Send him home as well

The ratbag green protestor who climbed up someone else’s?tree can’t get a NZ Passport because of his conviction that resulted from his trespassing and invasion of private property.

The Australian-born protector of a West Auckland kauri tree has been denied a New Zealand passport.

Michael Tavares, 34,?spent 81 hours up the?kauri?in 2015 to prevent it being chopped down by housing developers.

His actions sparked a protest, and 27,000 people?signed a petition to save the centuries-old native tree.

But they also brought about a trespass conviction – the reason the Department of Internal Affairs blocked his bid for?citizenship.

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Oh how sweet, a teacher and her former student marry

That teacher registration thing is working out just fine, isn’t it?

She was his teacher, she supported him in prison and now?? she’s his wife.

But it wouldn’t be the happily?ever after she had planned.

The?Bay of Plenty teacher, now 39, is facing charges from her profession’s disciplinary body after marrying her former student, after he did jail time.

A lawyer for the Education Council?says her actions amount?to serious misconduct. The teacher’s lawyer says she never planned for it, “it just happened”.

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Good job, stop in prison a bit longer

The Media party loves to promote Arthur Taylor.

They are crying rivers of tears on his behalf because the Parole Board has asked him to stop in prison a bit longer.

The Parole Board deems high profile and long serving inmate Arthur Taylor too dangerous for early release, a report released today has revealed. ? Read more »

Ain’t love grand…and then there is this

She looks so happy to be marrying this Black Power gang member.

The media are lapping it up though, celebrating gang lifestyle. I wonder if Kelvin Davis was invited?

A video of a Black Power gang couple sharing their nuptials has been shared on Facebook and viewed thousands of times across the country.

The North Island couple are pictured sitting on chairs with crate bottles in hand at a residential property while other family and gang members sit round with drinks and the celebrant reads their vows. ? Read more »


Apparently it is the Minister’s fault scumbags steal from schools

Apparently, the gutless anonymous cowards at The Save ours Schools??FB page believe the way to prevent fraud schools is to pay admin staff better and insinuate it is the Minister’s fault people are stealing.

People who steal from schools and hospitals and children are the lowest of the low in my opinion. Over the last few years there have been many prosecutions against admin staff who have misappropriated funds from their school. Maybe paying admin staff better (hello Minister?) could prevent these cases.

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Seriously? You’re going to try that excuse again?

A drunk driver who has clipped yet another person is trying to get a discharge without conviction for the second time.

A driver has admitted careless driving causing injury after hitting a cyclist and breaking?his collarbone.

Blenheim woman Wendy Louise McDonald Florence, 52, was driving west on Stephenson St about 7pm on September 21.

Police said Florence paused at the Maxwell Rd intersection, which was controlled by a give way sign, before turning right onto Maxwell Rd, passing in front of a cyclist.

The cyclist, heading?south on Maxwell Rd, was unable to stop in time to avoid Florence’s car, and crashed into the front right-hand side, the police summary of facts said.

He was knocked from his bike, breaking his right?collarbone as he hit the tarseal.

The cyclist was taken to Blenheim’s Wairau Hospital by ambulance, where he had surgery to fix his collarbone using a metal plate.

Florence told police she did not see him when she pulled out. ? Read more »

Ratbag mayor wants people to act with respect and trust, chance would be a fine thing

One ratbag gets replaced by another ratbag, and he wants everyone to act within an environment of respect and trust?

He could have started by telling the truth about his real thoughts on the dodgy socialist?and world class theatre.

The new mayor of Marlborough District has made a plea for the new council to respect the decision-making process they have been elected to do.

John Leggett – the district’s first new mayor in 12 years, after Alistair Sowman stepped down at the election – told councillors at today’s swearing-in ceremony that he wanted an environment of respect and trust.

Mr Leggett was at the centre of confidential material leaked to an online website before the election, aimed at embarrassing him. ? Read more »

It worked, ratbag porno principal has managed to smear others

A ratbag porno principal caught with 1500 pornographic images on his school provided laptop smeared a whole bunch of other people, including other principals, Ministry staff and Police, in an attempt to mitigate his offending.

It’s worked sort of, investigations have started looking for these people.

Top education officials and police chiefs investigated their own staff following accusations some may have sent a Northland principal pornographic emails.

It comes after the respected Northland educator admitted on Monday to having 1500 pornographic emails on his work devices – saying they were “joke” emails sent to him by friends, including other principals, Ministry of Education personnel and police officers.

On Monday, the principal – who has interim name suppression – appeared before the New Zealand Teachers’ Disciplinary Tribunal.

He is accused of financial mismanagement of his former school and having pornographic images and videos saved in his emails, which were accessible on four work devices.

He told the tribunal: “They came from principals, Ministry [of Education] personnel, police, who are good friends of mine.”

Later adding: “Some were from a policeman so I thought, ‘they’re fine, they’re from the cops’.”

His police officer friend had indicated the practice was widespread within the police force, the principal said.

However, today the police said it had no information to indicate any police officer had sent inappropriate emails to the principal. ? Read more »


This is why we have a crime problem, judges practice catch and release on our criminals

Fairfax ran a story on the weekend about the effects of drugs on society with the main thrust being the hurt that drug addiction causes.

But in the middle of all the tears and angst were these little nuggets of information.

The summary of facts for the offending outlined?how unstuck Joshua?Morton’s life became.

On January 1, the defendant was at Waitara’s?Marine Park when he saw the victim?in a parked car. He walked up to the victim and?punched him in the head through the half open window.

As the victim tried to get out of the car, the defendant kicked at the door repeatedly ?and then launched more punches, causing the window to smash. Joshua?Morton then presented a set of?nunchuks (two?small?metal bars joined by a chain)?and used them to smash the windscreen and punch the victim’s head.?The victim was left with a split nose and a facial cut, a sore jaw and abrasions to his back.

Later the same month, Joshua?Morton smashed his way into his parents’ Waitara home, stole his?father’s ute?and left. ?After the matter was reported to the police, the defendant was spotted on Cracroft St.

After activating the red and blue lights, police did get Joshua Morton to stop and get out of the car. ?However, he got back into the ute and drove off at speed. He was arrested a short time later. ? Read more »


TVNZ and Andrea Vance go all in for disgusting spitting criminals

Andrea Vance had a piece on 1News last night about Police use of spit hoods. They are designed to stop scumbag criminals from spitting at Police.

One commenter noted:

Vance is exercising the usual array of crim hugging HR Muppet’s over the police use of spit hoods on the disgusting mongrels they have to deal with. I say those who are bleating about mongrel’s rights on this should do a bit of walking in the moccasins to see if they enjoy being covered in saliva contaminated with god knows what and waiting on tenterhooks for test results to see if they have contracted a fatal disease. Whilst Vance has the opportunity, she should blag a spit hood from police stores and present it to Goff in case he feels that way inclined again.

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