One thing Key won?t compromise on: National remains a meritocracy

Jackie Blue was a useless National MP, prone to tears and wetter than the ocean.?Her latest daft idea is to demand a quota of 50% women for John Key’s next cabinet.

Prime Minister John Key has dismissed a call to make his next cabinet at least half women, saying he’d be “stupid” to commit to a quota.

Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner Jackie Blue has called on Mr Key to follow in the steps of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, who last year appointed a half-female cabinet.

But asked whether he would promise to make his next cabinet 50 per cent women, Mr Key rejected the idea, saying he wanted ministers to be appointed on merit. ? Read more »


Want to become a Kiwi? Lame-os, Leppers and Losers don’t apply

Master of Pimp-the-Poor, Simon Collins, has found a new drum to beat: the fact that the country isn’t accepting immigrants who are immediately dependent on the taxpayer.

Chief Human Rights Commissioner David Rutherford said the commission was concerned by two recent decisions, highlighted in the Herald on Sunday, to refuse residence to Brazilian disability advocate Juliana Carvalho and Belgian autistic schoolboy Peter Gourle, whose award-winning mathematician step-father Professor Dimitri Leemans slammed the decision in Britain’s Guardian newspaper.

“Disabled people and others concerned with the situation should take advantage of the Government’s recently announced 2016 review of the Disability Strategy to make submissions to Government on this matter,” Rutherford said.

“The Disability Commissioner intends to engage with relevant Government agencies to raise concerns about the position of disabled people and their families in the immigration process and to discuss the potential for legislative or policy changes in this area to better support the rights of disabled people.”

Labour immigration spokesman Iain Lees-Galloway has also called for a more “holistic” approach to immigration applications from disabled people and deaf Green MP Mojo Mathers said the “discriminatory approach” was wrong in principle.

“If today’s criteria had been applied to me when my family applied to migrate here back in 1981, it is likely I (or my mother who is a survivor of a major motorcycle accident) would have been rejected as well,” she wrote in a blog.

Doesn’t that just prove the point though Mojo? You’re nothing but a cost to the taxpayer and I can’t see any net benefit to you being in this country. Can you truly be called productive??? Read more »