Rugby World Cup

Quick someone tell Nicky, he can hack the All Blacks emails next

A pommy bastard reckons the All Blacks are into the dark arts…”Dirty Rugby” even.

Quick someone tell Nicky so he can hack the All Blacks and spike the next World Cup 6 weeks out from?the?first game.

The All Blacks are “a cynical bunch of b…….” who are not averse to using the dark arts, according to former England international Paul Ackford.

The All Blacks on Sunday (NZ time) became world champions for the third time after they beat Australia 34-17 in the Rugby World Cup final at Twickenham.

Ackford shared his glowing admiration of New Zealand rugby but he also wrote in his column in The Times?that one aspect of the All Blacks’ success had been “grievously under-reported” – their “cynical” streak.

He pointed the finger firmly at Aaron Smith and the “saintly” Dan Carter as the All Blacks’ chief perpetrators and also criticised the performance of Welsh referee Nigel Owens, saying his well known rapport with the players was “lapsing into banter”.

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We won the World Cup, but New Zealand society has fallen apart. No, wait?

The Greens opposed the law change allowing bars to open for extended hours for the World Cup.

They claimed that drunks would be parading past schools in?the?morning.

How did that work out?

Allowing bars to open during Rugby World Cup games didn’t turn the country into the drunken shambles that had been predicted, say the backers of the law change that made it possible.

Police communication centres today said the local aftermath of the All Blacks win over Australia in the Rugby World Cup final in London was quiet.

A law change was made two months ago to allow bars to open early during the tournament, rather than having to apply for special licences. Under the changes, hoteliers had to give police seven days’ notice they would be open.

The change was enabled by a bill from ACT’s sole MP David Seymour, who watched the final at a bar in Auckland’s Mt Eden.

He was happy there had been no major problems and it showed New Zealanders were actually responsible people. ? Read more »

Keeping politics out of rugby?

The moaners, whingers and lap-bloggers at The Standard are whinging about politics being involved in rugby.

Greg Presland, a West Auckland flea lawyer moans:

The current Government has politicised Rugby to an obscene level. ?Three way handshakes, Rugby News John Key covers during election periods and continuous John Key photo opportunities have really annoyed.

In my view from now on?no politician (including you John Key) should ever seek political advantage from the All Blacks, especially after a test match. ?I like Rugby. ?I do not want to not like it because politicians get photo opportunities.

I hope he has sent an email to Andrew Little about this demand to de-politicise rugby, note the lame and cringe-worthy ‘cool with the kids’ speak.

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Pita should drink a cup of concrete

England is going full court on panty-waist sledged like their Hakarena video. It was gay, and lame…like their Rugby team but it hasn’t stopped some getting their own panties in a bunch.

I mean Matt Dawson was supposed to be intimidating but he just came across as a pansy.

Sir Pita Sharples has described as “insulting” an attempt by a British menswear chain to create its own haka ahead of the Rugby World Cup

In a video fronted by former England captain Matt Dawson, a group of rugby players clad in English colours perform a dance called ‘The Hakarena’, fusing the actions of Ka Mate with those from popular 1994 dance song Macarena. ? Read more »

How to nobble a sports team with political correctness

If you want to stuff up a top sports team then set arbitrary rules based on something like race or sex and then watch as your team falls apart.

A South African political party has taken the South African Rugby Union to court in a move that could see the Springboks miss the Rugby World Cup.

The Agency for New Agenda (ANA) party is seeking an order in a Pretoria court this week that would force players and officials to surrender their passports, the Guardian reports.

The ANA are protesting the fact that the Springboks squad doesn’t have enough black players which doesn’t meet the South African government’s policy on transformation.? Read more »

What is the most powerful entity in New Zealand? Could it be rugby?


John Key is taking his role as All Black fanboy-in Chief to an all new level by attending the selection of the All Blacks World Cup team on Sunday.

Many people probably see this as a bit weird just like that three-way handshake.

But even weirder is that not a single politician is prepared criticise Key for it – not even Winston Peters.

Especially Winston Peters. ?He knows there is only hurt down that path. ? Read more »

World Exclusive – Spot ID Checks at RWC but Organisers Toothless

Rugby is important to New Zealanders and so the Rugby World Cup has to rate as the most important month of the year particularly to All Black fans living overseas or travelling to the UK who want to see games but don’t want to be ganked by greedy travel agents selling “packages” or scummy bover boy ticket touts.

A reader in the UK has sent in their correspondence with the legal people at the Rugby World Cup. ?The conclusion is despite all the hoopla and Hello Henrying attached, England’s lawmakers are hopeless, ticket touting is still okay and the worst you are going to get at the Rugby World Cup is a “spot check”.

Media in the UK and probably New Zealand will not report this of course as they all have sports reporters and people bludging free tickets.

Here is the entire correspondence for your own decisions on whether to sell or buy tickets from the secondary market. ?The reader in the UK thought corresponding with a tainted local MP was a waste of time and Whaleoil was much better. ? Read more »

Wowser Green TaliBAN shamed into Wowser Green TaliCAN

The co-penis Mr Shaw is clearly not well tuned to what makes good politics and what doesn?t.

He had Kevin Hague spitting tacks about it yesterday, yet this morning a different Hague met the media – one that was all for Kiwis celebrating the Rugby World Cup live. ?Funny that.

The Green Party just always want to tax or ban. Tax or ban. ?They don?t have any other ideas.

Act Party leader David Seymour says the Green Party has gone from “party poopers” to “party facilitators” after reversing its opposition to his Rugby World Cup bill.

Mr Seymour made a second attempt to table his bill today, and this time the Greens did not object.

The law, which will allow all bars to stay open between 4am and 8am for World Cup matches, will have its first reading this evening. ?? Read more »

Seymour goes again and gets his bill introduced


David Seymour?tried to get his bill introduced again.

ACT leader David Seymour is going in for round two with his bill to allow pubs to stay open in the early hours of the Rugby World Cup.

Seymour’s bid to allow pubs to open outside of legal trading hours to show matches in the United Kingdom flopped on Tuesday when the Green Party rejected it.

On Wednesday morning Prime Minister John Key said the Government would pick the bill up and Justice Minister Amy Adams was in the process of drafting it.

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Green TaliBAN lives up to their name


What a miserable lot of lentil suckers. ?This has nothing to do with Green policy, or social policy. ?This is just plain spite.

The possibility of bars opening in the mornings for Rugby World Cup matches has hit a stumbling block, with the Green Party opposing ACT’s proposed Bill.

Party leader David Seymour’s Bill would allow licenced premises to be open between 4am and 8am to show the games ? a time when they’re normally forbidden to open by law.

The idea has support from Labour’s leader Andrew Little, and Prime Minister John Key says there is “some logic” in it.

Mr Seymour tabled the Bill in the House this afternoon, but would not go ahead if there were any objections by other parties. He wanted it to go through to first reading and referred to the Justice and Electoral Select Committee for two weeks and then go through its second and third readings for the change to be in force by the start of the World Cup in September.

But the Greens have put paid to that, saying Mr Seymour has “hijacked Parliament’s time” and they wouldn’t support his “cheap gimmick”. ?? Read more »