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Donald Trump and Nigel Farage both saw victory in their campaigns after slamming the establishment and the 'elite' CREDIT: NIGEL FARAGE

Donald Trump and Nigel Farage both saw victory in their campaigns after slamming the establishment and the ‘elite’ CREDIT: NIGEL FARAGE

Jeremy Corbyn sparked debate after attributing Donald Trump’s US election win to a rejection of the “political elite”.

This may sound rich from someone who has been a figure in British politics since 1974, and has rarely?had a job outside of trade unions or Labour, but it is true Mr Trump has been labelled an anti-elite, anti-establishment candidate.

Recently, “elite”?has been used as shorthand …for the metropolitan liberal elite, which according to anti-establishment politicians has had power for too long.

…Are you a member of the “hated elite”?


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Do you eat like Hillary or Trump?



I took the?quiz and I eat like Trump.

Now it is your turn.

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Are you a Libertarian?

Take the easy ten question quiz to see if you are a


Librarian ?



Social Justice Bully or Neo-Nazi? Take the quiz

This simple quiz wants to find out if you?can differentiate between the words of a Social Justice Bully and those of a Neo-Nazi?

Each question contains a quote that may be from Stormfront, or a Social Justice Bully.

Click on the Hitler image for Stormfront and on The Triggered Feminist for Tumblr.

If the answer you pick fills up with color green, that means your answer is correct.

Color red means your answer is wrong.

After completing the quiz, your final answer will be calculated over 15.

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Are you Homophobic? Take the test UPDATED



Cam hates the word homophobia because no one is actually scared of a gay person because they are gay. They may not agree with their lifestyle or understand why they are attracted to the same sex but they are certainly not afraid of them which is what a phobia is.

Of course when Cam expresses that opinion people often assume that he is ” homophobic.” The disorder that Cam, myself and both our now adult children suffer from is pedanticism.?We don’t like words that we believe are inaccurate. We do however all share the same sense of humour and Cam always responds to accusations of homophobia with the same statement…

” Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.”

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Whaleoil Sport Quiz

Take the Social Justice Warrior test

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.14.29 PM

There are 70 questions and I suggest avoiding the extra two questions at the end where they ask for your sex and birth date.My result is above.

Have fun taking the test here.

I dare you to take the Implicit association test for Racism

I thought it would be interesting to take a racism test. As I am neither white nor black I thought I would make an interesting test subject for what they call an Implicit association test: Black and White race.

I am half Arab ( Lebanese ) and half European ( British and German. ) I look Arab, not European so I assumed that I didn’t see myself as being White. I have relatives with dark skin and very curly dark hair so what this test told me about myself was shocking. I expected that only someone who knew that they were prejudiced would get the highest score, not someone like myself who doesn’t see herself that way at all.

I was shocked by my result. I would be interested to hear what other people think of the test. I have never before taken a test that analyses you with this method. I would have liked it to break down what it was that I did that indicated the label they gave me. Was I too slow to make a decision? Did I make too many mistakes? How did they come to the conclusion they did about me? Read more »


Would you like to win a free Qur’an?

My quiz results.

My quiz results.

There is an online quiz you can take where you will win a free Qur’an if you score 100%. The quiz does not state which version of Islam it is based on.

I think you will find the quiz to be educational in more ways than one. Question (19) certainly raises more questions than it answers.


To take the quiz click here.

If any of you score 100% and win a Free Qur’an please let us know.

Abdullah, we are counting on you to win it on behalf of the WO community.


What kind of a feminist are you? [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Sorry, the comments were closed; they are now open.

Click here?to?take an interactive test, a version of the Feminist Perspectives Scale, that measures your feminist and gender attitudes.

Share with us in the comments how you did.

My highest score was for Liberal Feminist at 34 points.

As I had no idea what a liberal feminist was, I found the following definitions for the different types of feminism so that once you are labelled you can understand what your label means.


Liberal feminism is an individualistic form of feminist theory, which focuses on women?s ability to maintain their equality through their own actions and choices. Liberal feminists argue that society holds the false belief that women are, by nature, less intellectually and physically capable than men; thus it tends to discriminate against women in the academy, the forum, and the marketplace. Liberal feminists believe that “female subordination is rooted in a set of customary and legal constraints that blocks women?s entrance to and success in the so-called public world”. They strive for sexual equality via political and legal reform.


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