Roshna Kandel

Taking the piss

Migrants who want to remain in this country should treat us with respect. What they should not do is take the piss.

A Nepalese mother-of-two is being forced to choose between her two sons after Immigration New Zealand (INZ) granted permanent residency for one but not the other.

Santosh Bikram Singh, now 12, has cerebral palsy and is deemed to “impose undue costs or demands” to the public health system.

Mother Roshna Kandel, 32, has been fighting the agency for more than two years to bring him over to live with her and his brother.

“As a mother, how can I choose one or the other, but I have been put in this impossible situation,” she said.

“I cry so much everyday…now the only time I can be together with my two sons is in my dreams.”

INZ area manager Darren Calder said Kandel was the principal applicant for residence visa lodged in April 2013.

The application included her partner and younger son, Saphal, now 7, but not the elder Santosh.

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