TPPA didn’t get that lesson or was too stupid to understand it.

National MP Chester Borrows is being questioned by police after he allegedly drove his car into Trans-Pacific Partnership protesters.

Mr Borrows was confronted by TPP protesters. in his Whanganui electorate on Tuesday.

Police said they were aware of the incident, and confirmed that one protesters received a leg injury after allegedly “coming into contact with a vehicle”.

“Police are currently establishing further information about this to assess what, if any, further steps are required from a police perspective.”

The incident, which was caught on video, shows a car emblazoned with Mr Borrows’ name and face being confronted by a handful of protesters. ? Read more »


Smelly hippycrites disrupt oil conference

About 30 smelly hippies have blocked access to an oil exploration conference in Auckland.

The start of a petroleum industry conference has been delayed by protesters outside Sky City hotel and conference centre.

Scores of protesters have blocked entrances to the complex leaving delegates and some hotel guests stranded outside.

Protesters are worried about the threat of climate change from burning fossil fuels and risks of deep sea drilling.

Energy Minister Simon Bridges is due to speak at the event.

Conference organisers and protest leader Steve Abel are debating the merits of exploration as the standoff continues.

Greenpeace said that Minister Bridges would be announcing the 2016 Block Offers – areas of New Zealand’s ocean that will be offered up for oil exploration this year.

Abel said that “despite years of public opposition and a failure to find any deep sea oil, John Key’s Government has continued to invest in the drilling that threatens our communities, coastlines and climate.”

“We have a Government and an oil industry hell-bent on drilling for the very oil that must stay in the ground if we’re going to avoid climate change causing human catastrophe,” said Abel.

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Trotter still thinks the missing million are about to rise up

Chris Trotter is still mistaking a few rowdies blocking up the centre of Auckland for some sort of mass uprising against the evil government of John Key.

He would think that though, because he can’t count. He claims there were 30,000 protesters yet no media outlet – usually protest-friendly – has provided a figure above 10,000.

That aside, Chris Trotter falls into?the?trap of believing that one protest will mark the end of the most popular government in modern history.

The fear inspired in the political class by the clearly bi-cultural quality of the 4 February demonstration was expressed, at least initially, in the scornful depiction of the protesters as ignorant dupes of the usual ?commie? suspects. What those making fun of New Zealanders very real, if ill-expressed, anxieties about the TPPA simply ignored was the fact that in democratic societies most citizens take their cues from trusted cultural and/or political leaders, by whose deeper understanding of complex issues they are more than happy to be guided.

What fear? Any political movement that can’t even get basic facts right about their cause is ultimately doomed to fail. Many of the ferals marching couldn’t even tell you what the TPPA stood for let alone any of the agreement’s content. Few of them can actually get the surname of our Prime Minister right so it is doubly hard to take them seriously. ? Read more »


About time, why didn’t they do it earlier?


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Someone has?ring barked the kauri in West Auckland.

Protestors trying to save a west Auckland kauri tree say an attempt’s been made to kill it, with one of their number still in the canopy.

The tree’s been ring barked.

Protest organiser Aprilanne Bonar said eight security guards arrived at quarter past six this morning – three of them with chainsaws. ?? Read more »


US Citizens cautioned to stay away from Auckland & Wellington (no joke!) [ UPDATED ]


MANA / Internet MANA List candidate John?Minto and his bunch of Jew haters are enough of a concern to the US Government for them to have put out this security advisory:

The U.S. Consulate General in Auckland alerts that on Saturday, July 19, 2014, a protest titled ?Rally for Palestine? will occur in Auckland beginning at 2 pm, with an unspecified completion time.?

At the present time, approximately 1,500 people are expected to attend. ?[ /TUI – ed ]

Participants intend to march to the U.S. Consulate General at 23 Customs Street and lay shoes at the building entrance for each person who has died during the current conflict between Hamas and Israel.?

New Zealand Police are aware of the protest and are monitoring. Read more »

Hundreds of protestors? Really? I think not

Yesterday the NZ Herald ran this headline and a story claiming hundreds of protesters attacked John Key.

They changed the headline which originally said hundreds protest John Key, they have left it in the story though.


Fairfax made a better fist of their coverage:

Earlier, protesters clashed with police and security guards outside SkyCity in Auckland.

A group of about 60 people tried to storm in through the entrance of the entertainment complex, but were quickly stopped and ordered to stay behind a police line.

The group, mostly made up of students, shouted rallying cries including “f… you, John Key” and “stop the war on the poor”.

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Photo Of The Day

SuperluzSME confronts policemen, Mexico City, April 2011.  Photo Noor Khamis/Rueters

SuperluzSME confronts policemen, Mexico City, April 2011.
Photo Noor Khamis/Reuters


??SuperluzSME represents Mexico?s Electricians Union

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