regressive left

The Regressive left have lost their liberal values

On social media the left has been described as the regressive left as well as the illiberal left and the control left. Some have even used the word Bigoteer.?This reflects the change in the left that even its members like Dave Rubin can no longer ignore. The changes have been made increasingly obvious thanks to the Left’s response to the election of Trump. All of a sudden all the things that people suspected had changed were highlighted in neon lights by the words and actions of the people opposed to him. The Left need to return to true liberalism.

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Why Columbia University made him vote for Trump

This letter from a Columbia university student?is a snap shot of what motivates people to vote for Trump. Too many people who consider themselves moderate conservatives have felt marginalised and demonised by left wingers. In universities, the way moderate conservatives are talked down to and the way they are treated can be brutal. They cannot express an opinion contrary to the approved progressive line without being smeared as racist, sexist or Islamophobic.

I?m voting for Trump and I couldn?t care less if that hurts your feelings

I understand that social justice warriors will call me a racist, sexist, bigot, and more…I have had enough of the regressive left and this is the only reason I need to vote for Donald Trump.

On the other hand, I can?t possibly vote for a candidate like?Hillary Clinton that would most likely advance the intellectually stifling PC culture of the left. I want ideas and discourse; they want riots and book burnings.

The left is a bunch of bullies. It shouldn?t be hard to see that as conservative speakers are blocked from speaking on campuses around the country, as a homeless woman is verbally and physically abused for holding a sign in support of Trump, and as GOP offices are firebombed.

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