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The crowd lifting the squadron leader of the rescue planes on their return to Israel from Entebbe in July 1976. David Rubinger/Corbis via Getty Images

Operation Thunderbolt

The most audacious Special Forces Operation in History

It was the most daring rescue mission of a generation, with a cast that included three future prime ministers, Idi Amin and more than 100 hostages. July 4th marked the 41st anniversary of the famed rescue at Entebbe, in which Israeli commandos flew 2,000 miles into the heart of Africa to bring home over 100 Jewish hostages whose Air France flight had been hijacked to Uganda by Palestinian and German terrorists, abetted by Ugandan strongman Idi Amin.

“Mission Impossible,” was the Daily Mail’s headline the day after the Entebbe Operation. “No country in the world would dare try such an operation, as it truly was a mission impossible,” the British paper wrote. “But Israel dared?and won.”

The rescue operation?subsequently renamed Operation Yonatan for its commander Yonatan Netanyahu who was killed during the rescue?captured the imagination of military theorists, filmmakers, and ordinary people, and continues to spark spates of retelling and analysis at every significant anniversary. Just last year, a new exhibit of previously unseen relics of the raid opened at the Rabin Center in Israel. But despite all the movies, books, and exhibits, there are many lesser-known details and subplots of the rescue that still retain the capacity to surprise.

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Photo Of The Day

(c) RNLI Grace Darling Museum; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation, Rescue of the SS Forfarshire by Francis Sebastian Lowther,

(c) RNLI Grace Darling Museum; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation, Rescue of the SS Forfarshire by Francis Sebastian Lowther.

Grace Darling

On the night of September 7, 1838, Grace Darling stood gazing out of the window from her second-floor bedroom at Longstone Lighthouse, as the sea boiled beneath her. A slightly built 22-year-old, she had spent nearly all her adult life on the Farne Islands where her father, William, was a lighthouse keeper.

Grace was one of nine children and she helped her father look after the lighthouse and also helped him keep watch for ships in trouble at sea. The family had previously lived on nearby Brownstone Island but moved to Longstone Rock when the lighthouse was built in 1826.

Longstone Lighthouse?had better accommodation, but the island itself was slightly less hospitable, so William would row back to Brownstone to gather vegetables from their former garden and to feed the animals. The family spent most of their time on the ground floor of the lighthouse which consisted of a large room, heated by a wood stove. The room was their living room, dining room, and kitchen in one and had a spiral staircase leading to three bedrooms above and of course the light at the top of the tower.

The wind would often whip up so fiercely that enormous waves would flood the downstairs living quarters so the Darlings often sheltered in the upper rooms of the lighthouse.

The storm that night in September 1838 was particularly foul. Grace kept watch as the waves crashed into the 85ft lighthouse tower. Then, at around 4am, tragedy struck.

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Really? I would have dropped the refugees in the surf


not of the actual incident

Four African migrants have drowned and up to 35 are missing after their boat sank in the Mediterranean early on Thursday about 65km north of the Moroccan coast, Spanish sea rescue services say.

Lifeguards pulled four bodies from the sea after they were spotted by a Colombian military helicopter helping in the search, a sea rescue spokesman said. Read more »


Face of the day


Hilik Magnus on a search-and-rescue mission in Huilo-Huilo, Chile.

Hilik Magnus on a search-and-rescue mission in Huilo-Huilo, Chile.

When an Israeli goes missing or gets into trouble anywhere in the world, families and insurance companies turn immediately to today’s face of the day, Hilik Magnus for help. He is widely known as Israel’s ‘ National Rescuer. ‘

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: Virginia Schau

Photo: Virginia Schau

Thrilling Rescue of Two Truck Drivers

This Photo shows the dramatic rescue of two truck drivers after their vehicle crashed through the railings of a bridge because the steering mechanism had snapped.

Bud Overby and Hank Baum were saved when by-passers pulled them up on a rope. They had succeeded in getting out of the cabin, when the machine caught fire and fell forty feet into the Pit River Basin.

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Faces of the day

Cousins Kelly McKay, 15, left, and Payge Olds, 16, right, helped to rescue a man who almost drowned in Wellington Harbour last night. Photo / Supplied to NZ Herald

Cousins Kelly McKay, 15, left, and Payge Olds, 16, right, helped to rescue a man who almost drowned in Wellington Harbour last night. Photo / Supplied

Forget the stereotypes about beautiful girls, today’s faces of the day are brave and beautiful. They are so young yet they stepped up because if they didn’t the man was going to die. They are real Kiwi heroes and role models.

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Face of the day

I had never even heard of today’s face of the day until a reader brought her to my attention. Unlike faux celebrities who are in the limelight because they are rude, like Natalia Kills and Willy Moon this amazing lady did amazing, life changing things in secret and most of us until today will have never have heard about her bravery and sacrifice.


Judy Feld Carr


Who is she? She is the woman who saved Syria’s Jews.

Over a 28 year period, Judy Feld Carr secretly brought to freedom 3,228 Jews prohibited from emigrating from Syria. Working with smugglers, bribing government officials, she removed most of that community from veritable bondage. In addition, she clandestinely smuggled out of that country, priceless ancient articles of Jewish worship.

Judy Feld Carr receiving the Presidential Award of Distinction of the State of Israel.

Judy Feld Carr receiving the Presidential Award of Distinction of the State of Israel.

Until the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, and the Israeli Intelligence Organizations, publicly acclaimed her activities, the world, including the Jewish world, had no inkling of this Canadian Jewish woman’s covert life. She is the subject of a best selling Canadian book by historian, Dr. Harold Troper, “The Rescuer” now in its second edition. The rescue was the best-kept secret in the Jewish world.

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Breaking the silence because history is repeating itself *( disturbing images )

Like most things in life we don’t know what we don’t know. If Main stream media do not bring it to our attention we can easily go through life unaware of atrocities and without the full picture of what is really going on in the world. A group called Rescue Christians is doing all they can to bring what is happening to the world’s attention but since the below article is from March last year and I haven’t seen it reported in the MSM any where, I think it is safe to assume that they are not succeeding. This is a disturbing story with disturbing images and links to videos so be prepared. History is repeating itself and the Media are missing in action. Just as the Holocaust was not given prominent coverage by newspapers, these systematic slaughter centres are also being ignored.

March 2014

We report this story because of the silence on the systematic killing of Christians, Shiite minorities and even Sunni Muslims in Syria who disagree with the Takfirist theology. The story is reminiscent of the initial reporting on the extermination of European Jewry and other minorities when little coverage was given to the truth in those days.

We predict that history will repeat itself in the case of Christians in Syria and Iraq.

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East Vail Avalanches have a history of killing skiers. This guy could have been one of them.


Video is from Dec ’13. Less than a month later this happened.

3 News suffers a “Herald Bomb”

Via the Tipline



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