Guest essay on the topic: Does Islam inspire violence?



Does Islam inspire violence?


As a Kiwi who was in New York during 9/11, I’ve since been consumed by the question of how Islam – a religion and therefore presumably peaceful – could possibly be associated with such abhorrent mass murder. Unfortunately, it’s proven impossible to answer on the basis of secondary sources – being a highly-polarising issue, there’s no end of hyperbole and deliberate misinformation on the topic. So I decided the only way to overcome confusion was to study the most sacred text of Islam for myself. I wanted to know whether the words therein could be linked in any way to the brutality inflicted not only by Islamic terrorists but also by Muslim governments enforcing strict Islamic law (Sharia).

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert on Islam so I apologise if anything below is inaccurate. And having been caught up in 9/11 I’m probably biased. On the other hand, I don’t hold strong political or religious views (I’m essentially a mildly liberal agnostic). I have friends from a wide variety of cultures, and over the years I’ve enjoyed the company of several Muslim acquaintances and colleagues. I have no objection to multiculturalism – as an avid traveller I love spending time with people from different backgrounds and I think migrants often bring enthusiasm, a strong work ethic, and valuable experience. Nevertheless, I’ve come to the conclusion that while Western countries should continue to welcome skilled immigrants from almost every culture, race, and religion, those committed to Islamic ideology may pose a genuine threat to secular society. That’s just an opinion, though I’ll attempt to justify it with verifiable evidence.

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Why the Quran was revealed in Arabic


Would you like to win a free Qur’an?

My quiz results.

My quiz results.

There is an online quiz you can take where you will win a free Qur’an if you score 100%. The quiz does not state which version of Islam it is based on.

I think you will find the quiz to be educational in more ways than one. Question (19) certainly raises more questions than it answers.


To take the quiz click here.

If any of you score 100% and win a Free Qur’an please let us know.

Abdullah, we are counting on you to win it on behalf of the WO community.


The Recipe for Islamic Terror in France

Media and politicians seem unable to understand the recipe for Islamic terror in France even though there is a repeated pattern of behaviour. The pattern involves young Muslims spending years engaging in un-Islamic behaviour before completing terrorist attacks.

They go drinking, clubbing, do drugs and indulge in other non-Muslim like behaviour before turning to Islam and engaging in violent Jihad.

France’s Recipe for endless Jihad:

  1. They are Muslims in terms of what they believe but they are not Muslims in terms of their actions. In France they have the freedom to indulge in non-Islamic behaviour that they wouldn’t be able to indulge in if they were back in an Islamic country. Plenty of Christians can relate to this idea of believing one thing but in reality doing another. Muslims are not the only people who don’t always live their lives according to the rules/standards that they were brought up with.
Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 2.15.19 PM


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Orlando Imam – “gays must die” said just days before the Orlando killings

Can we stop calling this a failure of gun control yet?

Or the case of mental disorders?

Or remaining silent on the impact of Islam and the responsibility of their religion of hate.

The video above was made just days before the Orlando killings and the Imam clearly says gays must die.

Just weeks before the Islamic terror attack that left 50 young men dead at a gay bar in Orlando, Florida,?Muslim scholar Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar spoke at thelocal Husseini Islamic Center, calling for the death of homosexuals.

In a rant targeted towards homosexuals and women,?Sekaleshfar said that killing homosexuals was the “compassionate” way to deliver Allah’s justice.?

Death is the sentence. We know. There?s nothing to be embarrassed about this,?Sekaleshfar calmly said in April. “Death is the sentence.”? Read more »

Karl du Fresne on the ‘refugee crisis’

Karl du Fresne makes some salient points on?the?so-called ‘refugee crisis’ besetting Europe.

Let me see if I can get this straight. Millions of oppressed, dispossessed Muslims have risked their lives fleeing the Middle East and North Africa.

They are mostly victims of Islamic regimes from a part of the world where democracy is virtually unknown (Israel aside). They are escaping sectarianism, persecution, civil war, anarchy, corruption and starvation.
None of them want to go to other Islamic countries. Why would they, when Islam represents all that they?re trying to get away from?

Besides, hardly any Islamic regimes offer them refuge. With the honourable exceptions of Lebanon and Jordan, most Islamic countries ? including some that are fabulously wealthy ? appear impervious to the suffering of their co-religionists.
No, the place these Islamic refugees want to be is Europe ? Western Europe, to be precise. And what attracts them there? Presumably freedom, for a start.

Western Europe is democratic. People actually elect their governments. The rule of law is enforced not by religious zealots but by courts that apply principles of fairness and impartiality.
In Europe, people?s prospects don?t depend on having been born into the right sex, religious sect or clan. They enjoy civil rights ? the right to dress the way they want, to vote, to speak their minds, to have educational opportunities, to drive cars and enter into romantic relationships without fear of being murdered in ?honour? killings.

And presumably these refugees are also attracted to capitalism, because more than any other ?ism? it gives them the greatest chance to fulfil their human potential.

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Can you guess which book has 32% more Jew hatred than Mein Kampf?


As the copyright expires on Mein Kampf and publication restrictions in Germany cease there are worries that the hateful musings of Adolf Hitler will spark more anti-semitism.

But there is a book out there with even more hatred of Jews than even Mein Kampf.

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The innocence of a child in a perverse world

via KXAN

via KXAN

A seven-year-old US boy has been praised for extending a hand of friendship, filled with a US$20 note (NZ$30), to his local mosque after it was defaced.

The Islamic Centre in Pflugerville, Texas, was vandalised on Monday because of anti-Muslim sentiment that had sprung up in the wake of the Paris attacks.

The perpetrators smeared faeces on the building and littered the area with torn pages from the Koran, media outlet KXAN reported.

Oh the conflicting feelings that have come to a focal point here. ?Do I approve of the defacing of the mosque with faeces? ?No. ? Do I think it’s OK to rip the Quran up? ? No. ? ?Is this kid’s heart in the right place? ?Yes.

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Face of the day

Mullah Krekar tells Norwegian TV that not only is it okay for Muslims to kill non-Muslims, it?s actually required by Qu?ranic law.

Mullah Krekar “Muslims have the Right to Kill anyone who does Not Respect Islam?

Incitement to murder is in the Koran and it is repeated on TV by today’s face of the day. Was he charged with ‘Hate speech’ or held responsible for incitement to murder? No of course he wasn’t. After all he is being totally honest about what Allah wants and what the Koran says. He is following Islamic law as set down by the perfect man, the pedophile, slaver, thief, torturer and war lord Muhammad.

Islam was and is a religion spread by the sword.?Mullah Krekar is only saying what Islam teaches. The Koran is a book about war and conquest, a training manual of brutal terrorism to achieve a worldwide Caliphate over the inferior Kafir.

The earlier verses were peaceful but when Muhammad preached peace he had only a few followers. It was later when Muhammad formed a brutal religious gang that attacked passing caravans and stole their goods and enslaved people, that his followers became significant. Every peaceful verse has been abrogated by the later more recent verses that came after. Islam is truly a bloody and violent religion.If we compare it to the Bible ( and really there is no real comparison) the peaceful verses are their old testament and their violent verses are their New Testament.

In response to questions about Muslim violence against non-Muslims, Mullah Krekar tells Norwegian TV that not only is it okay for Muslims to kill non-Muslims, it?s actually required by Qu?ranic law. Further the imam says that ?Muslims have the right to Kill anyone who does not respect Islam.?

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I want the Bible and Quran banned. Or at least age restricted

Bob McCoskrie is dumber than a sack of hammers and clearly still hasn’t heard about the Streisand Effect.

Conservative lobby group Family First is considering its legal options after a ban on controversial teen novel Into the River was lifted.

An interim restriction order was applied last month on Ted Dawe’s award-winning coming-of-age novel making it illegal to sell or supply the book anywhere in New Zealand.

Film and Literature Board of Review took the step after Family First sought to have an age restriction placed on the book because of its subject matter.

The book contains offensive language and addresses several controversial issues, including having sex under the legal age, illegal drug use, child sex exploitation and violent assault.

In a 4-1 majority decision the board lifted the ban saying it did not believe an age restriction was justified. ? Read more »