What President Trump and Cameron Slater have in common


Believe it or not President Trump and Cameron Slater have something in common. Both have had their privacy invaded by political enemies looking for dirt.

Cameron had eight years worth of private and personal information stolen as part of a politically motivated hack. The stolen information was turned into a book but his political enemies’ fishing expedition got them not one single fish. They found zero evidence of any crime. No laws had been broken, nothing illegal had been done.

After breaking the law themselves in a fruitless attempt to find criminal actions all they could do was to claim moral disapproval of lawful strategies and methods that were used. They also tried to demonise Cameron because of the kind of language he uses in private with his mates similar to how Trump was demonised for his private comments about women.

President Trump recently claimed that ex-President Obama spied on him, doing his own fishing expedition looking for dirt before Trump became president. If true, the fact that Obama’s spies were unable to dig up any dirt shows that Trump may use successful strategies and methods that some disapprove of but like Cameron, he didn’t break any laws. They can demonise Trump all they like but it doesn’t change the fact that Obama allegedly spied on Trump in an unsuccessful attempt to find incriminating evidence on him just like Rawshark and his accomplice Nicky Hager tried to do to Cameron Slater.

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From Hero to Zero: wikileaks founder reveals the dirt on the wrong people

Views of the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange have changed in reaction to him revealing dirt on the ” wrong ” people. He had the lefts’ support and fawning admiration when he was dishing the dirt on their enemies but now that wikileaks?has contributed to Hillary Clinton’s election loss, many have turned on him. Some on the right are now embracing him. It seems that if a criminal hacker/whistleblower reveals information that helps one political side they are going to support him because it helps their cause.

In New Zealand the left talk about Nicky Hager and Rawshark with admiration but it would not take much to turn them against them. All it would take is a hack on Labour and a ” whistleblower ” book. The bottom line is that support for a hacker/whistleblower comes from ” who ” the stolen information hurts, not the actual criminal act itself.

It?s not that unusual for a public figure to go from hero to villain. But going from villainy to heroism? That?s a tougher road to traverse.

Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder and central figure, has managed to do both over the last few months, culminating in a remarkable embrace by the president-elect and two longtime critics on the American right, Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin.

…Has Assange changed, or is his rehabilitation on the right, and his loss of esteem on the left, simply a factor of political exigencies within the United States? The answer is a little bit of both.

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D?j? vu: NZ Journalist, criminal hack, wikileaks and Kim Dotcom

Here we go again. Is this the new normal for politics? I guess it is. This time round instead of hacking Whaleoil, Rawshark 2.0 has gone directly after the National Government. No doubt emboldened by the fact that Rawshark has never been brought to justice they have allegedly stolen 2 terabytes of information. The only difference this time round is that the journalist (who once again is linked to Kim Dotcom) is not writing a book with the stolen information but is allegedly running away to Russia to claim asylum while the stolen information apparently is destined for Wikileaks.

Is this a Martyn Bradbury drug induced?fantasy? Is the journalist in question really that afraid or even a journalist? Suzie Dawson? Never heard of her. Our sources say she was a member of Occupy and a prolific tweeter during Dirty Politics. Even Martyn Bradbury calls her a blogger rather than a journalist. At one stage she took up a friendship with fraudster Ben Rachinger who December last year pleaded guilty to obtaining by deception and who is now awaiting sentencing. Ben Rachinger you may remember is the young man who approached Whaleoil offering to help us catch Rawshark after we were hacked.We were so taken in by him that we asked him to assist the New Zealand Police with their enquiries.

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Media support of Clinton helps Trump


When the criminal hacker Rawshark stole and supplied the material for a dirty politics political hit on the National Party and Whaleoil the Media Party grabbed hold of it with both hands. They believed that they had a smoking gun that they could use to destroy National’s chances in the election. They were already in boots and all supporting Kim Dotcom’s bought and paid for Internet Party and the hack seemed like Mana from heaven. Considering all that they had National should have been destroyed by the relentless Media Party attacks but the public did not react in the way the Media Party expected them to.The American?Media are having the exact same problem with the voting public. Their relentless Pro-Clinton and Anti-Trump rhetoric?is having the opposite effect. If Trump wins a large part of the credit should go to the American Media.

…that Trump and Hillary are running neck and wattled neck is graphic evidence of the fact that about half the population hates so-called journalists and is voting accordingly.

That hate is destroying the media?s business model, and they are scared. You can see it in their frenzied doubling-down on the same foolishness that made us hate them in the first place. We complain that the media hacks are taking sides and they publicly reject objectivity. We complain about biased moderators, and their moderator rejects moderation. We complain that they favor the liberals, and then they all swoon over some Venezuelan bimbo while studiously ignoring Hillary?s track record of treating the women abused by her hubby like garbage. Actually, it?s not even just ignoring Hillary?s perv enabling ? as I found out, the media tries to silence any mention of her shameful behavior.

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John Key to be grilled by Ombudsman over TXTs he and I sent to each other

Newstalk ZB’s Felix Marwick is on the “not a fan” ledger when it comes to both Key and myself. ?He’s been after the content of ?our communications?since the Dirty Politics hit failed to do its job hoping to succeed where Rawshark and Nicky Hager failed.

The Chief Ombudsman will investigate the Prime Minister over his refusal to release details regarding his, and his office’s contact with right-wing bloggers David Farrar and Cameron Slater.

Back in early 2014 Newstalk ZB requested records of all such contacts that had occurred over a two year period.

John Key’s office declined to release details, saying to do so would require substantial research and collation and also that some communications may have been made in Mr Key’s capacity as an MP and leader of the National Party.

Now, almost two and a half years after a formal complaint was laid with the Ombudsmen about the matter, Chief Ombudsmen Peter Boshier has announced he will investigate the compliant. Read more »

It appears that hacking as part of elections is here to stay

I would say I am proud to have been the first in New Zealand, but that would ignore the Hollow Men hack, and perhaps others that have been just as effective and less public.

US presidential campaigns and related organisations have been targeted by hackers, the office of the US National Intelligence Director James Clapper says.

“We’re aware that campaigns and related organisations and individuals are targeted by actors with a variety of motivations, from philosophical differences to espionage, and capabilities, from defacements to intrusions,” Mr Clapper’s spokesman Brian Hale said in a statement on Wednesday, deferring to the FBI for details on specific incidents.

Earlier, Mr Clapper said the US intelligence community had “already had some indications” of hacking attempts against presidential campaigns.

“As the campaign intensifies we’ll probably have more” attacks, Mr Clapper said at a morning event at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington.

The last two US presidential cycles in 2008 and 2012 witnessed a barrage of cyber attacks from a range of adversaries targeting President Barack Obama’s campaign and the campaigns of his Republican foes.

US intelligence officials have said many of the previous assaults were linked to Chinese hackers.

Politically motivated hacking seems to be alive and well in New Zealand.? And judging by the news story, it’s here to stay.? Would it be unfair to say it’s most, if not all, done by or for the left?? Read more »

Some of Hager’s hacking pals have been at it again


In Nicky Hager’s blinkered world, hackers are just guys wanting to expose the truth because they are upset about something or someone. They use their criminal skills to take information and then put it into the public arena using friendly and sympathetic so-called ‘investigative journalists’.

Nicky Hager is one of the most well-known investigative journalists in New Zealand. He has ?an uncanny ability to always be in the right spot at the right time whenever a hacker wants to drop off a memory stick. Hackers are co-writers of every one of his books, as he prefers to sift through stolen information like the Panama papers rather than actually go out into the real world and talk to people.

Now a hacker collective have decided to punish the ‘bad guys’ worldwide. Their targets are banks and their justification is that they are retaliating against the ?elite banking cartels putting the world in a perpetual state of chaos”. In order to achieve this they themselves are causing chaos but, being hackers with the limited intellectual prowess of Rawshark, they don’t see it that way.

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The ends justifies the means for the left-wing

The left-wing are all over the “Panama Papers”, like white on rice.

They were all over Nicky Hager’s illegal use of my private correspondence.

Both cases involved criminal hackers illegally obtaining private documentation and then shopping that to left-wing activists who laundered the documents, published them and claimed public interest…all as a result of a crime.

But dial back on the personalities and?the politics and put what has happened in a different context.

Let?s say a group of criminal defense lawyers kept a database of their confidential conversations with their clients.? That would include clients charged with murder, robbery, DUI, drug abuse, and so on.? In turn, a hacker would break into that database and post the information from those conversations on Wikileaks.? Of course a lot of those conversations would appear to be incriminating because ? let?s face it ? most of the people who require defense attorneys on criminal charges are in fact guilty.? When asked why the hack was committed, the hacker would say ?Most of those people are guilty.? I want to make sure they do not escape punishment.?

How many of us would approve of that behavior?? Keep in mind the hacker is spreading the information not only to prosecutors but to the entire world, and outside of any process sanctioned by the rule of law.? The hacker is not backed by the serving of any criminal charges or judge-served warrants.

Yet somehow many of us approve when the victims are wealthy and higher status, as is the case with the Panama Papers.? Furthermore most of those individuals probably did nothing illegal, but rather they were trying to minimize their tax burden through (mostly) legal shell corporations.? Admittedly, very often the underlying tax laws should be changed, just as we should repeal the deduction for mortgage interest too.? But in the meantime we are not justified in stealing information about those people, even if some of them are evil and powerful, as is indeed the case for homeowners too.

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Journalistic privilege should not include protecting criminals

Nicky Hager has a real cheek. His latest attack on the police for daring to try to catch criminal hacker Rawshark really takes the cake. He attempts to say that what they did means that no journalist will ever be able to promise confidentiality to their sources. He totally ignores the fact that only journalists who work with criminals will be unable to fully protect their sources. This therefore is not something that will affect all journalists unless there is an epidemic of journalists in New Zealand who regularly work with criminals.

Journalists should not be allowed to protect criminals. Criminal sources should not be afforded the same confidentiality as non-criminal sources. If Hager refused to help the police that is fine, but to complain that they tried to find Rawshark using other means that may have unmasked him is ridiculous. The police have a job to do. Hager expects them to do nothing simply because he was involved. Read more »

So Hager and his hacker accomplice get away with it then

This sickens me.

That little rat-faced c*nt, who used my stolen data, obtained from a criminal hacker he knows the identity of, is getting away with one of the worst paid for political hit jobs in modern history.

Police are set to destroy copies of hard drives and files taken from journalist Nicky Hager’s home during an unlawful raid.

In December, a court found a 10-hour search of Mr Hager’s Wellington home in October 2014 was illegal because police had not told the court they were conducting a “media search” when they applied for a warrant.

The journalist will on Friday travel to the High Court at Auckland where a computer and files seized in the raid will be handed back to him.

He’ll also watch as police destroy copies of a hard drive and a memory card they cloned from his equipment. ?? Read more »