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Guest Post – Facebook, the Battle of Stalingrad and Wellington College

Guest Post by idbkiwi

At just four dollars for close-to nine-hundred pages, I admit, it was my innate thrift that sealed the purchase. The blurb on the back cover described my purchase as the greatest Russian novel of the twentieth century; it is the best book I have ever read. Ever.

Vasily Grossman died thinking his masterpiece had been written in vain. His book had been arrested; both manuscripts had been seized, all copies and drafts, even the ribbons from his typewriter were confiscated to prevent his subversive words reaching any contemporary audience; so dangerous was it.

What startled the KGB, what led to his book, “Life and Fate“, being arrested and to its author being declared a ‘non-person’, was not the beautifully written and brutally honest character studies, nor the harrowing, intricate descriptions of life and death during the siege of Stalingrad, the attention to factual and obviously lived-through historical detail, the noting of revealing nuances and idiosyncrasies that give his scenes unique character both in charm and in revulsion; No! It was his depiction of how a totalitarian state works on an individual level, how it massages thought while suffocating it, how it reduces people to slaves of common ‘Good (with a capital G)’, how millions can become indifferent to the sufferings of others given sufficient codified moral imperative, and of how it erodes, subtly and irresistibly, three paramount human qualities; those of freedom, uniqueness, and kindness. ? Read more »

Wellington College suspends 2 boys

Two Wellington College students who made references to rape in a private Facebook group have been suspended by the school for five days.

They have also had their leadership responsibilities withdrawn and been barred from representing the school at sport and cultural events for a period of time.

The board of trustees says it has been unequivocal with the students and with the rest of the school that the views expressed online last week had no place in the college or the community. Read more »

Men and rape culture. No matter what you do, you’re guilty of it

Rape culture is when female students tell us that sexual harassment and assault are everyday occurrences for them – and we do nothing about it.

Courageous and articulate young women from Wellington schools have over the past 10 days exposed the threats, insults and misogyny which are an integral part of their lives.

Sadly, we already knew this.

Courageous and articulate young women from Auckland schools told us exactly the same things in 2013, when the actions of the boys responsible for Roastbusters were publicised.

Unfortunately, we didn’t care enough to put an end to this behaviour by boys.

If we really cared about sexual violence we would:

Poto Williams swallows huge rat to restore fake party unity

Party leader Andrew Little shoulder-tapped Mr Jackson, a former politician and broadcaster, to stand for Labour in the September 23 general election and is still backing him.

Ms Williams took to Facebook just hours after Mr Jackson was named as a list candidate to say his comments over the Roast Busters scandal in 2013 didn’t match her expectations of a Labour Party member.

Mr Jackson says he apologised for his Roast Busters comments at the time, and has done so several times since.

The pair met for a “robust and honest conversation” on Wednesday night and Ms Williams said she accepted that Mr Jackson’s apology was genuine.

She said he realised he had more to learn about issues of sexual violence.

“In that regard I hope to help him increase his understanding an our conversations will continue,” she said.

“I welcome that opportunity and Willie is keen for that to occur.”

But Ms Williams stopped short of endorsing Mr Jackson as a candidate.

In the end, for a sitting MP to be made to meet with someone who isn’t even a Labour candidate yet and be forced to play nice is just humiliating. ? But as one fire is put out, another starts. ? Read more »

Gang rape by migrants are so common that this one only gets attention because she is in a wheelchair

It happens over and over again. They know the truth in Sweden, in Germany, in France and in Austria. They know that Rape culture really does exist. A culture where men are taught to have no respect for women and who consider rape of women?and children acceptable in a ” sexual emergency.


A DISABLED woman was gang raped in a Swedish refugee centre after asking to use the toilet, sparking violent protests.

The victim had shared a taxi home with a man after going for dinner in a restaurant in Visby, Sweden, when she said she needed to use the toilet.

Believed to be in her thirties, the woman was then offered to use the one at her fellow passenger’s home.

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Does rape culture exist inside Western societies?


Because my definition of rape culture is different to the way feminists have defined it, I have argued previously that we don’t have a rape culture in Western societies like New Zealand. I see rape culture as meaning a culture where rape is not thought of as being morally wrong. Rape culture to me is a culture where men are not held responsible for their violent sexual urges and women are blamed for exciting men’s lust. Rape culture is a culture where women get punished for being raped.

Rape culture is a culture where women are told to cover their bodies to prevent rape. Rape culture to me is a culture where forced marriage and child marriage are common and women do not have equality in law or in everyday life.

Feminists have a much broader and milder definition of rape culture than mine.



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Apparently calling your daughter ‘princess’ supports rape culture

Only liberal weirdos could possibly conceive this lunacy:

Doting parents who refer to their little girls (or boys, for that matter) as “Princess” are on notice now that by doing so, they are contributing to “rape culture.”

If you’re blissfully unfamiliar with the term rape culture, you might reasonably assume that it refers to a culture in which women are stoned to death for being accused – usually falsely – of?adultery;?in which women are not allowed to drive or be in the presence of an unrelated male; in which women are routinely beaten to keep them in line; in which young women are murdered by their own male relatives for bringing shame upon the family for some transgression as serious as making a cell phone call to a boy.

But no. America, according to feminists, is the?rape culture, where women are kept under the thumb of the patriarchy blah blah blah. Read more »

Rape cultures. Time for perspective.

Caution, this is a tough topic.

A Chechen ISIL militant ‘cleaned’ 19-year-old Dalia with petrol before raping her…

They were kidnapped, sold as sex slaves and raped for months at the hands of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants.

Hundreds of them managed to reach safety in the territory of Iraq?s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), either by escaping from ISIL by themselves or by the help of their relatives who paid a ransom.

Let’s meet some of these young women. ? Read more »


On rape, rape culture and media

When I decided to take Jan Logie and Tania Billingsley to task for their abuse of the media, political and legal processes in regards to the Malaysian diplomat case before the election, I was labelled a rape enabler. ?Long term readers will know that’s not correct – ?I have a long and consistent history of speaking out against child abuse, domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Then I saw this today.


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We don’t have a ‘Rape Culture.’ THIS, is a country with a ‘Rape Culture’

Previously I have explained the Feminist definition of what Rape Culture is and have concluded that we simply do not have it here in NZ when you look at the definition of what a Rape Culture actually is.

However India meets all the requirements hands down and this unbelievably? disgusting photo shoot leaves the viewer with no doubt whatsoever as to the underlying? attitude towards women in India. To be fair the photographer claims that his intent was to highlight the Rape culture in an artistic way. You be the judge as to whether or not he succeeded.

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