Cool Toys on Saturday

Sick of hearing about Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode? Well today is Saturday so should be a time of rest therefore enjoy reading up about these cool toys. From Gizmag

The Dillion M134

the electrically-powered Dillon Aero M134D Minigun is taking the concept to new heights, using six barrels to fire up to 4,000 7.62 MM bullets per minute. As the modular M134D system can be easily adapted to any platform, it is finding favour in a host of new fearsome forms, most notably in the BAE -built Remote Guardian System being tested beneath V-22 Ospreys. Perhaps even scarier is the prospect of the weapon being used aboard the Ripsaw MS-1, a tracked 650-horsepower Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) under development which is capable of accelerating to 50 mph from standstill in around four seconds, turning in its own length and taking a 30 foot high 45 degree hill in its stride. Now is not a good time to be on the wrong team. Proof? Watch this!

WaveBlades Body Surfing Gloves

The Waveblade is a hand-worn glove-like Bodysurfing device that enables you to catch waves that were previously uncatchable, go faster and further and do new tricks thanks to the extra control available. You can also swim faster – all for US$200.

Not surprisingly, over the years the hand-made WaveBlade has evolved , got lighter and now comes in several sizes so that it suits suits more people and waves both big and small. The company has a wholesome family feel that evolved from the surfing community mentality and still offers its original money-back guarantee. Because it’s all hand-made, you can even send them a half yard of lycra spandex and have your waveblade made in the design of your choosing for no extra cost.

Lotus Concept Ice Vehicle

Look closely and you’ll see a Lotus badge on the side of this fascinating device. Built to act as a scout to plan routes for heavier vehicles on flat, hard-packed ice, the Concept Ice Vehicle is set to perform its first tour of duty in Antarctica with the Moon Regan Transarctic Expedition. Three oversize, suspended skis give the ultra-light CIV a low friction contact patch, and handle the steering as the biofuel-powered propeller drives the vehicle forward. Braking is another issue – a large, spiked metal arm is forced down into the smooth ice, dragging the CIV to a halt – and it comes equipped with a radar to detect hidden ice crevasses that could spell trouble for the rest of the team.


Cool Toy Whaleoil must have

Carbon Fibre Collapsible SurfboardDrooool!

This is a must have for the Whaleoil blogging bus. This collapsible concept design from Nick Notara – it’s a surfboard that breaks down into two pieces for transportation purposes whilst retaining its structural integrity via the use of a carbon fibre backbone and two self centering, constant loading pin joints.

The modular concept is taken a step further by the inclusion of a “hot-swappable” fin configuration that lets you tailor the set-up to the type of wave being surfed.

How smart is that…..makes being a travelling surfer so much more amenable.


Political stockmarket open

A Virtual Political Stock market has opened today. It is based on a price system analysis first devised by the Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek over 50 years ago. This tool was developed by ECCE TERRAM in 1996 and since than they have run over 50 ESMs for several kinds of questions and more than once they have gotten the best forecast for elections in Europe.

There are two political markets open, one for Prime minister and one for party votes. I have created a Bloggers Group that you can join so you can be ranked with other bloggers.

[quote]Political Stock Markets are a virtual stock markets, where participants express their expectations about future events through the buying and selling of virtual shares.

The “Wisdom of Crowds” is considered to outperform expert knowledge in areas like topicality as well as width, depth and references of knowledge. A principle of prediction markets, as of any electronic exchange, is that those who buy cheap and sell at a higher price benefit.

Practical evidence suggests that prediction markets are at least as accurate in forecasting events as other instruments used by polling institutes on similar demographic groups. This concept, part of a field of study called collective intelligence, is the ideal tool for market and event forecasts. The closer a participant’s forecast matches the real event, the more the value of the virtual account rises. This stimulates forward strategies and therefore using quality information and experience in these virtual investments is paramount. The Political Stock Markets also rewards closely matching expectations when dealing with rate fluctuation and diligence.[/quote]



Cool toy

I want one.