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Cry me a river of tears

A Black Power chapter has been left powerless and homeless after police confiscated the gang’s pad and its president was jailed.

Black Power New Zealand president Mark Pitman was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison in September last year for being the mastermind behind what the Crown said was a million dollar-plus a year cannabis-selling operation.

Pitman is believed to have finally given up his battle to keep the gang’s Mount Wellington, Auckland, headquarters after fighting police through the courts for more than three years.

The 47-year-old who had amassed a property portfolio of almost $1 million before his arrest was to appeal the forfeiture of the two-storey Jolson Rd property which is painted in the gang’s dark-blue colours but last month withdrew his attempt.

In her Proceeds of Crime decision released late last year, Manukau District Court judge Anna Johns also ordered Pitman to pay a “pecuniary penalty” of $60,000 and a former partner of his whose name is suppressed was ordered pay the Crown $47,520.

The seizure of the gang pad under the Proceeds of Crime Act was one of only a handful of successful confiscations of gang headquarters in New Zealand history.

Boo-fucking-hoo…..This is what I call a good start. Now the Police should get cracking on the next lot of oxygen thieves.

Standard smears wrong

The Labour Party lap-blog The Standard has spent the day smearing Michael Lord Ashcroft and unwittingly also defamed him.

They have a post alleging he was in Wellington and provided photographic evidence of the same. Slight problem for them though, the planes are different. Way different.

Dave at Big News pointed out their little fantasy to them and got himself banned. Perhaps Helen’s narcissism is catching.The problem the Standard has is that their “John Key is a crook” meme is destroyed by the inconvenient fact that Michael Lord Ashcroft wasn’t in Wellington and the planes apart from being painted differently are in fact different planes, with different tail numbers. They lie as much as their Dear Leader and their “astute reader” is in fact a dunce. The plane in the Standard phot is a Dassault Falcon 7X and th plane that is in fact Michael Lord Ashcroft’s is a Dassault Falcon 900EX. Same family different models, different number of windows, different tail numbers. The Standard once again is proven wrong.

The Standard’s fake “Ashcroft” plane

Standard lies again

Michael Lord Ashcroft’s real plane

Michael Lord Ashcroft's plane in Auckland


Scooter gets 2.5 Years

Lewis "Scooter" Libby has been sentenced to 2 and half years jail for lying to investigators trying to determine who leaked the identity of CIA analyst Valerie Plame in 2003.

the person who actually leaked the identity remains unknown.?

14 counts of bribery for El Jefe

Well the day has finally arrived that El Jefe will be charged and the police have decided that 14 counts of bribery will be the charges. Of course they are now able to charge him because he is no longer a Labour MP and clearly no longer above the law.

The Police have confirmed that they intend to charge former Labour Minister and MP Taito Phillip Field with 14 charges of bribery, relating to actions he took as a Labour MP.

At this point in time, we should remind ourselves of what our Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister said in defence of Mr Field. David farrar has kindly provided us with some quotes.

On the 14th of September 2005, in an attempt to bury the issue before the election, Clark said:

[quote]"I think the only thing he is probably guilty of is trying to be helpful to someone."[/quote]

Even worse is Michael Cullen. For at least Clark made her defence before the Ingram Report. But here is what Dr Cullen said *after* the Ingram Report came out, which was damning of Field:

[quote]So Mr Field has some matters to work through with the Labour leadership and the Labour whips. But he works incredibly hard on behalf of his constituents. He has people coming to him from all over Auckland for assistance, not just in immigration cases but in many other cases. He works harder on those matters than I suspect the entire National Party caucus does on constituency cases. If that is what he is guilty of, then I am sure he is happy to plead guilty to working hard on behalf of his constituents.[/quote]

And finally David also helpfully points out that El Jefe was kicked out of the Labour Party not because he had shamed the NZ Parliament, not because he exploited vulnerable workers, not because he lied to the Ingram Inquiry, not because he behaved disgracefully, and not because he may be corrupt. He was kicked out for musing openly on the possibility of not standing for Labour.


Herald – Person of the Year

Actually it should be people of the year, but the main one I think goes to Kevin Brady.

[quote]Mr Brady's unwavering line on political parties' misspending at the last general election placed him in the equivalent of an official's nightmare – cast as an opponent of the governing parties and publicly attacked for both his thinking and for speaking out. To his everlasting credit, he stayed true to his convictions on the Labour Party's $800,000 of unlawful spending and produced a final report that did not suffer from the watering down so common in the public consultation process. The Prime Minister, her deputy, Cabinet ministers and, to their shame, the leaders of some minor parties, used all the latent menace and pressure they could muster, but Mr Brady, an officer of Parliament, continued to say what he felt to be right.[/quote]

Go for a trial by Jury

The cops have decided to charge Greg Carvell , the gunshop owner who blew away a machete wielding fool.

Typical. You get charged for defending your own property and life.

How come the cops can waste time charging this guy but don't even so much as waste half a second on thinking about charging anyone from Labour for their extremely long list of crimes.

Greg Carvell should have joined the Labour Party then he wouldn't even be in this predicament.?

Go for a trial by jury Greg, there isn't a hope in hell of you being convicted then.?

Theft as a servant for downloading music and porn

Daniel Davies has been convicted of theft as aservant for stealing his employers bandwidth.

He downloaded music videos and porn from his work PC and his employer took exception.?

Now some would say this is an outrage but I actually agree with the sentence, too many people take liberties with employer provided equipment oblivious to the cost involved.

A cold hard look at the facts saays that it is theft and I agree…..of course if more people used proper firewalls and internet controls in the same way you keep petty cash under lock and key this wouldn't happen nearly as often as it does.?

Another Labour representative goes down for fraud

Manukau City Councillor James Papali'i has finally been convicted on 15 charges of fraud for nicking ratepayers money given to a club he ran.

He joins a long list of Labour politicians who have either been convicted or have had prima facie cases found against them. It is an illustrious list including the Prime Minister,? Heather Simpson, Philip "El Jefe" Field, David Benson-Pope and David Maka.

There must be something inherently wrong with the labour Party that it keeps selecting felons as its representatives way above the proportion of felons in our society.

Freedom of Speech Dead in New Zealand

Tim Selwyn has been found guilty on one charge of publishing with seditious intent and not guilty on another.

It is a sad, sad, day that someone in New Zealand can be convicted of Sedition when Ministers and others go scott free for crimes the are "not in the public interest to prosecute".

Essentially Free speech and the right to protest has been quashed by this verdict.

Maka Resigns, Finally!!

David Maka has finally resigned after being convicted.

Kate Sutton bizarrely comments that "David has served his community well and his input on the community board will be missed?.

Yeah, Ms Sutton so well he nicked money from the community and gave it to amongst others Nigerian scam artists.

I for one won't be missing him one ioata.?