God knows why National bothers going to Ratana

Bill English went to Ratana today, god knows why National even bothers, all they ever get is a stern ticking off, and Maori barely vote for National anyway.

Bill English may not be going to Waitangi this year but he will lead the Government to Ratana today for the first time as Prime Minister.

And his entry to the first big Maori event in election year will be in the midst of some symbolic political choreography.

English will go on with Tuwharetoa and its paramount chief Sir Tumu te Heuheu. ? Read more »

Who is Andrew Little? How did Little go at Ratana?


Who me? No it’s Andrew Little not Stuart Little

If you look at media reports Andrew Little didn’t do so well at Ratana.

And those media reports are subtle but brutal showing that the as yet un-filled PR position in his team is going to have a hard job getting two positive stories about a dopey looking, dour, grumpy leader into the media.

The photo the Herald used on Saturday was dreadful.

The comments by Claire Trevett worse.

Andrew Little has survived his first address to Maori at Ratana but was well and truly upstaged by NZ First leader Winston Peters when it came to wooing the nannies.

Beforehand, Mr Little admitted to having butterflies in his stomach given the historic relationship between Labour and the Church followers.

He was also the third Labour leader in as many years and the Church speakers had issued a warning that Labour had to up its game after the faith Maori placed in it in last year’s election.

It may have helped that none of his predecessors – David Cunliffe, David Shearer and Phil Goff – attended this year. But the pressure went up when he discovered he’d also have to give his address in front of National MPs.

Usually the Government parties and Opposition are welcomed on to Ratana separately, but this year delays prompted the organisers to opt for a joint powhiri.

Mr Little managed to get through his speech without looking at his notes. He even managed to get in a few jokes, saying of the prophet Ratana that he was “80 years ahead of Gareth Morgan. And he didn’t have a book to sell”.

However, he didn’t get many laughs, possibly because Dr Morgan was on the paepae alongside the Ratana elders, having been welcomed on yesterday.

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Labour’s ties to Ratana are questioned as well they should

Labour treats Maori with condescending and patronising behaviour.

They ‘expect’ support from Maori, in fact probably demand it behind closed doors, but the reality is after 90 years of association with Ratana the elders are finally getting the picture that more results for Maori have been delivered by the National party and their partnership with the Maori party.Labour is being put on notice again but anyone who has been observing politics as long as I have knows this has been going one for quite some time.

Maori it seems are content to talk lots but do little when it comes sorting out politicians.

At Ratana though Andrew Little got his beans, and it was particularly sharp in his mind after the elders changed the protocol for attending the marae, putting all politicians on the same level.

Only one got upset and that was Andrew Little.

Andrea Vance reports:

Ratana church leaders have warned Labour not to take its support for granted, after the party won six of the seven Maori seats at the election.

In a break from tradition, Labour leader Andrew Little and his MPs were obliged to walk onto the marae with politicians from other parties.

Events to mark the 142nd birthday of the prophet Tahup?tiki Wiremu R?tana ran well over time, because of the attendance of the Maori King T?heitia Paki. But it’s known that church elders have long wanted MPs of all hues to be welcomed together. ?? Read more »

Better in the tent than outside

The Maori party have signed a confidence and supply agreement with National and Te Ururoa Flavell has become a Minister.

John Key keeps his inclusive government ticking along and the Maori party continues to be able to deliver.

Te Ururoa Flavell will become a Minister outside Cabinet after the Maori Party reached a confidence and supply agreement with National for the third straight term.

The?Maori Party co-leader?was announced as the new Minister of Maori Development (a new title for what was Maori Affairs) as well as holding the Whanau Ora and associate economic development portfolios.

It came after Flavell, outgoing MP and fellow Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia and Prime Minister John Key officially signed the relationship accord with National – Te Tatau ki te Paerangi – at Parliament this afternoon.

Key welcomed the third straight agreement he had signed with the Maori Party and the way it had approached governing with National.

“I have no doubt that we New Zealanders are better off because of it.”

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Hosking on Winston

Mike Hosking, in his editorial at NewstalkZB, considers the spectre of Winston Peters returning to his position as king-maker.

We have seen this week why Winston Peters is almost a certainty for a return to the big house come the election.

I have made the mistake in previous years and campaigns of writing Peters off. I have run the line that surely by now given the track record is a reasonably long one, there is evidence a plenty to show that little good comes of having his Mad Hatters? party in Parliament.

But I have been proven? wrong, and under MMP when really you?re only looking for five people out of every hundred to think anything is a good idea. If you look hard enough, finding five isn?t that hard. If his Ratana performance is anything to go by, this time round he?s mining fertile ground.

He talked of apartheid, polices that are linked directly to race. Flying Maori flags, Whanau Ora? welfare programmes, Maori prisons. Key distanced himself, Cunliffe sort of agreed, the Maori Party got infuriated. In fact Tariana Turia used her opening speech in the house on Tuesday to lay into him. But here?s the key – he got the attention he wanted and needed.

My sense of it is of all the issues he?s run ? corruption, Asians, etc. – this one might have the best legs. Why? Because technically he?s right. We do do things for Maori in this country that are exclusively for Maori. And given the length the Treaty process has dragged, there is a weariness among a growing number that enough is enough.? Read more »

Poseur Alert – Turia smacks out Shearer for being a “poser”

Tariana Turia has not taken much time at all to sledge out David Shearer for attempting?to cuddle up to the Exclusive Bro-thren aka Ratana.

Labour leader David Shearer has said he will gun for the Maori Party electorate seats next year, exploiting the uncertainty in the party – but co-leader Tariana Turia has retaliated, saying Mr Shearer was a poser and Maori people would see right through him.

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The only person looking to bribe Maori more than John Key is David Shearer

David Shearer has?professed?a willingness to sell membership and policy in order to get Ratana on board. He has basically dropped his trousers in an attempt to attract Maori support and at?the?same time attacked the Maori party.

If Shearer wants to win back all the Maori seats, he’s gonna be offering some serious pork, over and above all the recent progress on Treaty claims.

I wonder how Waitakere Man would feel about that.

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National should quit Ratana and never go back

David Shearer has let the cat out of the bag, Ratana are about to become Labour’s maori bitches once again:

Mr Shearer pledged last year to meet regularly with the Ratana movement.

Since then, he has hosted the church elders at Parliament and met them several times.

?So I am going up for the church service on Friday ? for me that is the most significant day and it?s the day when people commemorate it.?

He said this week that Labour were also now in discussions with Ratana about whether it would become an affiliate of the party.

That would give it some influence over candidate selections and voting power in future leadership elections.

National should now shun Ratana, they?have?become a politically corrupt organisation. I’ll bet they are a registered charity as well…that needs reviewing too now they look set to become an?affiliate?of the Labour party.

Chris Finlayson, Judith Collins and new labour minister Simon Bridges need to sit down now and review electoral laws. They need to do it urgently.

There is no place in politics for affiliate memberships of political parties with special rights and privileges.

What needs to happen is for the law to change to prevent anyone other than natural persons from becoming members, affiliate or otherwise of a political party. The second thing that needs to happen is for the law around donations to change at the same time. That law needs to prevent any donations to political parties unless they are from natural persons. No corporates, no unions, no trusts, nothing but individuals.

These things are urgent, they need to be done to prevent an abuse of our democracy. It would be appalling if the Auckland Chamber of Commerce was abkle to become a member of the National party, and likewise if the EMA was too…but for some reason labour thinks it is perfectly above board to hand out memberships to?affiliate?unions and now a church based on a cult figure.


Reclaiming the day

The Herald has an article asking how we can reclaim Waitangi Day.

It is then full of a whole lot of liberal guilt and anguish. But I tell you what, I’m over all the b.s. promulgated by Maori intent on looking backwards to 1840 instead of looking forwards.

So for Waitangi Day I am going to have a Brown Out. I’m not going to talk about it, blog about it or comment on the annual gnashing and wailing of teeth held at Waitangi.

The only people really interested in Waitangi are the 1%…the elites of Maori and politicians. Foreverybody else it is the first Statutroy holiday and we hope for a fine day, good surf and great company not all the racial bikering that Waitangi Day has become.

Helen Clark did the right thing is staying away after she was insulted…”The Crown” should stay away?permanently?and while we are at it ignore the Ratana cult too.

Ngapuhi would be better off spending the day working out solutions to their appalling child abuse statistics and awful housing situation instead of pandering to elites at Waitangi.

As far as I am concerned the Treaty of Waitangi is an interesting historical document of as much relevance as the Treaty of?Versailles?to modern New Zealand. Both documents were meant to bring peace and instead they promoted divsion and conflict.

It is time to consign it all to the history books and start building a modern, relevant society in New Zealand not one focused on grievance and outrage.

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Is Brian Tamaki the new Ratana?

So yesterday political leaders with the exception of a dignified John Banks all prostrated themselves at the feet of Ratana, a maori psuedo-christian cult.

Can you imagine the fuss and furore if the nations leaders, not some backbench numpties went and?prostrated?themselves at the feet of another cult, that of Destiny Church and Brian Tamaki?

There was enough wailing about Tau Henare and some others going to Destiny’s conference, but imagine if they were treated the same as Ratana.

Brian Tamaki is really going to have to try harder to be taken more seriously. Perhaps he could ask Len Brown to broker a deal between Destiny and Labour since it appears that Labour is on?the?outer at Ratana.

The howling about a school for Destiny was deafening, they only way it could have been worse were if Chinese were the joint venture partners for Destiny.

So why is there no outrage when politicians crawl to other cults.