Roast Busters

Poto Williams swallows huge rat to restore fake party unity

Party leader Andrew Little shoulder-tapped Mr Jackson, a former politician and broadcaster, to stand for Labour in the September 23 general election and is still backing him.

Ms Williams took to Facebook just hours after Mr Jackson was named as a list candidate to say his comments over the Roast Busters scandal in 2013 didn’t match her expectations of a Labour Party member.

Mr Jackson says he apologised for his Roast Busters comments at the time, and has done so several times since.

The pair met for a “robust and honest conversation” on Wednesday night and Ms Williams said she accepted that Mr Jackson’s apology was genuine.

She said he realised he had more to learn about issues of sexual violence.

“In that regard I hope to help him increase his understanding an our conversations will continue,” she said.

“I welcome that opportunity and Willie is keen for that to occur.”

But Ms Williams stopped short of endorsing Mr Jackson as a candidate.

In the end, for a sitting MP to be made to meet with someone who isn’t even a Labour candidate yet and be forced to play nice is just humiliating. ? But as one fire is put out, another starts. ? Read more »

New Zealand. The country of talkers. The doers have given up.

Take Len Brown for example. ?In any other context, that guy would have been down the road at the WINZ office ages ago. ?Misuse of council funds. ?Sex in the workplace. ?Secret overseas trips. ?The “bringing the organisation into disrepute” clause that’s part of any employment contract would have triggered.

But nothing happens. ? Lots of noise and heat, but no result.

Same thing happened with the Roast Busters. ?Underage sexual assault, huge amounts of outrage, press, talkback and you name it…

Have they even been talked to since? ?Charged? ?Nope.

Rape and sexual violence support services say they have been stretched as people seek help after the Roast Busters scandal increased awareness of sexual violence.

Help Auckland crisis service manager Aimee Stockenstroom told the?New Zealand Herald?her service has received 1500 calls for help in the past month ? 500 more than average. ? Read more »

A reader emails about the attention span of the media

A reader emails me about the state of the media and their attention span of a gnat.

I’ve noticed today that yet again the media has managed to get itself off-topic and be distracted by a side show event that is secondary to the main news event.

Back last month we had the Len Brown dodgy sex-gate and within a week the mainstream media had been distracted off topic by a PR spun side show conspiracy that Whale Oil and John Palino had orchestrated a hit job on Len. Sniff. Poor Len.

The real story was Len’s very dodgy behaviour in office. Like references for the girl he was nobbing, using his Council paid PR guys to work him out of trouble and rooting in the office and hallowed rooms of town hall.

Now we have these complete idiots calling themselves Roast Busters (what does that mean anyway?) who have essentially raped a pile of girls under age and bragged about it online. That and the lack of police action is the news. ? Read more »

Reality bites: Is there free speech on commercial radio?

The Willie Jackson / JT storm has left its teacup and everyone is distancing themselves. ?They are even being thrown under the bus by traditional allies such as David Cunliffe

The Prime Minister won’t appear on Willie Jackson and John Tamihere’s radio show again this year as pressure mounts on their bosses to take action against them for their treatment of a young woman on air.

Labour leader David Cunliffe also confirmed he would decline an appearance if invited.

It caps off a mostly horror week for RadioLive parent company MediaWorks as several major advertisers withdrew from the station amid the furore, and the broadcaster lost some of its most popular US television shows. The furore shaded to a degree the work of TV3 in leading television coverage of the story.

John Key has appeared on the show on occasion but a spokeswoman said he would not do so again this year and no further appearances were scheduled.

Mr Key would continue with his regular interview slot on Marcus Lush’s breakfast programme.

Mr Cunliffe said he would not appear on the show “at the moment”, with some party members unhappy with Tamihere’s comments.

As advertisers withdraw, there have been calls about editorial independence and free speech being subverted. ? Read more »

Faces of the Day

via Radio Live

via Radio Live

Jackson and Tamihere came under fire after an 18-year-old woman, who called herself Amy, called the show on Tuesday to talk to the pair about the Roast Busters. During discussion, the hosts described the group’s online bragging about sexual encounters with drunk underage girls as “mischief”.

Amy was asked “how free and easy are you kids these days?” when she told Jackson and Tamihere she had attended parties the teenagers involved in Roast Busters were at. She said she often saw them, sober, providing drinks to girls as young as 13.

Jackson and Tamihere discussed underage drinking, and why the girls were at parties without their parents’ consent.

They put it to Amy that “girls shouldn’t be drinking anyway, should they?”

They added that if “some” of the girls had consented to sex, “that doesn’t make [the Roast Busters] rapists, does it?”


Source: ?TVNZ

The rape culture we created


I have been, as most people have, disgusted by the wayward and cowardly antics of a bunch of scumbags in West Auckland who have been preying on teen girls, basically ensuring they are stupefied and then raped.

There is no other word for what they are doing. For starters they are under the age of consent anyway, it is rape automatically. Secondly they are drugging (yes alcohol is a drug) these girls to the point where there is no consent anyway, even if they were over 16 years of age.

People are outraged that there is nothing, other than vigilante action, that seems to be able to be done about this.

I don’t know why they are outraged, this is all OUR fault. ?? Read more »


Face of the Day

via 3 News

via 3 News

More details about a group of young Auckland boys called the ‘Roast Busters’, who’ve been luring girls into underage group sex and boasting about it online, can now be revealed.

One boy being questioned by police is the son of a celebrity with an international profile, while the other is the son of an Auckland police officer.

Let the speculation commence.

For example – did Len Brown’s spin team force this out in public?just now even though it’s been known about since 2011?