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More good news

People out there, in general, are feeling flush with cash and have the confidence that there’s going to be more of it.

Retail spending using electronic cards was $5.1 billion in January 2017, up $270 million (5.6 percent) from January 2016, Statistics New Zealand said today. All six retail industries had increases.

When adjusted for seasonal effects, retail card spending rose 2.7 percent in January 2017 from December 2016. All six retail industries were up compared with December 2016. This is the biggest percentage increase since January 2006. However, the lift follows flat results in both December and November 2016, with October only up 0.5 percent.

In January, the largest seasonally adjusted increase was from the durables industry, up $37 million (3.1 percent). This follows falls in the previous three months. The durables industry includes furniture, hardware, and appliance retailing. Read more »

I figured out the source of New Zealand poverty


It turns out, the parents spent all the money!

Shoppers spent a massive $5.3 billion last month, the latest Paymark figures show.

Spending last month – fuelled in part by Christmas shopping, Boxing Day sales, and New Year’s Eve holidaymakers – was up $300 million, or 5.4 per cent, on December 2013.

Last year also saw the highest growth in spending since 2007, with Paymark processing $52.3 billion of transactions for the year – up 6.6 per cent on 2013.

Don’t you see? ?People have no money, because they are?spending it in every increasing amounts. ? Read more »

It’s the economy stupid…

Labour and their fellow travellers the Green Taliban would ahve you believe that National don;t know what they are doing with the economy.

But a string of new statistics prove otherwise and show that we have a world leading manufacturing sector expansion underway:

Manufacturing PMI

The BNZ-BusinessNZ seasonally adjusted PMI for July stood at 59.5, which ?was 4.3 points higher than June and a return to strong levels of expansion seen in May. Compared with previous July results, the 2013 value was the highest since the survey began in 2002, and the third highest monthly result on record. Overall, the first seven months of 2013 has averaged a healthy 56.3.? Read more »