Police and Bradford missing the point.

Oh hooray, the Police have released the last 6 months of 2009 figures of people prosecuted under the amended s59 and are all pleased with themselves as is Sue Bradford. I bet “Smile and Wave” Key is too.

One person was prosecuted and eight people warned over child “smacking” events, according to the figures released by police for the last six months of 2009.

The prosecution was dealt with by way of diversion and was the second prosecution since the controversial “anti-smacking” legislation became law in June 2007.

Of 39 “minor acts of physical discipline” brought to the attention of police, one resulted in prosecution, 37 in warnings and one resulted in no further action being taken.

In December, Prime Minister John Key asked police to continue their regular reporting of action taken under the legislation for a further three years.

Deputy Police Commissioner Rob Pope said the figures showed police continued to apply discretion in handling “anti-smacking” cases.

They and Bradford miss the point. What I want to see is not the numbers of these offences but the numbers of child abuse offences. Sue Bradford stood in parliament and repreatedly told us that the law change was to protect children and help stop child abuse. Well is it? That was what the law intended, not her manipulation of how many people were prosecuted.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that more than ever children are being beaten, maimed and killed, particularly if they have the mis-fortune to be born Maori and poor.

Sue Bradford and John Key and the police need to face the sad statistics and stop telling obfuscations about the how the “law is working as intended”.


Key makes major blunder

This is turning out to be a bad week for John Key. if I was him I’d be looking very closely at his advisors, they seem to be stuck on stupid.

Firstly he paints himself into a corner over the pro-tem president Peter Goodfellow, that will be a decision he will regret inside a week.

Today he has made the incredibly arrogant and silly decision not to back John Boscawen’s bill that was drawn today and instead said that National will oppose it.

FFS John you will now be painted as a Prime minister who ignores the more than a million voters who said the law sucks. The next poll may well see a backlash and support for Act rising.

For me that will be a good thing because if ACT can rise to a more useful number, say 10 or 11% then we can rid ourselves of wets like Nick Smith and prevaricators like Bill English and get some bloody action happening in the parliament to set New Zealand on the path to prosperity. As it stands now we seem to have got a bunch of panty-waists scared of even saying boo lest someone get upset.

Progressive's imploding

The Progressives going down the gurglerThe inconvenient truth of the Progressive Party is that it has essentially ceased to exist.

Whaleoil can reveal that yet another Progressives list member has been spotted as part of the Labour team flown in to assist David “Blackwater” Shearer buy Mt Albert for Phil Goff.

Spotted on 3News coverage last night (at 1:33) was Progressives number 4 list ranker Paula Gillon, emblazoned with a Labour Party rosette. That now makes 4 of the top ten on their list either turncoats, traiters or ring-ins in Mt Albert for Labour.

Now the ring-in story has some appeal given that Labour appears to have very few locals on the ground in Mt Albert and are having to rely on carpet-baggers from the candidate down to letter box stuffers. However it is telling for The Progressives that four of their top ten are essentially working for Labour, not to mention that their leader is actually a Labour spokesperson!

Paula Gillon helping LabourWe have seen John Pagani, former strategist and Anderton staffer and now strategist for David Shearer appear on TVNZ speaking for Labour. Matt Robson has been photographed holding up Labour placards and wear Labour rosettes and now Paula Gillon. We can assume that Josie Pagani has followed her husband out of the progressives and also Justin Robson, Matt Robson’s son at number 10.

For all intents and purposes The Progressives would appear to be a convenient fiction for Jim Anderton to rort the taxpayers of additional funds in order to fund his ego-trip.

I wonder if there is any provision for the Electoral Commission to conduct an audit of the party to see if they actually do have 500 members still?

If anyone else has seen the other members of the Progressives top ten campaigning for Labour then please let me know via the Tipline.

UPDATE: A Caller to the tipline informs me that Paula Gillon was taking great delight in popping the National Party balloons at St Lukes shopping centre on Sunday. The caller also reported that several children were crying as a result.

Jew sentenced to death for selling land to Muslims

…..oh wait….it wasn’t quite like that;

In the first case of its kind, a Palestinian Authority “military court” on Tuesday sentenced a Palestinian man to death by hanging after finding him guilty of selling land to Jews.

The verdict came shortly after the PA’s chief Islamic judge, Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi, issued yet another fatwa (religious decree) banning Muslims from selling land or houses to Jews.

The death sentence is seen as an attempt by the PA leadership in Ramallah to deter Palestinians from conducting real estate transactions with Jews. It follows reports according to which Jewish individuals and organizations recently bought land and houses from Arabs in Jerusalem and some areas in the West Ban

The man sentenced to death is Anwar Brigith, 59, from the village of Bet Umar, north of Hebron.

The three-judge panel found the defendant guilty of violating PA laws that bar Palestinians from selling property to “the enemy.” In its ruling, the court, which convened in Hebron, said that Brigith had acted in violation of a Palestinian “military law” dating back to 1979, which states that it is forbidden for a Palestinian to sell land to Jews.

The accused was also found guilty of violating a law dating back to 1958 that calls for a boycott against Israel, as well as another law from 1953 that bans trade with Israelis. The judges issued the verdict unanimously and pointed out that the defendant did not have the right to appeal. The death sentence, however, must be approved by PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

The court was headed by Gen. Abdel Karim al-Masri, who sat together with two other PA security officers, Muhrez Atyani and Nabil Jaber.

The court also decided to confiscate Brigith’s money and property.

Nice fellas those Palestinians. Can you imagine the outcry if Israel had laws that allowed the death penalty for selling land to Muslims?

These are the folk that Bomber and Tim support.